“Sam I Am” Archives

From 2011-2015 “Sam” blogged in opposition to the dinar RV scam.  This is a list of some of his posts.

2011 In Review
2014 In Review
A Blast from the Past
A Few Questions For John Jagerson
A Few Thoughts on the Situation
A Letter to Santa
A No-Brainer?
A Sad Dinar Story
A Unique Perspective on the Dinar
A Very Merry Douchie (2011)
Abducted Into the WTO
Adam Montana’s Take on the Crisis in Iraq
An International Economist?
An Interview with Chuckles
An Interview with John Jagerson
An Interview with keepmwlknfny
An Interview with Legolas
An Interview with Marcus Curtis
August Update (2013)
Babylon the Great
Baghdad Invest
BBC Trending – #Wearethepeople and the ‘Fraudulent’ Dinar Ruse
Blaino’s Diatribe
Breitling Busted
CBI Policy
CNBC Video About the Dinar Scam
Colorado Pulls Plug on Dinar Broker
Comments from Tony’s Twits
Comments on Adam Montana
Connecting the Dots
Connecting the Dots II
Crisis in Iraq
Currency is Not Stock
Dan and Circus Dinar
December Update (2013)
December Update (2014)
Deleting the Zeros I
Deleting the Zeros II
Dinar 101 From the BH Group
Dinar Daddy and Okie
Dinar Daddy and The Treasury Vault
Dinar Daddy Post and Rebuttal
Dinar Fact Sheet
Dinar Indictments
Dinar Recaps and Dinar Guru
Dinar Speculation in 1993
Dinar Tweets
Dirty Float
Don’t Listen To Gurus
Douchie for July 22-29 (2012)
Dr. Todd
Eagle1 Post and Rebuttal
Enorrste, Math, and the RV
Exogen Post and Response
February Update (2014)
Forum Facts
Frankly Reeking I
Frankly Reeking II
Frankly Reeking III
FS4enthusiast Answers Adam Montana’s Weekly Questions
Ghosts of RV Past
Guru Updates
Happy 2014!
Happy 4th! (2013)
Happy 4th of July! (2014)
Happy New Year! (2013)
In Memory of Chuckles
Iraqi Election
IRS Raids BH Group
John Jagerson Interview Follow-Up
John Jagerson Videos
John Jagerson’s eBook
June 2011
June Update (2013)
JRG’s Rebuttal of TLAR
Kicked Off PTR
Let’s Talk About Iraq
Let’s Talk Turkey
Maliki and the RV
Maliki and the RV (part II)
March 25 IMF Statement
March Update (2013)
Marcus Curtis Update
Monopoly Money
MOP Report
More Bad News for Dinarians
More of the Best of Adam Montana
More of the Best of Breitling
More RV Analysis
Negative Nellies
November Update (2013)
November Update (2014)
Occam’s Razor and the RV
October Update (2013)
Our Second Anniversary (9/23/13)
Political VelCraft Pumper Article
Poppy Perplexed, Disappointed
Popular Pumper Lines
Questions for “Adam”
Questions for Adam’s Update
Randy’s Record
Reducing the Money Supply
Reuters Article
RV Reality Check
Seasons Greetings! (2012)
Shabibi and Stability
Shabibi Videos
Sonny1 Says Goodbye
Stryker Strykes Again
Thanksgiving Turkeys
The Ambiguity of “Revaluation”
The Artificial Program Rate
The Bond
The Breitling Catalog
The Conference Call Money Machine
The Confidence Game
The Dinar Has Revalued
The Douchebag Summit
The First Step To Recovery
The History of Dinar Pumping
The Latest from Eagle1
The Montana Trail (part 1)
The Montana Trail (part 2)
The Montana Trail (part 3)
The Montana Trail (part 4)
The New Dinar Notes
The Plan and The Dark Cabal
The Pumpers
The Rate Is In The Budget
The Strongest Currency in the Region
The Verdict
Three Currencies Set to RV
Three Years
‘Tis The Season
Tom Foolery
Top Ten Reasons the RV is a Scam
Website Outlook
What if …?
WHNT’s “Iraqi Dinar: Fact or Fiction?”
What’d I Say? (part 1)
What’d I Say? (part 2)
What’d I Say? (part 3)
You Can’t Con a Con
You Can’t Fix Stupid