The Montana Trail (part 1 – 11/6/11)

In researching Adam Montana from Dinar Vets I have come to some conclusions.  First, according to Adam’s friend sonny1 Adam used to be a moderator on Med’s original site Dinar Veterans.  When sonny1 and Med had a falling out a couple of years ago sonny1 wrote:

“how can anyone follow him, HE HAS NEVER BEEN RIGHT. all he does is ban people for being right, I want this to happen as bad as anyone i do, but this info today about a gag order in the banking system is a complete joke and 100% untrue after i pissed myself laughing today after hearing this from Adam Montana who is a mod on med x’s site I called a legit banker and after she got done laughing she told me that it was totaly made-up or the person saying this was an idiot”

That was posted a couple of years ago at Dinar Vets.  So we know that Adam had some time to work alongside one of the most popular (at that time) dinar site operators on the web and learn from him.  Now, I think it’s very interesting that Adam’s forum is named Dinar Vets and was created after he left Med’s original site Dinar Veterans.  Equally interesting is that Adam’s blog Dinar Speculation is remarkably similar to the name of Med’s new site Dinar Speculator.

A visit to the Iraqi Dinar Money (now removed) review of Adam’s site Dinar Speculation will show you that Adam is extremely proficient at building a network of websites for the purposes of online marketing.  We have to assume from this that Adam has a background in this field.  That IMO is what sets him apart from the others who more or less just throw a forum together and hope people will show up.

In this video you’ll hear the interviewer say that Adam basically just takes his intel from Med.  While this is done in jest, it’s based on the belief among many that this is how Adam got his start in the online dinar community, and that he is far from being an expert on the dinar.  They feel that he basically just copied from Med and others and then took his knowledge of internet marketing and built the largest dinar network on the web over the last two years.

During this time the Adam Montana character has evolved.  Now he’s a Harvard grad.  He’s married to a CPA.  He’s a licensed Series 65 investment adviser.  He is a savvy investor who profited bigtime on the Kuwaiti dinar and Google.  He’s a well connected entrepreneur who has a contact at the CBI.  And yet somehow despite his impressive resume he feels the need to remain anonymous, which means that he can’t provide any evidence to back up his claims.

Well as many of you know we here at Douchebags insist that the dinar world is full of con artists.  When we see somebody like this making such bold claims without revealing their true identity it sends up red flags and our BS meter maxes out.  So we set out to find the straight dope on Mr. Montana and have discovered many interesting things.  Those results will be posted soon so stay tuned.