Sam’s Miscellaneous Files

Below you will find links to various text, audio, and video files that were available on the internet from 2009-2014, some of which are still accessible but most of which aren’t.  Most are dated but some aren’t.  By reading, listening, or watching them the people, time frame, and context becomes apparent.  These files are provided to inform the public as to the misleading and fraudulent nature of the intel and analysis of the dinar “investment”, and their use is protected by the Fair Use doctrine.

Tony “Breitling” Elder – Page 1   Page 2   Page 3

James “Adam Montana” Wolf

Dan “Checkmate” Atkinson/PD/PTR

GET Team (Rodney “Gankans” Blackburn, Steve “Enorrste” Norris, Terrance “TerryK” Keller)

Randy Koonce


BH Group

Roger “Dinar Daddy” Dorman

Frank “frank26” Villa

The BIG Call/Bruce Dawson

Tom “BGG” Sanders/Dan “Poppy” Bloodworth


The IQD Team

Chris “Chuckles” Earl

Assorted Nuts