The Plan and The Dark Cabal (3/8/12)

I just read this and I had to share it with my readers.  It came from a Nesara blog.  If you don’t know much about Nesara it’s basically a conspiracy nut site that promotes the idea of global settlements and in recent years they have tried to attach themselves to the supposed RV of the dinar.  Marcus Curtis did some excellent research on these guys in his blog.

Hi! Guys
Due to questions being asked, I’m going to do my best and try and explain what has happened with the RV and what is being anticipated to happen.
Initially, the Iraq Dinar was to RV, to pay for the cost of invading Iraq and for personal gain, by high ranking USA and other Government Politicians.This was simply called “The Plan” and should have been a somewhat straight forward process.
We (the lower people) were never supposed to know about the RV, but thanks to the internet we did and we started to purchase dinars in high quantity. The only thing that the powers to be could then do to dissuade us from purchasing, was to provide misinformation and there was lots of it.
I’m sure glad that I had the opportunity to purchase Dinar.
Unfortunately, because of the debt crisis within the USA and Europe, everything changed and the initial intent of the Iraq Dinar RV was transformed into being a global bailout and the global realignment of 159 currencies.
Political posturing, greed, corruption, bribery, intimidation and murder created a massively, complex and convoluted process, that required a considerable amount of additional time, with delay after delay, because Governments of the world, battled for more, more and more again, for a higher financial value, additional taxes, gold and oil deals.
When we got involved in the Dinar, none of this information was known or, anticipated and the Dinar was slowly transformed into what it is today, the Salvage of The World Economy’s.
While this was occurring additional commodities finds of vast oil fields, gold and other minerals caused the richest country in the world, to become even richer resulting in the greed further worsening.
All these changes caused in conceived problems, between the three (3) tribes that made up the Iraq Government, creating additional pressures on the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) to control runaway inflation and threats by other Governments, IMF, UST, who wanted more value in the IQD, to their currency.

China, who is the holder of a considerable amount of USA debt (and who is one of the largest holders of IQD) became fed up with the constant delays and forced the issue with the USA Government as O’Bama, was using Iraq as a platform for his re-election later in 2012
.One additional important aspect of the RV was the inclusion of Prosperity Packages with The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act (Nesara) who was preparing to return vast amounts of stolen money by Governments and individuals, believed to be in excess of $16 Trillion.
See Lord James of Blackheath at the House of Lords – Presenting This Information
[link to]
The BIS along with Nesara, were constantly progressing in this regard and Iraq became a vitally important part of this process, as they joined in unison together.
G20 countries working in unison with Negara, placed considerable pressure on (High Level, corrupt Politicians, Banks, Terrorists, Illuminati, other Dark Cabal organizations and other entities,) to be removed from their positions under the threat of being arrested for Treason, Grand Larceny, etc., as they wanted to ensure that all potential threats that could further delay the activation of the RV and launching of the prosperity packages, were removed.

Factor in extremely complicated algorithms, frequent cyber-attacks by the dark Cabal i.e.: George Soros who have been doing everything possible to maintain their financial stranglehold on the FIAT Monetary Systems,preventing the new money system to be asset backed and you can begin to understand the severity and complex problems that have occurred.
I’m pleased to state that while this has delayed the progress of the RV the process has progressed exceptionally well, with hundreds of influential individuals being removed, either by their detention or, by resigning from their positions, in exchange for information to be used in bringing the Illuminati and Black Cabals to justice.
This can be proven by simply watching television broadcasts who have disclosed such information or, by going to this link:

PTR Link

What Is Going To Happen Now?
Hopefully nothing, as everything that needs to be accomplished for the activation of the RV, has been completed.Banks around the world have prepared and are at a state or readiness and they have begun to make available, attractive bank packages, to solicit Dinar Holders,
I have every reason to believe that we are where we need to be and it’s now just a timing issue, having to synchronize with the world banking, Forex, a drop in Gold prices, the stock market and Iraq Central Bank dinar auctions.
To the best of my knowledge and belief, if “MURPHY” can resist raising his ugly head, then all we are waiting for is the activation codes, to be sent to the banks and that can be literally at any time even today.           

Obviously people are asking why the RV that we’ve been promised for a couple of years now hasn’t happened yet.  These guys had to come up with something, so here it is.  Who knows?  Maybe they’re right.  Maybe everything this guy stated is 100% accurate.  Then again, maybe it’s 100% horse poop and the reason there hasn’t been an RV yet is that there never was going to be and this whole scenario was made up by scammers.  Just my 23 dinars.

Sam sm