The Montana Trail (part 4 – 5/3/12)

James WolfYeah, I know.  You thought I was done with Adam after the last post.  Well, almost.  I just wanted to update everybody on the developments.  First of all a lot of people have been giving me links to this or that.  Fascinating stuff.  I’m posting a few of them at the bottom.  Second, I am compiling a list of Wolfyman’s claims.  If you know of other claims he has made or the status of these claims contact me and I’ll update this post.

  1. Harvard grad (stated in his book “Iraqi Dinar – Real RV Intel” and in this blog post in Dec. 2009 … not bloody likely)
  2. Bought Kuwaiti dinar at the “right time” (from the same book as above, obviously indicating that he bought it before or during Desert storm in late 1990 or early 1991 … very unlikely – Wisconsin court records show his DOB as June 1976 so he would have been 14)
  3. Bought Iraqi dinar in 2004 (in this interview with Earth Secrets hosts about 19:30 in …. unlikely – 2008/2009 is more likely based on the gfy link below)
  4. Flew to Dubai and met with CBI contact (bwahahaha ….. I mean … I doubt it)
  5. Has VIP members with $1 million worth of dinar (unverified but doubtful)
  6. Negotiated the best cash-in rate for VIP members (try finding a banker who doesn’t think the dinar is a scam …. unlikely)
  7. Took and passed the Series 65 exam (unverified)
  8. Married to a CPA (could be – There’s a CPA with the same last name down the road in Appleton)
  9. Has confirmation of the existence of lower denoms in or near Baghdad (I can’t find this posted anywhere so I’m not even sure that he said it, but I seem to recall reading that a while back … if he did say it I would list it as doubtful)  2/11/13 … UPDATE!!!  He said it!  I found the link. 
  10. Has a secret plan to move revalued IQD to Belize (OGIT or Operation Get it There …. I’m told about this but can’t link to it because it’s for OSI members …. unverified)
  11. Took 20 million dinar to Belize (unverified)
  12. Has post-RV investment deals lined up for VIP members (ditto)

It has been my belief since I started this blog that Adam would never have to make good on any of the post-RV stuff because in all likelihood the eventual outcome of the IQD would be a typical redenomination which will not produce a tax avoidance scenario for anybody.   Tax writeoff is a much more likely outcome.  And there won’t be any big deals to invest in because there won’t be any big windfall to invest.  All the money he was spending on attorneys and business connections putting these deals together?  Who knows?  Apparently some of it was spent on ski trips and football games but so far I haven’t seen any videos of James in Dubai or meeting with any big CEOs.

Also, something occurred to me the other day as I was watching the skiing video.  James uses the word “monstrous” in describing the mountains.  When I was listening to Adam Montana in his audiobook Real RV Intel I heard him mention the possibility of making “monstrous” profits off the dinar.  How many people use the word “monstrous” as a part of their regular vocabulary?  I don’t think I ever use it, but both James and Adam do.  Interesting, huh?  I think maybe James has a monster fetish.  He is Wolfyman after all.

Another interesting observation I’ve made is about the name “Adam Montana”. “Adam” is the generic term for “man” in Hebrew. “Montana” is the Spanish word for “mountain”. So in effect Adam Montana could mean “Mountain Man”. Considering the videos of James in the mountains I think that’s significant. Okay, maybe I’m overthinking this but that’s how my brain works sometimes.

In the comments following Iraqi Dinar Money’s review of Dinar Speculation James Wolf said that he has 400 other domain names on different servers. What’s he doing with those domain names? Well as Dr. Phil says, the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. I have to assume that James is doing something similar to what he’s done in the past, like running porn sites and making money off of gullible people.

Back in December one of my readers made the following comment:

I have been researching these Bozo’s for a couple of years. I am pretty sure that the Bozo#1 also known as a state in the US is a professional con man. I believe he has three to five people working for him who I can’t name but continually post on various sites. Some of them are located in UT and NV. They do have a reseacher who writes all the BS for these Bozo’s who knows a bit about the climate in Iraq but Im sure has never been there. They perpetuate the illusion that the Dinar will RV any day at random rates. Most of the so called Gurus are the same three to five people. Many of them work under the guise of being “Christians”. Thats typically used by con artists. The main Dinar dealer that went out of biz last year Im certain has been somehow compensated by the Govt. of Iraq (It’s extremely corrupt there). Im almost positive unfortunately that the Dinar will never RV the powers and be will keep it a total mess. Hopefully these Bozo’s will be busted soon and the sites will be shut down. Their have been huge payouts to these guys to keep the con going. Dinar “a fathers name” I think has been in on it for a while. He seems pretty stupid but got lucky on his site traffic. This person claimed at one time to be a good friend of “Okies” what does that tell you. This person also still posts the BS rumors written by the others involved in the con. Not sure if its all factual but Im close.

In my follow up research I have discovered a site called Wolf Spirit Radio .  The host’s name is Dave Corso who apparently raises wolves out in Nevada, so I assume that there’s no direct link to the name James Wolf.  However, here he did an interview with Drake (who sounds a lot like Okie as I mentioned in my recent post “Okie or Not Okie”) and Deatra.  Is it just me or does Deatra sound a lot like the lady who interviewed Adam Montana last year?  Here’s another reference to Okie’s site and Drake (under Comments).  If I’m right about Drake being the same guy who does the Okie voice, and Deatra is the same one who interviewed “Adam”, then we have a connection between Adam Montana and Okie, which would suggest that Adam is behind idiot pumpers as a way to strengthen his position as the realistic and honest dinar guru.  (The comment above referred to people in Utah and Nevada.  It just so happens that the guy who launched Okie into dinar guru stardom is located in Utah.)  I could be wrong about this, so feel free to debunk my theory as I’m still looking into it.  Sometimes in my research I get a hunch and pursue it and come up empty so this wouldn’t be the first time.

I’ve talked with people who have been in this investment for five years or more, and they tell me that back then the most they were hoping for was 30 cents.  Most thought the RV would be closer to a dime.  When somebody came along suggesting that it would be a dollar they were met with derision.  Imagine that!  Soon the speculation crept upward and people began to come up with this RI (reinstatement) scenario where the new value would be $3 or more.  In 2011 there was a guru eruption where ridiculous rates of $5 or more were thrown out.  Now here we are in May 2012 reading $14, $25 and even $42.  Even the most gullible and uninformed dinarian has to recognize the absurdity in this.  So why do it?

My belief is that these rates aren’t thrown out there to promote dinar purchases but to nauseate the dinar community to the point that they will seek out a reasonable guru who doesn’t throw out rates and dates but “tells it like it is”.  A straight-shooter if you will.  Does that sound like anybody we know?  This would also explain the continual posting of rumours at DV despite the protests of many DV members.  Adam has always said that he allows them because he believes in freedom of speech.  Yeah, right.  Post a snippet from my posts on Adam and see how long it lasts!   Again, this is just a theory at this point.  But it makes sense to me.  I just have a feeling that the Montana Trail leads to some other very interesting locations.

In closing I would just like to say that James could have gotten away with this (and to be quite honest he still could … many people are standing by him even knowing what I’ve posted) had he simply avoided the claims of being a Harvard grad or profiting off the Kuwaiti dinar.  Had he been content to claim that he is a successful self-made businessman that would have been a much larger hurdle to overcome from a debunking standpoint.  Or he could have made the claims about Harvard and Kuwait and just kept quiet about being a corporate headhunter and a networking specialist.  Those were valuable clues.  Or he could have done everything just the way he did and simply kept his Facebook videos private so that prying eyes and ears wouldn’t come across them.  In the end, he’s the one who provided all of the information that was pieced together to expose him.  Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies.

LinksWarning!  Some of these sites shouldn’t be opened if you have kids or supervisors lurking about!

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