The Montana Trail (part 2 – 11/8/11)

One of the goals in starting this blog, along with educating people about the true potential and true risks involved in owning the IQD, is revealing the identity of some of the douchebags pumping dinar or pumping their products at the expense of dinar investors.  Once people know who they are they will be less likely to get away with their douchebaggery.  To be completely honest, I get a certain amount of satisfaction out of posting information on the likes of Dan “Checkmate” Atkinson, Blain “Blaino” Fogel, Tony “Breitling” Elder, and Terrence “TerryK” Keller.  It’s not because I’m malicious or vindictive, but these guys have been misleading and exploiting people for too long behind their dinar names, and if we can prevent one person from being misled or conned out of their hard earned money then IMO it’s worth the effort.  Surprisingly though, the results have been amazing.

Thousands are finding the blog and reading up on the pumpers and gurus, and upon their unpleasant discoveries some of them have made their thoughts known to said douchebags as is evidenced in their responses in conference calls, BlogTalk broadcasts, and YouTube videos.  DBs beware, you can run but you can’t hide behind your cute little avatars and your cloak of anonymity.  This is the internet.  There’s a digital trail that leads to your doorstep and somebody’s eventually going to find you and expose you.  It’s only a matter of time.

Having said that, we’re hot on the trail of Okie Oilman, Phoenix, and Adam Montana.  Today I want to report what we’ve learned from our research about Adam from Dinar Vets and Dinar Speculation.  I started off expecting to go one direction, but as is often the case the research ended up taking me a completely different direction.  Although we have some information that we prefer not to share at this time, we can share the following.  Actually, let’s start off with what we haven’t learned.

First, try as we might we have not been able to locate anybody named Adam Montana who lives in the state of Wisconsin as Adam claims he does.  Therefore we assume that Adam is an internet alias.  DUH!!!  Okay, so we’ve only got about 5,686,986 Wisconsinites (or cheeseheads if you prefer) to sort through, according to Wikipedia.  Now, we assume that Adam is a man from the voice used in his conference calls, so that pretty much cuts the numbers in half to around 2.8 million people.  He sounds like he’s between 30 and 60 years old, so that probably cuts the number down to about 1.5 million.  So without knowing his birthplace, hair color, blood type … etc. we’re faced with the prospect of hunting for the proverbial needle in a haystack that consists of over a million straws.  I suppose we could search for Harvard grads in Wisconsin since Adam claims to be one, or we could search through CPAs since he claims that his wife is one, but seeing as how we’re dealing with somebody who isn’t up front about their identity there’s no reason to assume that he would be honest about those things either.  So in the interest of avoiding yet another wild goose chase I think it’s best to stick with more concrete facts.

We have well established IP, email, and snail mail addresses for AM that give us a few clues.  In tracking these addresses a few names keep popping up.  One is Mike Gill, co-owner of a computer software business in Neenah, Wisconsin.  Apparently one of Adam’s addresses used for securing payment matched Mike’s address in Neenah.  That’s where the trail runs cold, however.  Mike apparently didn’t attend Harvard and his wife works with him in their software company so one would assume that she’s not a CPA, not that I actually believe any of Adam’s stories along these lines.  To my knowledge Adam has never mentioned that he worked in the software field, and there’s nothing tying Mike to the Iraqi dinar.  It’s quite possible that it was just an old address of Adam’s that Mike took over.  Who knows?

The next is Marshall Donnerbauer, a guy I posted about recently who sells dinar and promotes the purchase of electronic dinar in a Warka account.  Marshall grew up in Wisconsin, and according to Ripoff Report he has lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts where Harvard is located.  Although his Alma mater is listed as the University of Minnesota, he apparently lived near Harvard for awhile and could have assumed this persona of a Harvard grad as a result.  Marshall’s knowledge of internet marketing, web development, and digital media could also come in quite handy in building Adam’s network of dinar sites.  But the problem with Marshall as Adam is his voice.  From listening to him in his videos his voice is clearly not the same as Adam’s.

The third one is a man named James Wolf.  According to Iraqi Dinar Money several of the sites connected to Adam’s sites Dinar Vets and Dinar Speculation show James Wolf as the owner (UPDATE!!!  The Iraqi Dinar Money site is apparently gone now, but their review of Adam Montana’s dinar network was copied and pasted here), and tells us that there are 47 James Wolfs listed in Wisconsin, so I started digging around a bit to narrow it down.  In the process I found an old post at Dinar Discussions where Adam Montana stated the following:

[Adam Montana] I’ve put down a significant amount of money for POST RV attorneys fees

[[Adam Montana] these people are set to help all of us

[Adam Montana] but I’ve made sure each VIP member gets at least an hour or two of personal assistance and guidance

[Adam Montana] PLUS

[Adam Montana] and this is the biggest part

[Adam Montana] I have contacts in a few places in Iraq, that came from my networking

[Adam Montana] most of you don’

[Adam Montana] t know this

[Adam Montana] but I am an entrepeneur, basically retired from the profits I made as a professional headhunter

[Adam Montana] networking is my specialty

and a bit further in the post:

[Adam Montana] if you put the whole RV Intel network (, dinarvets, together – it’s hands down no question the largest

So he states here that he was a professional headhunter and then he brags about having the largest dinar network on the web.  (This network is listed in the review at Iraqi Dinar Money.)  So I took the information that Mr. Montana generously provided for me and went to work.

It wasn’t long until I found a James Wolf in Wisconsin who worked as a recruiter at Priceless Professional Services in Fond Du Lac, Wisc.  Now Fond Du Lac is a city of about 42,000 people and I could only find one James Wolf living there.  The age is listed as 50-54.  Forty miles down the road from Fond Du Lac in the city of Sheboygan, Wisconsin there’s a listing for a James Melvin Wolf age 53 who could be the James M. Wolf listed in this mugshot.  This guy has a rap sheet going back 15 years.  (Go to and hit I Agree, then enter James M. Wolf.)  Most of these are traffic violations and civil lawsuits, but there are a few convictions listed for illegal drugs, a weapon violation, and forgery as well.  There is also a James R. Wolf in Brookfield, Wisconsin. According to Iraqi Dinar Money’s review Adam’s company World Money Portal LLC is located in Brookfield doing business as  As we see on the mug shot page James M. Wolf has several aliases.  So it could be that James Wolf in Fond Du Lac is the James M. Wolf in Sheboygan and the James R. Wolf in Brookfield as well.  James’ own resume appears to confirm that James Wolf from Priceless Professional Services (PPS) in Fond Du Lac and James R. Wolf from Prose Only in Brookfield are one and the same.

The link between this James Wolf and the James M. Wolf in Sheboygan isn’t conclusive at this point.  Another interesting find was provided by a woman named susanf67 on in her comments about James Wolf and his girlfriend Megan Donahue aka Amy Coon.

Don’t do any work for this person, big time FRAUDS!

Here is a link for any clarification, it is an order from the state preventing “wolfyman” aka James Wolf from operating his business “PPS” known as Priceless Professional Services. OR Prose Only. Key word, priceless.

Wisconsin Court System – Case Number 2007CV000453

The judgment also appears to be against “Megan Donahue” aka Amy Coon, who is his girlfriend. I have reason to believe she actually stole an item from my office as well! Stay clear of these talented con-artists.  I hope I can save someone else from going through the hell these terrible people have put me through.  Mr. Wolf even threatened me if I took legal action. THATS when I found all of the dirt on him.  He has NO professional experience, and even less education (not even a HS diploma). He basically hires people to do the work for him, rips them off, and makes the profit. You’ve been warned.

“Wolfyman” is a name that is mentioned in connection with Adam Montana’s websites in the review of Dinar Speculation at Iraqi Dinar Money.  It’s also found in “Adam Montana predicts the RV rate” at Iraqi Dinar News.  (Use Edit and Find and type in “wolfy”.)  Presumably Susan had never heard of Adam Montana when she posted this in 2008.  So here we see an apparent link from Adam Montana to the James Wolf of the headhunter company Priceless Professional Services, and as Susan mentions it also links him to Prose Only in Brookfield.  Now, according to Susan he has a girlfriend named Megan Donahue.  I did a search and found a Megan Donahue in Sheboygan, Wisconsin who works in human resources.  Sheboygan is the city of residence for the James M. Wolf in the mugshot with the 15 year rap sheet.

Now, doing a search on James Wolf and Prose Only I found that James was the owner of an adult-oriented website, and was sued over copyright infringement.

Defendant Wolf is the owner of Defendant Prose Only, Inc.  Defendants Wolf and Prose operated an adult-oriented website called, which was hosted by Cologuys, a Texas-based sole-proprietorship operated by Defendant Jon Montroll.  On or about May 9, 2006, Plaintiff discovered that had a 3-minute excerpt of the Murphy Video available for viewing for free via the website.  Plaintiff did not grant Defendants any license to display, distribute, or reproduce the Murphy Video.  Salvatore Abbate avows that he instructed his attorneys to contact Defendant Wolf to ask him to cease any and all use of the Murphy Video.  Defendant Wolf’s Answer states that he was first contacted by Jon Montroll at Cologuys on or about May 15, 2006 and that he removed the Murphy Video from his website within 48 hours. Plaintiff contends that a statement on the website is proof that Defendant Wolf was aware that he was making an unauthorized use of the Murphy Video.  The website contained a statement that “AZ based ICG is expecting huge sales from the steamy sex tape,” and “even though this is going to cost me another child – the Carolyn Murphy sex tape is still up. Despite the threats. Tell your friends!!!” 

Another link for this case shows James Wolf as living in Lomira, Wisconsin which is about 15 miles south of Fond Du Lac. I found a 35 year old James Wolf listed as having lived in Lomira and Greenville, which is about 10 miles from Neenah where Mike Gill lives.

So to sum up what we’ve found stated on the internet:

  • Adam Montana said that he worked as a professional headhunter and that networking was his specialty
  • James Wolf is a name associated with Adam Montana’s numerous websites
  • “Wolfyman” is a name frequently found on the servers of those websites
  • A man named James Wolf (age 50-54) is listed as living in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
  • A man named James Wolf worked for the headhunting company Priceless Professional Services (PPS) in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin and a web service company called Prose Only in Brookfield, Wisconsin where according to James Wolf’s resume he built and maintained a network of 30+ websites which (according to the US District Court for Arizona) included several adult websites
  • According to susanf67 at James Wolf or “Wolfyman” is a big time fraud and a talented con-artist who doesn’t even have a high school diploma, and who threatened her if she took legal action
  • According to susanf67 James Wolf had a girlfriend named Megan Donahue
  • A woman named Megan Donahue is listed as living in Sheboygan, Wisconsin working in human resources
  • A 53 year old man named James M. Wolf from Sheboygan has a rap sheet going back to 1995 that includes convictions for drug violations, a weapon violation, and forgery
  • The court document from a civil lawsuit shows James Wolf’s city of residence as Lomira, Wisconsin, a city 20 miles from Fond Du Lac.
  • shows a listing for a 35 year old James Wolf in Lomira and Greenville, Wisconsin which is 10 miles from Neenah, Wisconsin where a man named Mike Gill lives who shares an address with one that Adam Montana has used.

Quite a bit to chew on, huh?

I must mention at this point that I had some info on Adam’s age that indicated that he isn’t old enough to have bought Kuwaiti dinar back in 1991.  Obviously that info is wrong if he’s 53 years old.  My source might have been basing that on information about Mike or Marshall.  If he’s 35 however, that info would be correct.  Like everything else dinar related you have to take this intel with a grain of salt.

Although James Wolf seems like a much better candidate I think it’s possible that two or maybe even all three of the above suspects are “Adam Montana”.  According to Adam’s blog Dinar Speculation in 2009, there’s a “Dinar Spec Team”.  It just might be the case that Adam is in fact several people working together – one who posts on the forum, another who does the audio books and conference calls, and maybe another who does the marketing.  Just a theory.  Of course it’s also possible that none of them are in any way connected to Adam Montana and that some or perhaps even all of this information is wrong or simply coincidental.

Another important point I’d like to make is that “Adam” seems to have extensive knowledge of technical information, and has done a good job of covering his digital tracks which makes it hard to identify him.  As DinarFacts from Iraqi Dinar Money said “ and the other dinar related sites above are by far the most confusing network of sites we have reviewed yet”.  And as you can see all three of the guys mentioned are involved in the world of computers and technology, although James Wolf from Prose Only admits to being particularly proficient in working within the architecture of the internet.

Well that’s my research.  Feel free to follow up on it and notify me of your findings.  I’ve been working on this for quite some time so I hope you all won’t mind if I take a bit of a break.  I’ll post again this weekend for the Douchie Award.