Trials For Dinar Holders

ISIS Leader

People have not always agreed with my analysis and that is OK. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. There have been several things that I have been saying over the last 2 years that cause many dinar investors to doubt my opinion. But I would like to rehash a few points and put those points in a present day scenario.

I have always said that there is more currency outside of Iraq’s borders then in its borders. Iraq only has about 5 trillion dinar inside the country today. That would mean that there is a lot of excess currency presently outside the border of Iraq today. I calculated a figure of 25 trillion. I was using the difference in the currency supply going back to 2005/2006. This was a very conservative number and I gave a conservative number on purpose. In my mind I knew there was more but I would proclaim that there is at least 25 trillion dinar outside of Iraq in my posts/articles. People thought I was crazy.

The other part of the Puzzle is simply this. When dinar leaves the country it is exchanged for U.S. Dollars. This action brings U.S. dollars into Iraq as the dinar leaves. So using very rough numbers 25 trillion dinar is about 25 billion U.S. dollars. That money goes into the central bank’s reserves and it is used to back the dinar. So as the reserves grow the dinar currency supply also grows. The more dinar Iraq exports the more dollars come in and this means more dinar goes into circulation to cover the gap that the exported dinar made. This has become a vicious circle and no Guru has been able to explain it.

Yet another part of this puzzle is Iraq’s currency laws. I have pointed out several times that in section 32 of Iraq’s currency laws it is illegal to export their currency outside of Iraq and that the dinar can only be used within Iraq itself. Now this is a law they do not enforce because to do so would stop the flow of U.S. dollars into Iraq’s reserve supply!

The last part of the puzzle is the redenomination that Iraq may do one day. If it happens then Iraq will not honor the currency (25 trillion) that is outside of its borders. They will only honor the money within its borders. Iraq will cite its currency laws as the reason for doing this. They will say they have every right to do this.There are no international treaties with Iraq that protects investors should the dinar redenominate. I presented links with facts throughout this site. Basically this means that Iraq will be able to keep every U.S. dollar it imported into its reserves and the central bank has a large amount of imported U.S. dollars.

I have been saying this for the last 2 years. I have said that this scam goes all the way to the top. Now I am going to sound really crazy. I would ask that you read this entire post to the end and click on the links for they will be very important in my conclusions.

I believe the Iraqi government knew all along (ever since 2004) that they were scamming the poorest of American people out of their hard earned money with the false promise of wealth. I think the highest level of government in Iraq and the central bank had this planned all along! I think they are the ones who actually set this whole thing up to begin with! I even suspect that they had help from the Coalition Provisional Authority or CPA! This is just my opinion but in my view this is the only thing that makes sense to me given Iraq’s history. These guys at the very top and at the planing stages of the new Iraqi government set this up! This explains why America has done nothing to stop this scam! Now let me show you something. Read this article from Forbes

The Dinar’s Dismal Future: Sell Now

Let me provide just two quotes

“Iraq is basically enmeshed in a brutal civil war without any cohesive social fabric to pull it back together. Except for some military advisers, the U.S. and Western powers are staying out of the country”.

“Although no regulator knows how many investors hold the dinar, Prof. Bunting estimates “that there are around 40 trillion Dinar in circulation and only about 5 trillion actually reside in Iraq so the rest is held by dinar speculators around the world”.

This means that there is much more than 25 trillion dinar outside of the borders of Iraq. According to this article there is now about 35 trillion dinar that is now outside Iraq’s border. That also means that this added well over 35 billion to Iraqi Central Bank’s reserves and this money came from people all over the world. I am willing to bet that some of the poorest of Americans sent Iraq Billions when they collectively purchased dinar from dealers.

My numbers were conservative because I did not want to overstate my case. I wanted to be as factual as I could without exaggerating numbers. But now it seems that something more serious is on the horizon. As stated by the article above, Iraq is dealing with civil war and Iraq has another serious problem too!

Syria Iraq: The Islamic State militant group

“Under its former name Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis), it was formed in April 2013, growing out of al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).”

“Its precise size is unclear but it is thought to include thousands of fighters, including many foreign jihadists.”

“The US said the fall of Iraq’s second city posed a threat to the entire region. It may also have made ISIS the most cash-rich militant group in the world”

“Initially, the group relied on donations from wealthy individuals in Gulf Arab states, particularly Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, who supported its fight against President Bashar al-Assad.

Today, IS is said to earn significant amounts from the oil fields it controls in eastern Syria, reportedly selling some of the supply back to the Syrian government. It is also believed to have been selling looted antiquities from historical sites.”

Remember I said earlier if Iraq redenominates? I think the current Iraqi government has planned to redenominate all along. But if the government falls then what happens to the currency? What happens if Iraq is torn apart by civil war? Here is a worst case scenario.

What happens if ISIS over takes the CBI and Gains access to their reserves? What kind of weapons could they fund with the 35 billion that everyone around the world sent Iraq because they were deceived into believing that they were going to be rich if they bought dinar?

These are interesting questions. What happens to the dinar if the government falls or if it gets divided up into sections? it may very well be that the Kurds have one region of the country and the rest is divided among Islamic factions. However if Iraq gets divided up the real question is who gets the reserves that are left over in the central bank when the current government collapses? If ISIS does gain control of the central bank it will have new found wealth to fund its war machine.

There is one last component to all of this. The dinar is exported and sold around the world even though Iraq says it is illegal to do this. Third world nations and the poorest of people have been robbed by Iraq! There are people in these countries that make so little that a major investor in this country may only be able to get one 25,000 note. Some may have One 10,000 note or even one 1,000 note.

This means that there are millions of people around the world that purchased dinar.When this thing collapses (and it will collapse) poor people who invested in the dinar around the world will be devastated. So while this country proceeds with their quest of ripping off the poorest of people around the world there are major uprisings within the nation of Iraq! This creates several scenarios that could play out.

Iraq could redenominate and make all of the currency outside of its borders null and void. Iraq could fall and the government could be divided in approximately three different ways. ISIS could gain complete control over the region and raid the reserves. I highly doubt that ISIS will have any regard for dinar investors around the world. It amazes me that people still choose to believe in this scam in light of all the evidence. The Middle East is becoming more and more dangerous. This is not a good place to invest your money!

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      If they want me to personally contact them they must leave there contact information in the form and send it. this information is not kept or stored very long and I do not sell it. As you know, Here at Iraq Currency Watch it is about getting the truth out about the dinar.

      I can contact them once I see their information. If they want me to write their story I need to have a way to contact them. If the information about their experience is really detailed I may do a series. This will provide a voice for them to speak their mind.


  1. I think ALL DEALERS and PUMPER GURUS should be convicted of WAR CRIMES if it is so!!!!!!!! Then sentenced to be dropped into Iraq by means of parachutes, issued one lever action Daisy BB Guns, 2 small packs of BB’s 100 count each, 3 MRE’s, a Swiss Army Knife, a BRIGHT GLOW IN THE DARK orange jump suit and told to help the Iraqi people defeat the mess they helped start and finance!!!!!!


  2. Hi ya Marcus- what you are saying is that the USA government, the cbi, Iraqi government, CIA,IMF, world bank, Ali agha, ect have devised the biggest scam in the world and scammed millions accross the world with the Iraqi dinar.

    Forgive me for saying – you expect people to believe that?


    • Hi Andrew whats up,

      I don’t expect you or any other dinar holder to believe anything I put forth in this article. But it is important to understand the context to what I am saying. I am not saying this is fact. This is suspicion and theory. I have no hard evidence and I am just trying to see a big picture. If this is indeed a scam like I believe it is then what is the motive behind the scam? In order for you to look at that you must first believe that the dinar investment is a scam. Those who don’t believe that will reject everything I wrote in this post. So basically this whole thing is a puzzle in an attempt to try to figure out the big picture. I don’t claim to have all the answers and now I am left with a bunch of questions that start out with what if.

      What if the real reason for going to Iraq was because Saddam switch from selling oil using dollars to selling oil using euros.

      What if 911 was merely an excuse to go to Iraq.

      What if there were never any weapons of mass destruction and the Bush administration knew that?

      What if the real reason to setup a central bank and to make it a part of the government within a new constitution was so that United States could have an element of control over the central bank and Iraq long after it pulled out of Iraq?

      What if the dinar investment was actually a major PSYC OPERATION that was set up to gain support for the war from surrounding countries and ultimately the world.

      What if one of the purposes of this PSYOP was to gain support by getting people personally invested so they would not see Iraq as another Vietnam?

      What if foreign currency exchange was originally used to move the dinar until all the dealers were n place?

      What if Iraq exported as much dinar as they could through the banking system because their reserves were growing (US DOLLAR) at an abnormal rate?

      What if the US Dollar is the actual currency that Iraqis want to use?

      What if after all this started the dinar gained a life of its own and copycat dealers began selling dinar too?

      What if other people around the world became dealers because they saw the amount of money that could be made by selling dinar and this caused them to they set up shop. In the end they took the dinar to a whole new level.

      What if 25 to 35 trillion dinar is outside the borders of Iraq?

      What if all the dinar outside of the border is held by private investors around the world?

      What if the dinar that is outside of Iraq is not held by governments?

      What if The united states held back from going after the dealers in this country for marketing the dinar as an investment.

      What if the main reason they have not gone after the dealers was because they set some of them up and they want U.S. dollars to go to Iraq’s reserves?

      What if the dinar redenominates?

      What if the country is divided by civil war and it falls apart.

      So my theory address these what if questions. Keep in mind that this is a theory. I am not saying it is fact! There is a difference. In the end I think this theory would make a great script for a Hollywood movie!


  3. That link is me. I posted as Aerospace on that board for a few years. The dinar board was a free board on Ihub for years and got a bit of traffic, The guys who ran the dinar board were part of the scam, so they deleted post they didn’t like and caused a lot of trouble for Ihub, so eventually Ihub just made the board a pay board. That killed all the traffic to it.


  4. You are very close to the truth Marcus
    I found this years ago, back in 2004 or 2005.
    I talks about how the dinar was used by Iraq and the Coalition to get support for the war in Iraq. The dinar was intentionally pumped outside the country to get people invested hoping that would lead to support for the operation. The dinar rv plan was a massive PSYOP.
    Internet pumpers and scammers simply took it to a whole different level than expected.

    This was translatted from and Arab site.

    Report written by: Mustafa Bakri

    Suddenly become the new Iraqi dinar fill hearing and vision, some traders have started to pay INCUR GROSS market Egyptian, Jordanian and the Gulf and other countries, the prevalence of Obsession Libyan many sectors especially in the

    Cairo, some Upper maritime quick gains and

    losses quickly followed ..
    حSo now everyone preoccupied with the issue of Iraqi dinar and this was their only one.

    What is the story of the Iraqi dinar exactly how the leak to Arab markets, the goal of marketing, and what gravity on the economies of Arab countries.

    ‘Week’ has case and obtained important details reveal a new episode of workshops planned new American and you details.

    Beginning was an important meeting held in Baghdad headed by the American ruler of Iraq Paul Bremer and the presence of a number of senior management staff and some of the leaders of the Intelligence and a number of economists and businessmen Treasury America.
    At this meeting it was agreed to print worth five trillion new Iraqi dinars (five thousand billion dinars) and pumped to the market as follows, and a half trillion of Arab markets and the remaining pumps inside Iraq.

    In this meeting also agreed to print six trillion new Iraqi dinars in the coming months, to be stopping the printing of the new Iraqi dinar at 20 trillion dinars.

    The information that Egypt income during the recent nearly 40 billion dinars, were also flood the market at about 100 billion Jordanian dinars, the Gulf markets, particularly the Kuwaiti market has affected the lion’s share
    .Where were dumped about 300 billion Iraqi dinars.

    According to the information that the process of dumping Arab dinars were approved plan Court involving the CIA and the Mossad in cooperation with some traders and Arab businessmen who aim to achieve rapid profit under the supervision of the leadership of the Middle East in the American intelligence led Princeton Hanield who assumed direct supervision of the process of pumping Iraqi funds? .
    The American intelligence had lifted a note to President George W. Bush proposed the allocation of a large part of the Iraqi currency pumped to the Arab markets to achieve many goals that serve American policy in Iraq and the region.

    Note intelligence has confirmed that the proliferation of Iraqi currency in the Arab countries would link the Arab citizen developments economic process in Iraq, including creating an Arab popular desire in the necessity of ending the Iraqi resistance and collaboration with the United States to ensure the return of political and economic stability in Iraq until the Iraqi currency begins to rise again, bring traffickers by the enormous wealth in the Arab countries.

    The memo pointed out that the American objective behind this plan is to create a personal interest in the Iraqi people and the Arab peoples motivated to support American forces in Iraq to eliminate elements of the Iraqi resistance

    , Which represent a real threat to its direct interest in the Iraqi dinar hoard them thinking that he would return to the earlier era and investigate the causes enormous profits.
    The plan is also in accordance with the memorandum of America to encourage Arab investors to invest part of their money in the Iraqi market, and when the CIA estimated that felt that the proliferation of Iraqi dinars in Arab markets including the Egyptian market will benefit American exclusive economic order to obtain millions of dollars in the market Arab and away from the control of America.

    The American plan that hundreds of millions of dollars obtained by the Americans from behind the sale of Iraqi dinar will be reinvested again in other operations within the region serve the goals of American policy.

    The plan says that the dividend sale trillion Iraqi dinars American funds will be recycled in the region for several times, and these proceeds will be used to influence the economics of some Arab countries in the direction that Washington wishes to achieve without adding any American treasury new budgets.

    According to the plan, the net profits of these operations on the pump Iraqi dinars and other operations will be used in subsequent spending one source for the cultural and intellectual invasion of the Arab peoples, such as spending on TV ‘free’ American will begin broadcasting in the region soon, as well as Radio SEWA America, and to support projects funding called democracy and the establishment of some newspapers and media suspicious and spending on non-governmental organizations associated with the American agenda, and will not use any of these funds inside Iraq.

    The information had indicated that a number of Arab businessmen had contributed to the implementation of the scheme through the acceptance of the offers to buy American Iraqi dinars, and that the American side is the one who started such contacts with many Arab businessmen especially those associated with commercial or Agencies, or other means of cooperation with the United States, where they provided reassurances indicate that the actors are American, which will be introduced this

    Dinars to Arab markets.In addition, there aside from businessmen away and through their agents introduction of such funds to some Arab countries in many ways and numerous.

    In Egypt, mainly from the problem began Dakahlia governorate, specifically from the ‘Enbroeh’ availability during the three days from the start of last month about three billion Iraqi dinars, has been introduced by some businessmen

    And their agents, and Enbroeh moved billions to Mansoura, and then to Kafr Sheikh then Alexandria and Cairo is the last stop.

    In Cairo, noon second generation of Iraqi dinars where funds proliferated in many neighborhoods Greater Cairo very quickly emerged about six billion dinars markets in Cairo one week after the first generation of dinars has been moved from Cairo 5,2 billion dinars to the provinces billion level and to another Upper sea while Aldahryon accounted for about 5,2 billion dinars of the total amount.

    After that began after waves third, fourth and fifth even reached the total value of the deal to about 40 billion Iraqi dinars entered the Egyptian market from abroad, this is unlike what has been confiscated by the authorities of airports and ports, and was controlled by the Egyptian government, especially since the Egyptian market was target Only about 100 billion Iraqi dinars, and that Washington was not only succeed in introducing 40% of the target amount.

    According to the information, there are about 15 billion Iraqi dinars entered the Egyptian market through some Egyptians it is not the gate of America ..

    After some of those Egyptians themselves to travel to Iraq and Jordan ..
    .Where they buy the 400 Iraqi dinars one dollar, and they are shuttling from Cairo to Jordan, Iraq, and vice versa.

    Entered ‘Israel’ on the line where American agreement which dinar was sold at such a low price and extremely cheaper than all other markets, which drew the attention of some businessmen Gulf specifically where the 10 thousand Iraqi dinars sold at only $ 1.

    The information that ‘Israel’ reserves were large quantities of Iraqi dinars and away from other funds, which prepared the basis for smuggling to the markets of Arab States.

    According to sources, these important economic problem led to the sudden increase economic pressure on the Egyptian economy because it has greatly impacted on the dollar reserves of cash was withdrawn large part to buy dinars

    Iraqi market needs, and impacts on the Egyptian pound which began inevitably influenced by the millions of dollars that then try to find their way out of Egypt.

    The American plan is estimated that the economic effects, particularly on Egypt will exacerbate the economic problems which may lead to further weakness of the national currency Egyptian, as is
    ;According to the memorandum of America prepared in this regard
    .The American policy believes that the issue of promotion of the dinar is essentially the idea of voice and Washington making Iraq the economic model most abundant and well-being of the region even if it led to the destruction of the economies of other countries.
    The United States hopes to build this Alenmodgkhalal two or three and make it an attraction to the citizens of other Arab countries who are looking to the Iraqi model that the model is similar to models of some Asian countries in the abundance and prosperity and that it would pay the categories of beneficiaries of the citizens of Arab states to claim circulate model Iraqi events in their country, political and economic change, according to the American agenda.

    The American note that the Arab citizen will be linked to personal interests through feeling at the Iraqi currency, which in the hand and which is trying to buy multi-million this currency would seek to invest their funds inside Iraq, and when Iraqis themselves realize that the citizens of other Arab peoples working on investment the land will encourage them in this case would create a public opinion against the resistance force her to stop carrying weapons and coping with

    The investment community will be the new identity only seeking money and achieve quick wins any way with any quarter.

    According to the analysis, the prevalence billion dinars in the Arab markets is a new kind of war America in economic matters including reflected negatively on the economies of Arab countries, and America will try to link the rift between political, military and economic together in the new concepts already begun.

    Wealth ..
    After the rapid spread of wealth among fever-few sectors in the Egyptian and Arab street by the Iraqi dinar question is whether it will really Moktenzo Iraqi dinar owners millions, and whether the Sudanese currency Sekittenson future posted the same determination to enhance the experience Almstchdin Kuwaiti dinar, which has astronomical gains the permissible?

    The answer to these questions indicate that the Iraqi currency .
    Quite different from the case of the Sudanese currency ..

    Iraqi currency linked to many other factors such as political stability, specifically the situation in Iraq, and also the difficult economic circumstances experienced by Iraq since 1981 and even if the United States succeeded in forming an Iraqi government stable and able to stop the Iraqi resistance once the external debt of foreign

    On Iraq, amounting to 120 billion dollars will be one of the fundamental factors affecting the value of the Iraqi currency in circulation.
    Even in the event of successful talks envoy James Baker concerned with Iraq’s debt, all indicators say that amounts to be canceled will exceed 35 billion dollars, and these amounts will drop the value of the new Iraqi dinar rate will not exceed 8.5%, as deemed by economists AMERICANS
    The information here that those betting that the United States is protecting the dinar Sifajaon that will be the loser in particular creditor nations most stipulated the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq and demand that the United Nations play a central role as unprecedented debt forgiveness.

    Secondly, there are the lingering effects of the Anglo-American war on Iraq, where information pointed to the American infrastructure Iraqi mass affected by more than 76% and mean that Iraq would need hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild the infrastructure again, which is necessary and essential for any foreign investments imported also need three years to come at least to complete the bulk of them.

    There is also a third problem is the re-pricing of the Iraqi dinar, or raise its value and this depends mainly on Iraq’s own resources, and this problem is identical, in that all of Iraq’s resources will be self-recruited for the reconstruction of Iraq and the completion of infrastructure projects in Iraq, and therefore the resources Iraqi self must be a parallel in the value of the conditions of the Iraqi currency in the present situation, because these resources will be invested for the benefit of the economy or for the benefit of adding new resources of national income in the country, hence even in the case of oil re-pumped and agricultural resources

    The industrial operation in the event of re-equipped facilities will be fully employed and for the reconstruction of Iraq and, in addition, it would benefit international companies competing for reconstruction projects and win raised maintaining a low and vulnerable to the new Iraqi currency, because any force of this currency would reduce or increase the value of volume profits hurt signed to these companies for work in Iraq.

    There is also a view that the Iraqi government will request for the dollar because all foreign companies, which are estimated thousands want to settle their dues in dollars and in accordance with economic principles when it increases demand for the commodity, it must lead to an increase in such drugs, that any increase in the demand for the dollar to settle dues companies The foreign institutions will rise in price will lead to a corresponding decline in the value of new Iraqi currency against the dollar, Taking
    .The dollar equals 1500 Iraqi dinars today, and with it the start of reconstruction and foreign companies access to the dues per dollar might exceed the 2500 dinars, or the 300 Iraqi dinars.

    Some may wonder about the role of oil in the value of the Iraqi currency and the dollar here Reports indicate that the operations carried out by the Iraqi resistance against oil installations and lines especially in Mosul and Kirkuk and the north will hinder the long-term return of oil production in Iraq earlier custody, or to rates close to the former roof, and restore Iraqi oil lines of work needed, according to American estimates amount to over five billion dollars, and that needs to be over time it may take two or three, in the event of the availability of funds, namely that Iraq in the first period and even in the event of stability the political situation as it is consuming countries will be to the dollar and is not a country
    .Investor dollars for a major currency on the basis of which will be evaluating the new currency, this also means in turn that the dollar will increase the value of the dinar will go down than it is worth.

    .In addition to all this information is that the formation of a strong hesitate new Iraqi government may carry heavy caliber surprise to Moktenzi Iraqi dinar This government will try to show that the appearance independent from the occupation and to satisfy the people at home, which means that the first highlight of manifestations of independence will be to cancel its dinar Iraqi issued in the era of occupation and printed new currency reflects the new Iraqi government.

    According to the information, this is the direction most of the Shiite authorities, and the Sunni in Iraq who feel that you were the new national looting from the Arab countries by the Americans and the new currency is an expression of the occupation authority, and that adhering to it will link all of his work that it has become such paper, which is not worthless.
    Here, in this case, be hit the hardest are those Moktenzi currency and Earner bulk of Americans who are sold delusion of others.

    There is another view reflects the minority view that after the formation of the new Iraqi government next June must be upheld in Iraqi currency in circulation now for a year and then being changed after that.

    This term perspective of the new Iraqi currency, which Stsubh under difficult economic data and deteriorating and thinking in building the economy of Iraqi forces will not be before 5 or 6 years to come, at least, even after this period.
    The international obligations on Iraq to the international community and to the development programs and projects of Interior and other things should lead to a change in the Iraqi currency currently being raised.
    According to reports, the Americans themselves feel that the Iraqi currency is currently before his transition and a specific time, and it will not be negotiable and that they Delelehm in issuing these currencies categories of large amounts, even one paper up to 250 thousand dinars, and a smaller paper with the category of 5000 the dinar, which means it non-negotiable in the internal market of Iraq, or that even if circulation, the lowest price for the purchase of lower commodity in Iraq even if they loaf of living must be 5000 dinars, and the American government if it wanted to be really strong currency they have issued a few categories in the category of 5 dinars, and the 10 dinars, and the 100 dinars, etc.

    Iraqi identical in the near future Lebanese currency and not Kuwaiti dinar.

    The role of the Sudanese dinar
    After restraining the Iraqi dinar began tending to the voices calling for the Sudanese dinar, and has already begun some senior traders and businessmen to buy large quantities of the Sudanese dinar, which is the price per pound to the value of 350 Sudanese dinars, and that this phenomenon started spreading in Jordan and many other Gulf states, which means that Egypt would specifically in the next few months a wave of American and Israeli conspiracies.
    With greedy merchants to promote Sudanese dinar at the expense of the Egyptian local currency and the dollar.

    Two have emerged in the planning framework being in the Middle East Intelligence Central America:
    I see the trend to maintain the currency’s current Sudanese dinars, and the promotion of this high pound against other currencies after the Arab peace agreement and exploit oil, which are present in large quantities in the subsoil of the Sudan
    Second trend print new currency for the Sudan similar Iraqi currency to be put in large quantities in the Arab markets, and is considering the new Sudanese currency essential part, and whatever the economic progress of the Sudan.
    There are voices already started off in many Arab capitals to confirm the high value of the Sudanese dinar.

    There were some quarters had tried recently to promote the Libyan dinar only that the Egyptians played on the high purchase price, but there are some businessmen and the wealthy class benefited greatly from this surge of Libyan dinars.
    According to reports Egyptian important, the experience of Libyan dinar indicated that about 88% of wagering and speculators Iraqi dinar What would happen to the Sudanese dinars belonging to the middle class and owners of small savings in

    While the majority of wealthy Iraqi dinar dealt with the concept of a quick profit purchased from outside Egypt and the highest selling price of the small savers in a few days through no Ektenzoh as did small savers.
    According to the information, invisible hands that started and promoted heavily for the purchase of the Sudanese dinar focus on the political circumstances associated with the signing of the peace agreement in Sudan.


    • David,

      WOW thank You for this! This is along the lines of what I expected and what I believe. It reflects the political structure and explains some of my theories in more detail. This is a lot of information to digest. Do you still have the link to this article?

      I really did not understand why the CPA or the government would be involved. This article really fills in some of the blanks for me and explains the motives of such actions. This is bigger then I imagined.

      Thanks again!


      • The link I had no longer works. I posted that years ago (2007) on a dinar board.
        I have nothing else that could prove any of this, but it all makes sense to me.
        It perfectly explains how so much dinar got out of the country and into the hands of currency dealers, and also explains why no officials from Iraq or the USA/Britain ever spoke out against the scam. They started the scam.
        Dinar believers will call it a wacky conspiracy theory… while they wait for their 300,000% RV.


      • After a quick look I found a link here,

        This article was removed sometime during the course of 2007 and it was written in 2005. I was unaware of this article. It was probably removed to help promote dinar sales. I find that a lot of media articles from Iraq get removed without explanation. Back when I was invested in the dinar I found 3 articles that actually said that the dinar would revalue by the end of 2010. Iraqi officials were quoted in these articles. This is what caused me to go all in and invest a lot of money. All of these articles were removed by the beginning of 2011.

        This is why I think it is crazy to trust anything in the Iraqi media. If it were not for third party forums and blogs that archive some of these article we would have not known anything damaging that was written about the dinar that the Iraqi press put out there. All media outlets around the world should be required to keep everything they write for public view on line without edit just for reference.

        There are three questions that I ask myself and here they are..Why do American authorities look the other way and why have they done nothing about all the people being ripped off from the sale of dinar? Who set this up? It is obvious to me that the original dealers did not just come along and say “hey I got an idea lets lie about the Iraqi dinar and lets sell it in order to make huge profits!” Something this big had to orchestrated from officials high up. Third why does Iraq allow the dinar to be exported?

        In the Status of Forces Agreement that the united states had with Iraq. It was illegal for solders and contractors to take dinar with them when they left. I remember reading different articles where the government prosecuted solders who smuggled dinar out of Iraq. If dinar left the country it had to go through the banking system.

        This article and your hypothesis makes the most sense to me. We were suppose to go into Iraq and the get out. The longer troops were there the more unpopular the war would become. So why not get people to invest in the dinar. That way they would have a vested interest in the country and this would help prevent an image that Iraq was just another Vietnam!

        By the way I find it Ironic that several dealers sell both the dinar and the dong.


  5. Curtis, what is the difference between what Iraq is doing and what the US is doing. For the past 2yrs or so, the Federal Reserve has printed approximately 50 billion a month, ( or some outrageous amount) to buy the US debt just to keep intrest rates artifically low and also sells the US dollar to other countries, ( yes I know treaties and laws we have with other countries that Iraq does not) yet the US borrows around 40-50 cents of every dollar they spend, a result of this spending, borrowing and having a national debt of 17ish trillion, only to increase ( I also didn’t mention that we have a Fiat currency, a currency that only has value because the US government says it does, oh which it is not backed by anything) hyper inflation will occur at some point in time. As a result of this fiscal policy the US dollar at some point in time will crash, ( or will be venerable to a crash) if this happens there is a good chance the value of the US dollar will devalue and will have a good chance at some point to be just about worthless. At some point if the US is not able to pay its debts the world will stop buying the US dollar, and as a result our economy will crash, then there will be chaos, not only in our county but those countries who invested in the US dollar.

    One more short point, I have invested in the stock market in my lifetime and have lost Far more than what I have invested in the Dinar. A person could call the stock market a scam, afterall you have market makers that can see where your stop are, they can cause the stock to go up or down, take out all of your stops, plus thousands of other stops, then cause the stock to go to their price then sell their shares. You can easily verify this by talking to a few former market makers.

    Curtis, I enjoy reading your writings, I appreciate the time you take to lay out your arguments ( after all I don’t ever turn down the opportunity to learn something)

    Hope all is well with you.



    • Bowhunter,

      I can honestly tell you that I am not a fan of the Federal Reserve. This institution is not America’s first central bank. America has had two other central banks in its past and they were both failures. Each bank only had a 20 year charter and in both cases the charter was not renewed. This is what our founding fathers said about a central banking system.

      “The rich will strive to establish their dominion and enslave the rest. They always did. They always will… They will have the same effect here as elsewhere, if we do not, by the power of government, keep them in their proper spheres.” -Gouverneur Morris

      “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.” -James Madison

      I too am outraged at the waste in government spending and the national debt. This thing is huge. It will soon be 18 trillion. This link will give you an idea of the actual size of U.S budget and how it contributes to the national debt.

      That being said there are a lot of misconceptions about our money. The definition of fiat means faith based. Typically these currencies have a life of around 35 to 40 years. The United States was removed from the gold standard by Nixon in August of 1971. This event is known as the Nixon Shock. Google it and see for yourself. Then in 1973 America found something else to back the dollar. America got other nations to back the dollar using their oil. The Petrodollar was born and oil is actually the thing that has backed our dollar since 1973. This short video will explain the Petrodollar in more detail.

      So you see our dollar is not worthless. America gets other nations to back its currency by only buying and selling oil in U.S. dollars. The difference between Iraq’s currency and our currency is that our currency is a reserve currency. Iraq’s currency is designed to only be used in Iraq. It was never meant to be used as an investment or so they say.

      Our financial system is somewhat screwed up. In our current system debt is monetized and then released into circulation. Debt is a way to expand the money supply. I can provide more information on this if you wish.

      I for one actually made money in the stock market. When I add my losses compared to my gains I am way ahead of the game. Sure some people lose everything in the stock market but a lot of people make money. People who have 401k retirement plans make money too. I do agree that the stock market is fixed to a certain degree but you can still make money. With the dinar the only ones that will ever make any money are the dealers because they sell everything with a 20 percent spread. Everyone else loses in the dinar game and that is how the game is set up. No one will ever make money due to the dinar going up in value and that is what makes the dinar a scam.


  6. I can’t agree with you on this one Marcus. The CBI in their monetary aggregates spread sheet shows that at the end of 2013 that M0 is 35T, so the professors estimate of 40T seems a bit off to me, nor does he offer any support (at least that the Forbes article included) of where he gets the figure that only 5T are in Iraq. I don’t think 2% (of GDP) in cash is enough to run a country like Iraq. Since the auctions for a year generally add up to about what Iraq imports (and indeed the CBI states that is the purpose of the auctions), we know Iraq is not flooded with USD as some gurus would claim. So it just doesn’t add up for me.

    If most of that has been bought by Americans, and if the average is 2M, then that means that about 1 in 20 Americans have bought IQD, and that seems way to high in my experience.

    It would only adds to the CBIs reserves disproportionately to the money supply, if it can not be returned during an RD and I suspect that will be difficult to implement given the long (1 or 2 years) time frame for both currencies to be accepted in the marketplace and an even longer time that banks would accept the current IQD. So that seems like a long time to make sure no currency found its way back from outside the country, especially since (if I recall correctly) they are doing business with banks in Jordan and Kuwait so at least some currency is going back and forth across borders.

    More over what would be the point of Iraq orchestrating such a thing? If there really is 40T IQD outside of Iraq and if Iraq manages to RD and not allow that to come back, then they get the 35B USD added to their reserves and lower the money supply by 40T, so about half which makes the reserves to money supply about 300% instead of the current 115%. But is this all that important? The CBI’s reserves can not be used to fund Iraq’s budget, only to back the IQD and as I’m sure you will agree the CBI does NOT want to raise the exchange rate, so this huge headroom just doesn’t seem all that important. So it seems to me to be a rather amazing conspiracy for not much gain.

    It seems much more plausible to me that this started with a dealers pushing the idea and with greed and the US get rich quick mentality, a sizable dose of anti PTB/government/bankers/IMF/WTO/etc, and religious overtones, it grew as such things can do in our digital age. But I doubt a big conspiracy is involved as it doesn’t seem to make sense to me, or be necessary to get us to the current sad state. The beauty of the scam is that if the dealers and gurus are careful, its not illegal so the feds would have a hard time shutting it down (though a state or two have cracked down on it and the BBB has warned about it).


    • JRG,

      I respect your opinion and I should have put a disclaimer on this article. A lot of it is speculation and theory. A lot of it is opinion. Most of the time I just write about facts, but in this post I let my opinions and suspicions loose. I agree with you on one point. I don’t think Iraq has 40 trillion out there. I checked the numbers today. According to the Key financial indicators line 79 from the CBI website there is 35 trillion 620 billion outside of banks as of June 2014. I don’t know where Professor Bunting gets his numbers. I was implying that my 25 trillion number was lower than other numbers out there, but I should have pointed out what the CBI numbers were. I tend to side with the CBI on this one.

      That being said there are several reasons why I believe that most of the dinar in circulation is outside of the borders of Iraq. Call up the key financial indicators document and see how much dinar was put into circulation in 2004. The money supply that was outside of banks back then was somewhere around 7 trillion total. About 2 trillion of that was exported. A lot of dinar went to Egypt. (see the article Dave posted below) Iraq has been exporting currency since 2004.

      Their currency laws under section 32 states that the dinar is only meant for circulation in Iraq.
      Furthermore Iraq must replace the dinar that is damaged or lost. This means if currency leaves the country the CBI must put more into circulation to replace it. Every year since 2004 the CBI put dinar into circulation to replace the currency that left the country.

      Click to access CBILAW-EN_f.pdf

      From 2004 to 2014 the currency supply grew to 35 trillion 600 billion. That is roughly 28.6 trillion dinar that was put into circulation in just 10 years. Yet the value of the dinar has risen since 2004 and it stabilizes at 1170. In addition Iraq’s inflation remains in the single digits. If even 25 percent of the dinar issued since 2004 was put into circulation in Iraq this would not be the case. They would have massive inflation and the dinar would fall in value. It would defiantly not rise in value. These facts all combine to indicate that there is much more dinar outside of the border of Iraq instead of inside the border. There are other factors as well but the actual numbers are more likely to be 35.6 Trillion dinar in circulation outside of banks. 5 trillion is in Iraq and 30.6 trillion is outside of the country.

      America is not the only place this paper is pushed. Judging from this blogs analytics the dinar is big in other countries too. It is sold all over the world. I get hits from all over the world. When I look at the analytics I get a lot of hits from Canada, Australia, Spain, Malaysia, and Puerto Rico and these are just some examples. Dinar is also sold in third world countries. There are dinar dealers around the globe

      All this goes to show that you can’t hold up an American as the average investor. I knew several people who purchased 100,000 and 250,000 dinars. The average investor in some countries only buy 25,000 to 50,000 dinar. It would be hard to get a new world wide average based on these facts. But I believe it is safe to say that millions of people around the world are invested

      While it is true that there is some major headroom within the CBI if an in country redenomination took place, this would not be the first time Iraq has done this. In fact that is exactly how we got the Swiss dinar. (check Links)

      So we see by the links above that Iraq has a track record of closing the border and lying about their currency. So the current dinar scam is not the first time Iraq tried something like this. Second the value of the dinar is determined by a rate that is pegged not the amount of U.S. dollars they have in their reserve. Now the real question is what does Iraq plan to do with all the excess reserve supply since they are not allowed to use it in their budget? Or a better question is what does the CBI intend to do with it?

      I want to close by thanking you for your input. I appreciate the 40 trillion dinar correction. It does not matter if I agree with your views, Your opinion is always valued! Thank You for sharing


      • Marcus,

        Was just passing by on the web and caught your post that cited me. Yes, I quoted ‘about’ 40 trillion dinar in the article. This was based on research similar to yours, growth rate trends and a best guess as to the credibility of the data from the CBI. You (and CBI) say 35.6trillion, I say 40. Seems a small amount to quibble over. Lets talk in 3 months (given the rate of growth) and see where we stand.

        As for a high level conspiracy against foreign Dinar holders. I have no insight or opinion. I will only say that if a lop occurs and a new dinar is created it will force foreign holders to convert to new Dinars and that will benefit the Dinar dealers. They win in basically any scenario.

        Be well,
        -Cory Bunting


      • Professor Bunting,

        Thank You for your reply and input. To be honest I truly don’t know if it is 40 trillion or 35.6 trillion. Your right, I am going off the CBI numbers because it is the only concrete evidence I have. Feel free to share any data that puts the numbers higher. I would find that interesting.

        As for the conspiracy theories I must stress that I have no proof or evidence. After being involved with this since 2009 and after taking a few steps back, I find myself trying to find motive as to why things are the way they are. My current theory makes the most sense to me. But I really don’t know and at this point it is just speculation.

        I believe that people could use dealers to exchange their dinar only if the dinar would be allowed to flow back in the other direction. I am going by what has happened in Iraq”s past, but who really knows what the outcome will be. I do believe there will be a big possibility that the option to use dealers will not be available.

        I really do appreciate that you took the time to comment and that you gave more details about your research.

        Highest Regards


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