Website Outlook (8/15/13)

Have you ever heard or read a disclaimer like this?

“Dinar Recaps has never taken one penny from any Dinar Dealer for any direct advertising or any other reason.”

Well the fact is you don’t have to sell dinar to make money on the dinar. You can make money by generating ad revenues based on traffic to your site.  Search engines take into consideration a number of factors to determine search engine ranking and which results to display in which order.  A site that draws a lot of traffic will show up ahead of a site that doesn’t draw as much, but they usually have to have fresh content with matching keywords to appear in the results.  That’s why these forums allow (or perhaps manufacture) rumours despite the protests of their members.  The rumours get them search engine results which translate into hits on their sites which means ad revenues.

Let’s take a look at a few dinar sites that deal in rumours.

TerryK’s site The Get Team doesn’t sell dinar but according to Website Outlook, they pull in an estimated $28 a day and the site is worth over $20,000.

Dinar Detectives also doesn’t sell dinar but it looks like they’re making about $31 a day and are worth about $23,000.

Dinar Vets doesn’t sell dinar but apparently they make about $40 a day and the site is valued at nearly $30,000.  The revenues there took a significant hit after the owner was exposed as a fraud.

The Dinar Daddy site reportedly brings in almost $70 a day and is worth around $50,000.  When I wrote about them two years ago they were estimated to be hauling in over $100,000 a year so they’ve apparently fallen on hard times as well.  The owner in this case also sells dinar (or at least his wife does), but those figures aren’t included here.

Dinar Guru also doesn’t sell dinar but Website Outlook says that their revenues are about $117 a day and the site is worth about $85,000.

And finally, Dinar Recaps doesn’t sell dinar but their estimated income according to Website Outlook is about $225 a day with a website value estimated around $164,000.

Keep in mind that these figures are only based on an automated assessment of ads and traffic and don’t include things like VIP programs, wealth management plans, books, coffee cups, t-shirts …. etc.  Nor do they include revenues from other sites owned by the same people who link to those sites.  Nor do they include any alternative means of compensation from dinar dealers.  So the next time you hear somebody say that they’re not a pumper because they don’t sell dinar, tell them about Website Outlook.