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I know it has been a while since I wrote an article for this site. I have been busy going through my other site on global economics. The site I am referring to is BVAWE. I have been fixing links that no longer work. I have been replacing pictures that had an expired URL and in its place was a void blank empty box. I have been fixing videos that no longer play and adding new videos that are very good and add to the collection I have up there already. Given the size of the site it has been a tremendous undertaking.

Some of those articles use to be on Iraq Currency Watch. (IRC) When I closed down ICR I moved them over there. When I opened up Iraq Currency Watch once again I left them alone. I did not move them back. BVAWE was in need of major maintenance and now that work is completed. I did not change the content of the articles. I just updated everything.

Now I want to recap and review some of the things I wrote about in this last quarter concerning the dinar. I just want to talk briefly about some points and maybe make a few new ones. I just want to briefly share some observations.

In the last two articles I took on the global currency reset theory. We exposed some of the problems with this theory. It has some of it’s origins in NESARA. The reset ideas are identical to NESARA. In addition this GCR theory seems to take advantage of global ideas and changes that are being considered and it is blending these ideas with the reset propaganda. This seems to give this theory some legitimacy on the surface. In the end it won’t increase the value of the dinar. People who know little about economics seem to fall for the GCR when they see articles about SDR’s and articles about replacing the dollar. So I want to briefly cover what happened globally and how we got to this point.

For a few decades the United States went into a banking deregulation phase. It all started in the 80’s with the savings and loans institutions. Some of these regulations were put in place after the Great Depression. These regulations were meant as a safe guard to protect us from another Great Depression. The last bit of regulation vanished with The Commodity Futures Modernization Act. This was signed into law by bill Clinton. It was one of the things that paved the way for the housing crisis and the 2008 melt down.

In 2008 everything came to a head. By the time the dust cleared 50 million people fell below the poverty line and 30 million people were unemployed. Millions of dollars in wealth just vanished in thin air partly because in our monetary system debt is monetized. This had a global impact. This means that when this crash hit in it’s full force the amount of currency that was in circulation fell because debt was being removed from the books due to bankruptcies and debt cancellations.

Some wealth was also lost due to perceived values in the housing market. This also had major global impact. To make matters worse the United States now had a struggling economy and some sort of recovery was now needed. So over time the interest rates were lowered and we went into something called Quantitative Easing. (Q.E.)

The Federal Reserve started buying $600 billion in mortgage-backed securities, but by March 2009 it held $1.75 trillion of bank debt and mortgage-backed securities. It acquired this debt by printing more money and purchasing the securities. The Federal Reserve started to print money and this began to make up for the amount that was lost due to debt monetization. This also had the added impact at the start of Q.E. of lowering the dollar’s value. So the amount of currency lost due to a contraction in Fractional Reserve Banking was being made up by expanding the base money supply.


This in turn made nations like China, Russia, India, and Brazil mad at the U.S. because as our dollar decreases in value it levels the playing field and lowers the price for the U.S. to exports goods. At the same time it raises the export costs for nations like China. America’s imports cost more because of this. The cost to export goods was beginning to rise in other countries and as a result the currency wars began. These nations would lose some of their export advantage. This was the strength of their economy. Their economies already took a beating in 2008 due to the global impact of the melt down and now the U.S. was increasing their currency supply.

So as a result China begins to call for a new reserve currency to replace the dollar. The only problem with this plan seems to be at this point there was nothing out there that could replace the dollar. As the New York Times points out,

“The world is trapped into buying dollars because the United States market is big, liquid and reliable as a safe haven. And America is trapped in an addiction to cheap credit, with foreign demand for the dollar allowing the nation to spend well beyond its means.”


This article also points out

“Moreover, the U.S. racked up a lot of government debt and the Fed began flooding the global financial system with dollars. The more dollars there are out there, the less value they should have. But the exact opposite happened. The dollar, if anything, gained slightly in value.

Contrary to all expectations, the U.S. dollar’s position as the world’s dominant reserve currency has been strengthened by the crisis. The world became even more dependent on the dollar than it had been before the crisis.”

This happened during a time when the euro had it’s own problems. The truth is there are no good alternatives to the dollar! China still insists that the worlds reserve still needs to change and that it should no longer be the dollar.


Now a call has emerged to use the International monetary fund’s Special drawing rights or SDR’s as the new international currency. You can think of SDRs as an artificial currency used by the IMF and defined as a “basket of national currencies”. SDRs are allocated by the IMF to its member countries and are backed by the full faith and credit of the member countries’ governments. The IMF uses SDRs for internal accounting purposes.

An SDR is an international type of monetary reserve currency that was created by the International Monetary Fund in 1969. It’s purpose is to operate as a supplement to the existing reserves of member countries. It was created in response to concerns about the limitations of gold and dollars as the sole means of settling international accounts under Bretton Woods. SDRs are designed to augment international liquidity by supplementing the standard reserve currencies. Now there is debate as to whether or not SDR’s should replace the U.S. dollar.


Now all of these events have become mixed with speculation and wild conspiracy theories that say the dollar is going to crash overnight and that the IMF is calling for a NESARA like Global Currency Reset. Lyndsey Williams has claimed that this GCR event would be announced sometime during the first quarter of 2014. Well I am writing this on April 2nd and there has been no announcement of said event. Here is Lyndsey’s prediction

Gold and silver sellers/gurus have jumped on this by hyping a crash in the dollar and they have been urging people to buy Gold and Silver as a hedge of protection. The date for this overnight crash has been moved to the end of June 2014. When that time arrives or gets close the date will move again. Dinar gurus have taken this a step further by saying that the so-called GCR will bring a revalue of currencies like the dinar and dong when the dollar finally crashes overnight.

So can you see why it is hard to separate fact from fiction? After all China is really calling for a replacement to the U.S. dollar. I hope you can see why people get confused about what parts of this whole conspiracy are real. So let’s cover some things. I know I said some of this in the past but it bares repeating.

The first observation people make is that the U.S. got in this mess by over printing their currency. If that is indeed the case then another over printed currency is not going to replace the dollar. Here are the amount of currencies some of these nations have. China – 110 trillion Yuan, Russia – 29 trillion Ruble, India – 20 trillion Rupee, Vietnam – 3,519 trillion Dong, Euro zone – 9.2 trillion Euro. Now compare that with the U.S. dollar which is 11 Trillion. (M2)

Can someone please tell me why these other countries with over inflated currencies will replace the dollar? After all they seem to have the same problem finding the off switch to their printer! The truth is the dollar has gained strength since the 2008 meltdown and everyone has expected the exact opposite! Check the link below.


It won’t be easy replacing the dollar around the world. Right now there are several countries where the U.S. dollar is the official currency of that nation. Some of these countries are The Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, East Timor, (tiny island country between Indonesia and Darwin Australia) Ecuador, Federated States of Micronesia (South Pacific) Marshall Islands, (near Micronesia) Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, Palau (east of the Philippines) Panama, and Zimbabwe. There are other countries that use the dollar along with their currency as well.



So this is not just a matter of the dollar being used as a reserve by central banks. This is also a matter of nations and their citizens using the dollar around the globe for commerce and exchange. Also consider that oil is purchased and sold around the world in most places only using the U.S. dollar. All of these things add up to make the dollar stronger than most people realize. It is not just a reserve currency! It’s a petro-dollar. It’s the official currency for nations around the world.

If America’s economy recovers they will raise interest rates and put an end to Q.E. The dollar would become even stronger as a result. but if they take those actions now it would be at the cost of any economic recovery in America.

There are other portions to this GCR conspiracy theory. Some believe that the GCR is part of bible prophecy so they accept it on that merit alone without researching anything else about the GCR theory. Some believe that an overnight dollar crash and a GCR event will be a prelude to the mark of the beast. Let me just say here and now that this conspiracy theory has absolutely nothing to do with bible prophecy. My personal research into the mark of the beast prophecies seems to indicate something totally different.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that the dollar will never be replaced as a reserve currency. I am not saying that the dollar will not weaken. The dollar has not been the only currency used as a reserve in the past. It could very well be replaced. Right now the dollar is stronger than people think but that does not mean it will remain so.


What I am saying is that there will not be an overnight crash that makes the dollar totally worthless around the world. It won’t be shoved out of central banks overnight and replaced with some new global super currency put together by the IMF. If and when the dollar is replaced it will be a gradual process. It will take time. It could even be years. It will not be an overnight event like GCR promoters claim!

What I am saying is that there will not be an overnight crash of the U.S. dollar that will have an end result of making every dinar holder wealthy beyond their wildest dreams! 11 TRILLION U.S.DOLLARS ARE NOT GOING TO CRASH OVERNIGHT AND MAKE THE 34 TRILLION DINAR OUTSIDE OF THE BANK OF IRAQ WORTH 100,000 TIMES MORE!!!

Can you see the absurd notion in this belief?

By the way think about this. Right now Iraq has 34 trillion dinar outside of the bank in Iraq. The exchange rate in 2009 has been 1170. It moved four pips to 1166. So it has been a pretty steady exchange rate since 2009.

In 2009 Iraq had 21 trillion 776 billion dinar outside of their banks. Today Iraq has over 34 trillion 500 billion outside of the banks. So in 5 years Iraq added about 14 trillion dinar to their circulation outside of the banking structure alone! So the questions are

1. How come hyper-inflation has not consumed the dinar?

2. How has their exchange rate remained so stable? After all it is raised to fight inflation right? How come there has been no movement?

The answer to me is obvious. They have been exporting their currency. I have been able to calculate a very conservative number of slightly over 25 trillion dinar outside of Iraq’s border. I have read in some places and T.D. claims Iraq exported 30 trillion. If that is the case then this means that there is really only about 4 to 5 trillion in circulation within Iraq’s borders. Not bad for a currency that is only supposed to be used in Iraq! This is why hyper-inflation has not collapsed the currency. This is why the exchange rate has been so stable. This is why their reserves have been growing at a faster pace than normal. They have been exporting their currency!

This dinar investment/scam is bigger than most people realize. When I look at my analytics of people who view just my little dinar site I get hits from all over the world. Judging by the amount of people who visit this site the dinar investment is really big in Canada, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Australia, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Germany, India, Pakistan, Philippines, France, Indonesia, Croatia, Sweden, and Mexico.

These countries visit this site on a regular basis. These are not governments. These hits are from private citizens! I suspect that 25 to 30 trillion dinar are spread out over America and these groups of people too. This is massive and it is global! They all gave their dollars to Iraq in order to get dinar! In countries where the wages are lower and the cost of living is lower the investment in the dinar is probably smaller too. I suspect that millions of people have this currency. If and when Iraq does finally redenominate it will become really big news. It will impact millions.

Predictions from Zahlid

About three months ago a man appeared in the dinar community by the name of Zahlid. He claimed to work for the central Bank of Iraq. He claimed that Iraq was going to redenominate by March 15th 2014. He then said it would be by the end of March. Now it is April and there has been no redenomination. There has been no announcement of a soon to be redenomination. I have had my suspicions about him. He had an I.P. address located in Ireland.

Typically people who live in Ireland don’t work for the Central Bank of Iraq. In addition he made some jokes about camels and Iraqi people. Someone from Iraq is not going to do that.

I used the same test I give gurus. I wait until the prediction expires. If the event does not happen as promised then I consider the guru false. His prediction did not come to pass. I believe he does not work for the CBI as an employee or consultant.

I did say that I think he was legit. I did not say this because I believed it with a certainty. I said it because I wanted to see if that statement would anger some of the hardcore dinar community. The hate mail I got was unbelievable. For me this was a simple experiment. It amazes me that people don’t hold dinar gurus to the same standard that they held Zahlid too. While I had a nagging suspicion that this guy was a nut. It seems that no one that is invested in the dinar gets as angry about the constant guru lies. They just wait for the next prediction and start a cycle of hope all over again. I am not talking about the TNT tony’s that are out there. But the other less known predictions

Anyway to me it is now official. Zahlid is a made up name and this person lives in Ireland.

True Freedom

One of the amazing things that I noticed about selling my dinar was how liberating it was. I did not even realize the bondage I was in while I held dinar. It was only after I sold it that this became apparent to me. This is because I use to believe in the any minute revalue theory. I thought I would be wealthy soon. As a result I passed up contract work in my field. I passed up overtime. I did not go on vacations and trips with my family. My life became a constant consuming watchful eye on what this currency was going to do. It became my only concern. I could have made other investments that would have prospered. I could have accepted jobs and contract music work. I could have got overtime.

I passed all that up because I thought I was going to be rich and I did not need those things. I started this blog and devoted several hours to it. I did not place ads on it. I did not make money from it because I thought that I was going to have more money than I could spend and everything was going to be ok. In my mind I would start living my life again once this thing revalues.

You see in the end this so-called investment costs you more than the money you spend on it. It costs you your time. It costs you other opportunities that may come your way to make more money. For some people it cost them their family. For some it cost them their marriage. This whole thing is a bad deal all around. It places you in bondage and it steals everything from you! My true freedom came when I sold this crap and got on with my life.

I began to pursue other things. One of the things I have learned is true wealth is not measured in money. Wealth can also be measured in blessings. There are other things in life that make you wealthier then you realize!


This will be my last post for a while. I have other things that I am going to focus on for a while. If something major happens in the dinar community then I will come back and write about it. If Iraq begins a redenomination process I will come back and write about it. For now it is on to other things.

If you want to know more about my analysis of the Global Currency Reset or the 2008 meltdown then I would suggest you check out my other site. The Rabbit Hole series covers this in greater detail. There are third-party videos and links that are very good. This will allow you to do your own research

The Rabbit Hole part 1 Talks about the events as they unfolded in 2008. It also introduces CMKX and talks about it’s role with the Iraqi Dinar.


The Rabbit Hole Part 2 Covers the deregulation that happened and all the things that aligned to create the melt down. It also covers Basel I, Basel II, and Basel III. It goes into the reasons for these international accords


The Rabbit Hole part 3 gives a background on the Federal Reserve and the Exchange Stabilization Fund and the role it plays with the United States Treasury. It also covers information about oil and more information about CMKX.


The Rabbit Hole part 4 explains CMKX and NESARA. It covers the people behind the scenes of the government and reveals movers and shakers. It also talks about how NESARA, CMKX and the Iraqi Dinar are linked. It goes into why I consider them conspiracy theories.


The Rabbit Hole part 5 is the conclusion of this series. It ties everything together and talks about the global economic community. By the end of the series you get a crash course in economics and international trade. You learn about the petro-dollar and other events that shaped the global community.


This Rabbit Hole series contains dinar information. These articles use to be over here on Iraq Currency Watch. I wrote them when I still believed in the revalue of the dinar. Unless something bizarre happens. It should be a very long time before I write for this site again.

10 thoughts on “Dinar Recap

  1. Hey Marcus!!!! I’ve been in california for the last 3 weeks doing a little investigation of my own. I can tell you for a fact that Anthony wayne renfrow is NO MORE, NO LESS than a Nappy Headed, Scamming Mac Daddy!!! The only person that knew I was there is Mike Diston. We stayed in phone contact. I hope you post the letter from my Senator because he tells it like it is. I also spoke personally with Mr Scott rask again. Tony has problems!! By the way Tamara (Pam) has felony charges too!! I had a great time in Sacramento/Folsom California. Hit a few bars and resturants set very close to several loud mouth people!! Like I said Tony is No More than a Nappy Headed Scamming Mac Daddy!! Good to get to read your post again my freind. Southern Shaker, Shake Shake!!


  2. “China – 110 trillion Yuan, Russia – 29 trillion Ruble, India – 20 trillion Rupee, Vietnam – 3,519 trillion Dong, Euro zone – 9.2 trillion Euro. Now compare that with the U.S. dollar which is 11 Trillion. (M2)”

    Great post Marcus. It’s utterly laughable people rail on about how “unfair” Iraq & Vietnam’s currency values are whilst ignoring their giant inflated “elephant in the room” money supplies that caused them to fall in the first place! A few more for your list:-

    Belarus = 80,218bn Ruble (80 trillion units). $6.1bn currency reserves. Rate = 9912:1

    Colombia = 347,393bn Peso (347 trillion units). $44bn currency reserves. Rate = 1934:1

    Indonesia = 3,639tn Rupiah (3.6 quadrillion units). $103bn currency reserves. Rate = 11,300:1

    Lebanon = 68,948bn Pound (69 trillion units). Rate = 1510:1

    South Korea = 1,947tn Won (1.9 quadrillion units). $352bn currency reserves. Rate = 1055:1

    And of course:-

    Iraq = 87,760bn Dinar (88tn units). $80bn currency reserves. Rate = 1166:1

    Vietnam = 3,519tn Dong (3.5 quadrillion units). $14bn currency reserves. Rate = 21080:1

    It’s pretty obvious why all these inflated countries currencies fell in value. If people truly cannot understand that all these countries with inflated 3-4 zeros after them are that way precisely because they themselves have printed too much money in the past, they really shouldn’t be playing around with speculating on currencies. ANY currency. One guru was even pumping Zimbabwe $ as being “under-valued”. 😀

    “One of the amazing things that I noticed about selling my dinar was how liberating it was. I did not even realize the bondage I was in while I held dinar. It was only after I sold it that this became apparent to me.”

    Very well and honestly said. A lot of other former Dinar owners have said exactly the same thing – the Dinar “RV” scam is like a drug addiction. It’s when you step outside of the scammer “guru” matrix that you realize the whole thing is 100% fabricated bunk and kept going by literally only a couple of dozen “personalities” who are well versed in “pushing the right buttons” (religion, conspiracy theories, confirmation bias, appeals to greed/ignorance, etc) and developing cult followings out of telling people only what they want to hear. It’s not the banknotes themselves that “eats away” at people, but the almost crack-like “expectation addiction” arising from developing an obsession with fabricated “secret intel” which is nothing more than a pack of lies pulled out of the guru’s behinds every day to keep their gravy train running.

    The “Gravy Train” being : Guru sells 1m Dinar (worth $860 worth) for $1,040 (18-21% profit), then buys them back at $700-800 (8-23% profit) for total of 26-44% profit. Then gets to recycle “bought back” banknotes over & over. Not hard to see where the real money on the Dinar is – selling them and telling lies! 😉

    Great blog, BTW.


    • Brian,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your comments add so much to to the stuff I put out there. I think now that people have the information in the posts and from your comments they can make the choice to break free from their bondage. That is really the only reason for this blog.

      I wish there were blog sites like Baghdad Invests, Dinar Douchebags, and this site back when I was thinking about investing. It would have saved me some time and heartache.

      The money I lost served as my tuition in economics and currency scams. I guess the bottom line is if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

      Once again Thank You for taking the time to contribute!


  3. Great article Marcus, I’m glad to hear that your cutting back on the work involved in this endeavor because I’m doing the same. I’ve spent 4 months waking the Zombies up and I’ve done more than I ever thought possible of helping people get out of the fairy tale. You explain it perfectly when you talk about it consuming your life. I have people tweet me saying they never gave TURD any money and I tell them you’ve given him a lot more” YOUR LIFE”. People not looking for jobs or quit their jobs because they would be wealthy next week. People not looking for alternative health care when they were sick or even had cancer because they were going to be wealthy next week. The last 6 months I’ve been saving to start a marketing business and thanks to TONY TURD I’ve gotten a lot of experience with a marketing tool” TWITTER” THANKS TURD LMAO PEACE Marcus


  4. How do I sell Dinars? I’m ready to get out but didn’t think I could sell them. I bought Dinars with a family member.


    • If you want to sell your dinar there are only two ways that I know of. The first way is to sell it on eBay. The second way is to sell it back to a dealer. You may get more money for them on eBay. I know a few people who sold small portions of what they purchased this way until they sold out. If you sell back to a dealer you will take a loss. It is better then losing everything.

      Different dealers will give you different prices so shop around. I don’t endorse or work with any dealer so you will need to compare buy back prices.

      I sold mine back to a dealer because in my situation it was the easiest thing to do. You may want to use eBay if you can get more money.


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