The Montana Trail (part 3 – 4/11/12)

In previous posts I have shown my research on Adam Montana.  In “The Montana Trail (part 1)” I showed that he was a mod on Med’s site Dinar Veterans before starting Dinar Vets.  Then I showed how there was a sense in the dinar community that Adam knew nothing about the dinar and took all of his information from Med.  In “The Montana Trail (part 2)” I showed that he has several dinar websites and domain names linked together and registered under the name James Wolf a.k.a. “Wolfyman”.  I showed an excerpt from a post Adam did where he said he used to be a corporate recruiter.  I showed that there was a corporate recruiter named James Wolf in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin that was described as a talented con artist who has no professional credentials or education.  I showed that he also ran an adult website with Prose Only when he lived in Brookfield, Wisconsin.  I also showed how the court documents from a copyright infringement lawsuit listed his residence as Lomira, Wisconsin which is south of Fond Du Lac.

According to My Life the James Wolf who lived in Brookfield now lives in Greenville, Wisconsin which is just a few miles down the road from Neenah, Wisconsin – a city in an address Adam Montana has used.  He is 35 years old, which would have made him 15 years old at the time that he supposedly made a wad on the Kuwaiti “RV”.  According to F8 who comments here at DDB there is no James Wolf listed as a Harvard graduate which is another one of Adam’s claims.  If that’s true, and if Adam Montana’s real name is James Wolf then obviously he is a fraud.  But there was also an older James Wolf who lived in Fond Du Lac where the headhunter service Priceless Professional Services was located, and one in Sheboygan so I couldn’t be sure which one (if either) was Adam Montana.

I posted my research back in November, hoping that somebody would follow up on it and maybe turn it over to some authorities, but apparently nobody did.  So back to work I went, determined to solve this case once and for all.

James “Adam Montana” Wolf

I have now discovered where I got off track in my previous research.   The James Wolf living in Fond Du Lac was listed as between 50 and 54 years old, and there was a mug shot of a James Wolf age 53 living in Sheboygan that I thought might be Adam Montana.  But if Adam is 53 it’s not the same James Wolf as the one in Greenville, obviously.  I overlooked the fact that the James Wolf who lived in Brookfield and now lives in Greenville used to live in Lomira which is only 15 miles south of Fond Du Lac.  How I missed that I have no idea, but I have now connected those dots.

I found his Facebook page and watched his videos and the voice is a match with the one in Adam’s audio ebook and conference call recordings.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is Adam Montana.  He likely never went to Harvard.  He can’t do basic math as I have pointed out more than once.  He didn’t profit off the Kuwaiti dinar.  (DUH!)  It’s highly doubtful that he has any CBI contacts.  He knows squat about the dinar.  I believe that his background is just what susanf67 in Fond Du Lac said – that of a talented con artist (click on Messages under Public Clarification Board), and he has now gained the confidence of thousands of dinar investors who are making him rich even without an RV.

Compare the voice in the above video taken from James’ Facebook page with this voice from an interview Adam did last year.  (18 minutes in) If you have Adam’s audio ebook Real RV Intel you have an even better recording for comparison.

In The Montana Trail (part 2) I mentioned Mike Gill and Marshall Donnerbauer as possibly being “Adam”.  I have nothing linking Marshall to Adam but Mike’s address matches an address that Adam has used so I haven’t eliminated his involvement.   As I said in The Montana Trail 2 it’s quite possible that Adam Montana is several people working together.  Adam has referred more than once to the Dinar Speculation “team”.  Maybe Mike is a part of that team, but I think it’s also possible that James just swiped Mike’s name and mailing address to try and cover his tushie.

To the members at Dinar Vets let me say please don’t just dismiss this as bashing.  Take the time to read through my research first and form your own conclusions.  Like many of you I once envisioned Adam as an educated, middle-aged man with a strong background in currencies and investment.  Instead, my research suggests that Adam Montana is actually a 35 year old high school dropout who has run an adult website and has been in jail for domestic violence. I’m not going to waste a lot of time trying to convince people who want to believe in Adam and his opinions on the dinar. I’m just going to say that he’s a fraud, plain and simple. You’ve been warned, folks!

If you’ll go to and type in Wolf James D for the name and 06/27/1976 for the DOB in the search engine you can review a list of his court records.  (Unclick where it says “When searching using the Birth Date field, also show parties without a birth date” if you don’t want to sort through dozens of listings that don’t apply.  If you want to view all of his records leave it checked and just look for the year 1976.)

For further consideration: Amy Coon a.k.a. Megan Donahue was James’ girlfriend who worked with him at Priceless Professional Services in Fond Du Lac.  (The Montana Trail 2)