Another Chapter In The Dinar Saga

I know it has been a while since I wrote anything about the dinar. I had many other projects that demanded my attention. I redesigned my music site and I am still working on it. I have been shooting videos and playing gigs, but perhaps the most time-consuming projects for me is my writing. I have been writing a book since September of 2014. It should be available sometime after the first of the year.

My experience with the dinar has implanted me with a new device. I am the proud owner of a shiny brand new BS meter. I don’t take things people say at face value anymore. If anyone says anything that even remotely sounds like B.S. I either ignore it or vet it. If it cannot be vetted I call B.S. on the statement. I found that there is so much BS in the world today that I don’t even have the time to vet everything.

I just don’t vet things that people claim. I vet and checkout things found in documentaries and movies based on true events. If I even smell the slightest bit of B.S. I begin to do keyword searches in Google and Bing. I have found that there are some things in documentaries that I watch on Net Flix that are false and politically motivated. I love Net Flix and there is some great content, but now I even check that information.

My experience with the dinar has got me to questioned everything to a much larger degree then I ever did before. It is not that I am cynical, it is just that I am a lot more cautious. I am no longer willing to take people’s word for the things they say or give people the benefit of the doubt. The truth is out there and in the days of the information age, the answers can be found quickly.

What amazes me more than anything else is all the conspiracy theories that involve money. There are a lot of them out there and I use to believe most of them until my research showed me otherwise. I am not just talking about the dinar at this point. There are conspiracy theories about events that happened hundreds of years ago. They are all over the internet and they exist on a lot of different blogs and websites. Let me give you a few examples.

Alexander Hamilton

Conspiracy theorist claim that Alexander Hamilton was a Rothschild agent. He worked on behalf of this family. They claim that he married into this family. Here is the truth about Hamilton’s in-laws. His father in law, Philip Schuyler, was a General during the Revolutionary War, while his mother-in-law Catherine conducted a scorched earth policy to deprive the British of food. He never married into the Rothschild family

The main problem with this theory is that the house of Rothschild was not setup until 1776. This is the same year America declared independence. They did not become a major player in the banking system until the 1800’s Alexander Hamilton argued on behalf of the first central bank long before this. It was signed into law by George Washington in 1791. Although it is possible for the Rothschild family to have a degree of controlling interest in the first central bank, Hamilton never married into the family and had no influence on behalf of that family. The time line does not match up.

It is said that Nathan Rothschild, of the Bank of England, issued this ultimatum at the end of the charter for the first national bank: “Either the application for the renewal of the charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war.” As a result of not renewing this charter we entered the war of 1812.

The first problem is this quote cannot be sourced from any of the writings of that period. There is no historical record of that quote. The second problem is that history itself tells a different story. America declared war on England and started the war of 1812. It was not the other way around. The main reason for this is due to the fact that England tried to impose trade restrictions between America and France because of a war that England was fighting with France. It had nothing to do with a central banking system. England did not attack America first and they did not go to war with America until after America declared war with them.

There are many more conspiracies. One popular conspiracy seems to be that J.P. Morgan started the bankers panic of 1907 and that Woodrow Wilson later regretted signing the legislation that led to the Federal Reserve. There are too many of these conspiracies to list in one blog posting but there are many of them out there.

I at one time believed all of them. When I got involved with the dinar I began to research economics and money. I came across many of these theories. I included them in my dinar analysis. I believed they were true just like I believed that the dinar would one day revalue. At that point in my life I was naive and I had a lot to learn about money!

There are many unsourced quotes and parts of quotes taken out of context. Partial quotes are blended together with other partial quotes to arrive at different meanings in an effort to substantiate many conspiracies. Perhaps the strangest quote I found was this one. It was on Facebook the other day.

“You cannot trust any quote you see on the internet” -Abraham Lincoln

The book I have been writing deals with all these conspiracy theories. It explains how economics and money actually work. It goes into the actual history that will prove many of these conspiracies wrong. All the quotes found in the book have been sourced from actual historical documents. There is a chapter about the dinar and how it came to be the number one conspiracy theory about money on the internet today. I also talk about some of the B.S. gold and silver people put out there.

I should say at this point that I do have gold and silver. I have precious metal investments. Nevertheless, there is a lot of hype and untruthful things said in an effort to increase sales. The book will challenge an overnight crash to the dollar and it will present a case for the current economic system based on fact.

The last chapter in the book is nothing but links and resources where people can go to verify the things I write. This chapter will verify quotes our founding fathers actually said. I will let you know more about the book as it gets closer to the release. My target is sometime in January.

Thank You Sam I Am

Since I have changed my views regarding the dinar a lot of people who read and shared my views have said I went off the deep end. In addition to this some people have tried to discredit me by questioning my qualifications. They have called me an arm-chair economist or a person that is a guitar player and someone who knows nothing about economics. They say I just operate a blog and I have not even purchased a domain name.

This is nothing new and I am use to this kind of criticism. However, to those people who say these things I would like to point out that you don’t know me. You don’t know what my qualifications are. You presume too much, which is why you invested in the dinar in the first place.

I have worked for a fortune 500 company for the past 23 + years. I have investments in the stock market and I have a diversified portfolio. I have intensely studied economics a little over four years. I have completed college courses on-line and even earned credits. I am not some disgruntled dinar investor looking to get even. My only quest is for the truth and I still have a lot of unanswered questions. Oh yeah, and I also play guitar.

It has been my experience that when I debate people we talk about facts. But people who have an opinion different then what the facts present resort to different tactics. If the facts don’t support their beliefs they either change their belief or they personally attack the person who uses the facts.

A thread developed over in the DV forum where someone asked a question about my last post. This person asked if anything written in that post was true. Instead of addressing the things I wrote about or disproving the things I said, there was an effort to discredit my qualifications. None of the links I provided to support my conclusions and none of the things I actually said were ever addressed.

The person who actually posted the question took their disqualifying efforts as a satisfactory answer. This is a cheap political ploy and the facts were not addressed. I will gladly debate anyone at any time about the revalue of the Iraqi dinar. In fact I am setting up a way to do that. I will give you more information as I get closer but this new way of internet communication will be more interactive than a conference call.

Sam I Am over at Dinar Douchebags has stuck up for me. He points out that the facts were never brought up or even discussed in that thread. So I would like to thank him for addressing the real issues. Thank you Sam for defending me, for pursuing truth, for sticking to the issues, and for having one of the best dinar sites on the internet. Read his post here

2 thoughts on “Another Chapter In The Dinar Saga

  1. Thank you Robi for your kind words. there is a lot of deceit on the internet. Mis-quotes and conspiracy theories thrive in this environment. There is a lot to sift through just to find the truth on any subject. The book is finished. Right now I am doing copyright stuff and getting ready for publication. It will also be really cheap. My favorite part of the book is all the historical content. There was a lot to research. It will be available for all devices and retailers.

    Although the dinar is covered in the book the main focus is not the dinar. It will cover many conspiracy theories about money and it will explain a lot about how basic economics work. there are a lot of twists and turns and the book will keep you on the edge of your seat

    Thank you again for your kind words and for reading the blog and commenting.


  2. Marcus you are amazing, this is a fantastic article. Please do let us know about the book I would love to read it. I really believe that since the internet people just don’t seem to think for themselves anymore and just believe what they are told. As everyone has heard before “If it is on the internet it must be true”. Thanks for all your great words of wisdom and for your tireless effort at presenting the facts.


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