Global Currency Reset part 2

The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways, but the folly of fools is deception.

Proverbs 14:8 NIV

In the last post we talked about the origins of the Global Currency Reset. We talked about and exposed NESARA for the conspiracy theory that is. We dealt with some of the many definitions to the terms Global Currency Reset or GCR. The article was getting kind of long so I decided to stop at a certain point and continue later with more information in a future article. I am jumping in the middle of a thought process here and a lot of information is already covered in the previous post. So for that reason I strongly suggest that you read The Global Currency Reset Part 1 before you read this article. Reading part 2 only is like going to a movie with a detailed plot and coming in a little after the middle.


The IMF plays a major role in one of the definitions of the GCR. According to Lyndsey Williams the IMF is going to force all nations to revalue their currency by the end of March and the values will be based on other things. The dollar will be worth a lot less as a result. See Dinar Update 3

Not only is this absurd it is not even practical. As I said before people only attribute the effects of over printing currency to America. They ignore the effects it has on all other nations that do the same thing as if America is the only one that is going to suffer for this practice and all other nations are immune.

While it is true that America has 11 trillion dollars. China printed over 110 trillion Yuan!

That is 10 times the amount of America’s dollar

“Yuan’s Real Exchange Rate Undervalued 5%-10%, IMF Report Says”

The reason why China does this is due to the fact that their economy depends on exports. If china raises their currencies value in a GCR event then that would translate to higher costs to manufacture goods. This would decrease exports! By the way this applies to all the BRICS nations as well as it would apply to every other country. You are not going to get everyone to comply. There will be some defectors and that will cause everyone to ignore arbitrary IMF imposed GCR rates.

In the past China has always undervalued their currency. This acted as a 30 to 40 cent tariff on all goods coming into their country. This allowed the exports to increase and at the same time allowed them to control imports. Countries with over printed and inflated currencies have a greater chance to export goods because their currency values are low and that keeps manufacturing costs down. This may be one of the reasons why they inflate their currency in the first place.

These nations are not going to surrender the sovereignty of their currency value to the IMF. The IMF won’t be able to force China to raise it’s currency’s value especially based on some fictitious GCR event. And in any case all those countries would need to do to lower their value once again is to print even more currency. Is the IMF going to tell each nation how much currency it can print too? This notion is ridiculous to say the least.

As far as revalues go china serves as a great example. Let me paraphrase and bring up some things Jack pointed out

“Over the past decade, China has “Revalued” the Yuan by around 35% vs the dollar and in total. This was spread out across multiple steps. This is what real life revalues look like. A couple of percentage points here, and another couple of percentage points there a few years later. The most recent being 5% from 2011-2013. And even today, even with China’s deliberate under-pegging aberration, you’re still only talking about a 5-10 percent undervalued repricing . About 15 percent is the absolute highest estimate which is nothing even remotely close to a 100,000% REVALUE! The Guru’s false pumping of the dinar by trying to pretend the Dinar “MUST DESERVE” a 1980′s exchange rate and ignoring the fact its money supply is now 4,000 times higher than what it had in the 1980′s is ludicrous. This is the prime reason its rate fell in the first place!

However as long as China is a net exporter, they simply won’t want a massively stronger currency as it will hurt Chinese businesses by making it relatively more expensive for non-Chinese to import goods from China in all future trade. Having a stronger currency is no good if it kills off export growth!”

It is also true that china is experiencing some problems because of lack of environmental controls. China has cancer villages and many other environmental issues to overcome. I have also written an extensive report on China and their current geo political problems which can be found on my other blog.

This is why so many nations are mad at the Federal Government for Quantitative Easing. Because this lowers the value of the U.S.dollar and it serves to level the playing field for exports. It affects the exports for every nation that has a low currency value. Imagine what would happen to America’s economy if the U.S. dollar suddenly dropped significantly and hyperinflation came. The amount of Imports would suddenly decrease as their prices would soar. Now how would that effect china if all currency was reset and China no longer has it’s edge and the U.S. had a significantly lower value attached to their currency?

U.S. interest rates have been almost zero since the economic crisis began back in 2008. Gold and silver will react negatively to the news of a possible imminent increase in interest rates. This is because any increase in interest rates will strengthen the dollar. Q.E. is also an effort to boost the economy. When the unemployment rates drop and the U.S. economy finally begins to really recover then I expect the Federal Reserve to ease up on Q.E., and I expect interest rates to rise and the dollar to become stronger as a result. When this happens it should affect the price of gold and silver, but the people who sell precious metals and push this GCR won’t tell you that.


Here is Iraq’s current money supply

Iraq money outside of the banks = 34 Trillion

Iraq M0 = 70.9tn Dinar

Iraq M1 = 71.3tn Dinar

Iraq M2 = 85 Trillion

The reason guru’s won’t repost this or even talk about it is pretty obvious. Iraq still has over 71tn physical banknotes alone and there is little difference between M0 and M1 due to the primitive nature of Iraq’s banking system.

Their currency is so inflated that there is no possible way for them to revalue to even a penny! No GCR event can overlook this. If there was a GCR event and the IMF raised the value of the dinar as people claimed then it won’t be long until hyper-inflation would collapse the currency entirely due to the amount in circulation!

In addition to this Iraq announce that their plan is one of redenomination. Here are some of the designs they have considered for their new currency.

New Currency Design

New Currency Design

oh wait……My Mistake, Those are really Sam I Am bucks…They are offered out free of charge so that Dinar Gurus can buy a clue! Here is the new dinar.


Oh wait that is not it the youth would say My Bad! Here is the New Dinar

Dinar 2

Now this is not the new dinar from the CBI that is the ISIS dinar. Check the links below.

OK here is the New Dinar


This is being shown as the new dinar. Actually this is the dinar that was in circulation back when Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr was president. He is the guy that was in charge before Saddam took over.

look at the one dollar bill. The note on the bottom left. Now look at this eBay auction which is a dinar note from 1973. It is the exact same note.

This has been shown and displayed as new dinar on a few sites. This is just a small example of the deception that is out there. Iraq does have a plan of redenomination. I don’t think anyone has seen the new notes yet. I do believe that they are already printed, but that is only my opinion.

Religious Point of View

There are those who present the GCR as biblical prophecy. It is believed that this event that will move everyone closer to the mark of the beast and a one world economy that the Anti-Christ will rule. Christians who know little about biblical prophecy have fallen for this. This is one of the main reasons this group invested in the dinar. Who can argue with biblical prophecy?

First the mythical GCR has nothing to do with biblical prophecy and that notion is really false doctrine in that regards. I have studied the bible for many years and I love to research and look at biblical prophecy. This GCR is total Bunk when it comes to actual bible prophecy! It has nothing to do with it. The mark of the beast is totally different and it is issued during the time of the Anti-Christ by the false prophet. Even though a lot of dinar gurus are false prophets those are not the ones the bible is speaking of.

Buzz Words

Most people can’t really explain the mechanics of a GCR beyond using buzz words like Global Reset, Fiat Currency, Fractional Reserve Banking, and Linear-Thinking. These are just some of the buzz words I have seen on other sites. Let me provide some definitions to what these buzz words actually mean

Fiat Currency: Fiat is the Latin word for “it shall be”. Most currencies were based on physical commodities such as gold or silver at one time, but fiat money is based solely on faith. Fiat currency is money that a government has declared to be legal tender, but the fiat currency is not backed by a physical commodity and it has no intrinsic value. The value of fiat money is derived from the relationship between supply and demand rather than the value of the material that the money is made of or the commodity it represents.

The U.S. dollar is considered a fiat currency because it is backed by nothing. The Iraqi dinar is not considered to be fiat because it has reserves. BUT the sick joke is 98 percent of what backs the dinar is the FIAT U.S. DOLLAR! And this gives the dinar value how?…….So how will the GCR regulate a currency that gets it’s value from the U.S. dollar? If the dollar falls then the dinar falls too! So does the Whan and many other currencies around the world. The dollar won’t fall while every inflated currency backed by the dollar rises! This is absurd!

“The Congress has specified that Federal Reserve Banks must hold collateral equal in value to the Federal Reserve notes that the Federal Reserve Bank puts in to circulation. This collateral is chiefly held in the form of U.S. Treasury, federal agency, and government-sponsored enterprise securities.”

This is how gold breaks down. There is 166,500 tons of gold in the world. 18 percent of that or 32,000 tons is held by Central Banks for reserve. Out of that the U.S. has 8,133.5 tons of gold which makes 72 percent of the reserves held by the U.S.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York holds 540,000 Gold bars alone. Not bad for a fiat currency.

Now compare that to the dinar that has a grand total of just 2 percent gold in their reserves. The rest of their reserves are U.S. dollars

This is not even taking into account the petro dollar system which the U.S. put into play in 1973. This petro dollar system is one reason why the dollar has out lived the fiat currency life span. For more information on the petro-dollar system look at this article I wrote 2 years ago explaining it in detail. Watch the videos too

Linear-Thinking: If you are accused of “Linear Thinking” then you don’t understand the Global Currency Reset. What this really means is you pay too much attention to printed currency supplies and that has you caught up from seeing the truth.

If you are not a Linear Thinker then you know that currency supplies don’t matter and nations can have as much of it as they want. It won’t make any difference. Only the U.S.A. will be penalized for having too much currency because they are evil and bad………. If you can’t see that then you are a “Linear Thinker.”

What a bunch of B.S.!!! Currency supplies do matter and too much currency destroys the value end of story! I guess I am just a linear thinker after all.

Fractional Reserve Banking: FRB or Fractional Reserve Banking is a process that expands the money supply. It is said on some GCR sites that central banks will use this process to pay out the new currency values. The only problem with this is the fact that Fractional Reserve Banking is a process that is only used by the public banking system. Private central banks don’t use Fractional Reserve Banking.

FRB is a process that expands the money by monetizing the debt. In other words, when people participate in the loan process that debt is monetized. New money is created thus expanding the currency supply. Central banks don’t do this, public banks do. The CBI is not going to go into debt using a method of debt monetization so it can payout a new value that is adjusted to their currency because it is imposed by the IMF in a fictional GCR event! That shows you how clueless some of these guys are about economics.


Christine Lagarde is Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. Some parts of the GCR conspiracy name her as the one responsible for the upcoming GCR event. They quote her twitter page and watch her for clues.

LaGarde’s Exact Tweet : “We need a reset in the way the economy grows around the world” This has somehow morphed into All currencies are going to reset.

All she is really talking about was resetting economies. The Goal here is to boost economic growth to pre-2007 levels! BEFORE THE 2008 MELTDOWN! These factors include reducing unemployment and inflation. There is some banking reform through Basel III which is really all about increasing balance sheets for banks. It has absolutely nothing to do with currency values! It is not a GCR guru-style “let’s pretend the world’s most inflated currencies are not really inflated and new values will be assigned!

People are just twisting the whole thing wildly out of context to mean overnight revalues of currencies and destruction of the dollar! All most people are really doing is confusing economy with currency. They are not interchangeable. It’s possible to have a strong currency and weak economy. Greece, Portugal, Fiji, serve as examples. It is also possible to have a weak currency and strong economy South Korea, China, and Japan, serve as examples too.

A few weeks back the BBC released an article about the dinar. They actually quoted me in that article. They also quoted the IMF. According to the IMF the Dinar investment was fraudulent. By the way this is a Direct Quote from the IMF. read the Article.


What do people mean when they say global currency reset? This in itself is a buzz phrase thrown around as though it has some sort of validity. The truth is it can be a complicated subject. Part of the reason for this is because there are so many different meanings attached to it.

The United States dollar is the most widely held currency in the Allocated Reserves today. A report released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in 2010, called for abandoning the U.S. dollar as the single major reserve currency. Some have proposed the use of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) special drawing rights (SDRs) as a reserve.There is some truth to the move to a multi-polar financial reserve world.

This does not mean that the USA’s reserve status is going to collapse to zero as if the USD got replaced by say the IMF Special Drawing Rights. The US dollar will still make up a large chunk of reserves simply out of economic necessity for trade.Some people are wildly over-reacting to a trend for more multi-national reserves somehow meaning total collapse of the USA’s economy and a revalue of the worlds most inflated currencies.

The Global Currency Reset does not mean that the entire U.S. economy will collapse and the dollar will become worthless while the overprinted dinar, dong, and others become the new standard! That to me is the most absurd definition of the GCR out there!

13 thoughts on “Global Currency Reset part 2

  1. After reading the information on this site, I would be a scammer to sell my dinar to someone else. Though I have noticed that is what some of you did. Makes you no better than the ones who scammed you. The Bible condemns those who judge others for what they do themselves. We all have been judged. For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. Belief in Christ, the Son of God, is your only hope.


    • I can’t speak for anyone else but I for one sold my dinar back to a dealer. I took a 20 percent loss even though at the time I could have sold them on eBay. At least I would break even. I don’t fault people for selling their dinar via dealer or private person. Someone who wants to buy dinar is going to find a way to get it anyway. It does not matter what I say or what others say. If they don’t buy it from a private person they will buy it from a dealer anyway.

      The important point is that the main difference between someone getting out and selling their dinar and a dealer selling it is that the individual is not making money and they are trying to recoup their loss.

      I say this because there are Gurus who get their money by hyping this worthless paper and they get kickbacks from dealers. I am not going to name anyone and I don’t want anyone else to name anyone.

      There is no way that an individual trying to get out of this investment has the same sin as the dealers and gurus who hype this as an actual investment. People are going to buy this regardless of anything i say. Still I could not bring myself to sell the dinar to an individual. So I sold it back to where it came from. If that dealer chooses to sell that dinar to someone else then that is on them not me.


  2. Hi Andrew,

    I am sorry to tell you this but I only publish the things I write. You are welcome to comment all you want as long as it is a civil discussion.

    I do have a great idea that will help you get published. Just go to and start your own blog. The sign up process is easy.The best part is the price. WordPress blogs are FREE! In fact you can have as many as You want. I got 3 of them. You can use your gmail account. You can post as much as you want. WordPress will host everything.

    You don’t need to know any fancy code or html. You can pick a theme that is right for you. everything is user friendly. WordPress will automatically list your blog in the search engine for you.

    If I were you I would repost part 1 on your new blog site. Then I would post part 2 after that. Word press has lots of teaching videos to show you tricks. You can even add your own pictures and videos from You Tube.

    I think the best solution for you is to have your own blog. You can be the person banning instead of getting banned! You can come up with a catchy name like Andrew’s dinar corner. Let me know when you get your blog up and going and I will come read it and check it out for myself. Why not have your own blog? They are simple to operate and they are free! You can use your real name. I use my real name because I have nothing to hide.

    There are features that you can pay for if you want enhancements but you will learn about that as you go. You really don’t need those things. Iraq Currency watch is the free version and look how well it is put together.

    I hope this serves as a solution for you.


    • Thanks Marcus Curtis ,
      I know we both disagree on the out come of the dinar itself however I have read most of your research and have found it useful. I have a habit of getting banned but I don’t intend to here. I respect you a lot Marcus and you have always been polite. I only bite back when bitten lol. I might start my own blog – if I do I would like you to visit. I think blogs like dinar douchbags and baghdad invest go wrong mainly due to the harshness of the lopsters. Southern shaker, Dinarck, ect go about their cause in the most bullying condescending obscene way possible. If they had your written skills I’m sure more people would listen to their cause. I have been as bad but mainly to defend myself 10 against one. That’s is not good odds.


      • Andrew I think it is a mistake to be insulting because we disagree. There are a lot of people who disagree with me who have hurled insults at me. The main thing for me is not to respond in such a manner. I just like to put the facts out there. If people believe me fine. If they don’t then that is fine too. In our case it is better to agree to disagree. There is nothing wrong with that. Any insults that are directed at me does not affect me or bother me.

        If you start your own blog I will come read it when ever you post something. Put a follow button on and i will subscribe.The main thing I want you to know is that it is easier than you think. At first I was a bit intimidated when I started Iraq Currency Watch. Primarily because I knew nothing about blogging.

        This is something I think you would enjoy. The best part is you have complete control over what your content is about and what you post. You don’t need to rely on anyone else. You can delete what other people post too. If they become insulting ban them. Let me know when you get your blog started


  3. Hi Marcus Curtis – thanks for reading my RV report. As I have been banned on baghdad invest I am wondering if you will publish my RV report part 2. Just a note I will only post from my gmail. My hotmail account has been made far too public and I got accused of using proxy emails. Again thanks for commenting on my RV report !


  4. Hey Marcus how can I tweet your articles? Dave Schmidt of The Sedona Connection had a conference in Dallas the 23rd were he told his audience to buy their dinar and dong from and the owner gave them 50 dinar and 10,000 dong I thought that was illegal?


    • Hi Mike,

      My policy is anyone can take anything they want from this site and re-post it in forums and on other sites. they can take articles in whole or in part. This is not a money making venture for me and all I want is for the information to be out there.

      If your at a computer maybe you could copy and paste small portions of the article you want to share. or maybe you can also include a link to the articles you want to use as well. Feel free to take what you want.

      I don’t think that the activity you described is illegal. It is not illegal to sell dinar or tell people where to get their dinar. It is not illegal for a dealer to give the dinar away.

      It is illegal to guarantee an R.V. and then sell the dinar as an investment. If dealers market the dinar as an investment they need a licence to do so. They also need to provide disclosure for the investment and reveal the risks. They cannot guarantee a revalue of the currency.This is why dealers avoid marketing the dinar as an investment.

      Gurus remain independent from dealers and those are the ones that talk about the dinar as an investment. Keep in mind that even if you suspect illegal activity the burden of proof is on the prosecution. Dealers can engage in legal action if they are named and most have the resources to do so.

      This is why I am very careful not to name anyone. I go after the ideas and rumors not the source of those ideas and rumors. So I would say tweet the truth about the GCR, NESARA, CMKX, and every other conspiracy theory that causes people to invest in this worthless paper.

      Let me know if I can help.


  5. Great article Marcus. It really does boggle the mind how many deluded people cheer on “Exporting nations should have strong currencies” which is the exact inverse to reality – export oriented nations benefit more from WEAKER currencies (costs less to export), conversely, import nation benefit more from STRONGER currencies (buys more imports). As you said, this is precisely why China has been UNDER-pegging the Yuan vs the USD in the first place!

    “A centrally planned IMF will dictate rates and ultimately the price of everything on Earth and…” is nothing less than blatant global Communism! It’s also deluded to the core. Half the world’s countries don’t trust the IMF due to prior experience of “one size fits all does not fit all” (memories of Asian / South American financial crisis being made worse, etc). The countries which are supposed to “fall” are not under-valued, and the countries which are supposed to “rise” don’t WANT to rise because it’ll kill off cheap exports!

    The whole GCR thing is some swivel-eyed fantasy cooked up by those who are so desperate to believe the “RV” is real, they start making up their own “explanations” that simply don’t make any sense and reveal a shocking ignorance of even very basic knowledge of currencies & economics. It’s actually kinda funny that the modern GCR proponents have turned into some of the biggest “new communists” on Earth. 😀

    As for buying in due to “Biblical Prophecy” this is nothing more than “Affinity Fraud” which is already rife in the Dinar (and scammer world) in general:-

    “Fleecing the flock”

    “WITH a nudge from their pastor, the 25,000 members of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church near Atlanta opened their hearts, and their wallets, to Ephren Taylor. And why not, given his glittering credentials?… So when Mr Taylor’s “Wealth Tour Live” seminars came to town, faithful ears opened wide. Eddie Long, the mega-church’s leader, introduced Mr Taylor at one event with the words: “[God] wants you to be a mover and shaker… to finance you well to do His will”. Divine inspiration, alas, has given way to legal tribulation…”

    The men who wear the largest crosses aren’t those who go to church – they’re often scammers who use them as stage props alongside “prayer calls” on the back of a “trust exploitation” ruse.


  6. This comment is posted on behalf of Southern Shaker. It is taken from an email

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Burns Flat Police Department
    To: Southern Shaker
    Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2014 3:44 PM

    Southern Shaker, I did some checking and Freels lives outside my jurisdiction. I did notify the sheriff’s department of Washita county and gave them everything you sent me. I hope they are able to get him and the others shut down soon. Thank you for everything you have done to dig this guy up. Good Luck

    Sunny Segler BFPD

    On Wednesday, February 12, 2014 10:02 AM, Southern Shaker wrote:
    Hello Officer Sonny, this is Southern Shaker. This Iraqi Dinar Revaluation Scam has became the largest scam in the United States of America. This has been going on for several years now. It is believed that one of the major pumpers is located in your area. Mr Lonnie C. Freels known in the Dinar World as “Okie Oil Man”. It is suspected he’s tied closly to Anthony aka Tony Renfrow known in the Dinar World as “TNT Tony”.

    These guys are affilated directly to Dinar Dealers such as Treasury Vault aka I’m gonna give you the “GOOD” sites first so you can see who’s who. The good sites are uncovering these scam artist. Tony Renfrow is a convicted felon already with new fraud/scam charges against him in Kansas City, Kansas Federal District Court currently. This scam in Kansas City, Ks is called 14dailyplus. Tony and William “Bill” Fox along with Holton Buggs scammed investors out of $4,825,000.00. You will have to move around the sites a bit to see who these scumbags are. I’m gonna start by telling you to go to the regular YAHOO search bar and typing in these words, Who is TNT Tony? Game Over. Then after you research this I want you to type in the same search bar NOT address bar, TNT Tony aka Anthony Renfrow is starting to crack. This will start to show you “WHO” OKIEOILMAN aka OOM works hand in hand with.

    These guys are on these sites claiming to have 3 letter agency contacts and claiming a revaulation (RV) of the Iraqi Dinar on a daily bases. The way it works the “PUMPERS” like Tony and Okie pump the people up into buying this USELESS currency promising it to revalue at as high as $36.86 per 1 Dinar. After going to the two places I showed above I want you to go to this is a site to show who these scumbags REALLY are and uncover their dirty deeds. My “handle” on these sites is “SOUTHERN SHAKER”. The next GOOD GUYS site is On this site you will see a photo of Lonnie C. Freels aka OKIEOILMAN supposedly from Burns Flat, Oklahoma. The next GOOD GUYS site is you can surf this site and find how these guys make thousands into the millions on this scam. There is a site that you’ll be able to go to from this site called “Iraq Currency Watch” This is a very good site to uncover these scumbags and try to tell the people there’s NO SUCH thing as an Iraqi Dinar Revaluation (RV). This guy is Marcus Curtis from Tulsa, Oklahoma and a very good person. Another site to show the wrong doing of these guys is This is a GOOD GUYS site too. Also you can see Tony’s court case in FULL from the site.

    NOW to the “BAD GUYS” sites. The first is Once on this site you can read the post by the PUMPERS and you can read the comments of the “sheeplin/peeps”. These people are TOTALLY sucked into each and every word these pumpers post. Each and every word the pumpers post os 101% total lies. When you pull this site up go to BLOG read the recent post then go to FREINDS and pull up OKIE, TONY and others.

    They are all con artist. Really there’s only about a dozen of these guys they just use different “HANDLES” to make it look like 50 or so “GURUS” as they call themselves. Then you can go to the next BAD GUYS site which is This is Tony Renfrows personal site. Once here you can click on RADIO BROADCAST known as TONY BLAST and listen to this convicted scam artist felon. It gets funny really. These guys claim to have contacts in FBI, IRS, IMF, UST and CIA!!!! They also claim contacts at 1600 Penn Ave THE WHITE HOUSE!! Tony has one guy called “MR DC” (which is only a voice on the phone) claiming to be the man in the know in Washington DC. The way these guys make money are like this. The Dinar Dealers pay them a percentage to pump sales, the conference call company pays them percentages of the people they get on the conference calls which is 5,000 plus people per call. There’s an article on http://www.mriqd.explaining/ this. And of course when this thing finally blows up they sell the email address and names to MLM companies which is also what each one of these guys are, old MLM SCAMMERS!! TNTDINAR also charges a fee $14.95 per month to go to what they call “the back room chat/forum”. That’s not bad if you have 60,000 members per month. There’s also a “DONATE” button on TNTDINAR. The best I can figure this is how all this works.

    If I’ve made any wrong accusations it was done in total honesty but I don’t believe I have and I think you won’t either once you spend a little time on these sites. I hoping the FEDS use the RICO ACT to nail these guys. When they pump this junk weekly people run out and purchase MORE Dinar weekly. On another GOOD GUY site which you can get to from you can read where Tony Renfrow was convicted and served 4 years in califirnia back in 2002. His brother Raymond Anthony Renfrow aka Ray or Rayren is a convicted felon on a HUGE SCAM too, Renfrow Memo and Recommend.pdf Also go to and type in Tony Renfrow in the search.ust set back and read!! 14dailyplus, 14dailyreloaded, Rent My credit, Midas Touch and MORE!!! All scams!! This is who OKIE OIL MAN / Lonnie C Freels is partners with. Hope this helps. If this turns out to be a fact concerning Lonnie C. Freels in Burns Flat, Oklahoma please let me know. There’s also addresses for Lonnie in canute and Edmondson, Ok. Thank You Sir.


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