The History of Dinar Pumping (8/6/12)

You can’t do a blog like this without wondering how we got to where we are today.  After all, there was no such thing as the IQD ten years ago.  Everything has sprung up in a few short years.  The dinar dealer sites, the forums, the recap sites, the blogs, the conference calls, the YouTube channels …. all of that pretty much has happened since 2006.

How did it all begin?  Well I still haven’t sorted out all of the details on the dealers.  That part is confusing as hell.  Marcus Curtis has done some research suggesting that the bank of Ireland had a hand in it as they sought a way to bail their country out of its economic crisis.

And the pumping?  Well I’m sure the old timers will correct me on a few things but the nearest I can tell from my research is that the pumping began from the likes of Phoenix (a.k.a. Ranger77, SecretKey, and Ema266 – scroll down to the comments or select “Find” and type “phoenix”) and a guy named genx. The big dinar forum back then (before 2009) was Investors Iraq Forum (IIF). (You can still go there and read what people were saying about the dinar back in 2008.)   Another pumper was a guy named Jack DeAngelis who was previously involved in selling gold and silver coins.  He suddenly announced in 2010 that he wasn’t a believer in the dinar investment anymore because of something a high ranking military guy told him about the upcoming redenomination.  There was also a woman named Shotgun Suzy who I am told was the unfortunate victim of an accident that left her in a weakened mental state. Dealers took advantage of her feeding her “intel” under the guise of CBI contacts or something like that. Eventually somebody caught on to them and Suzy disappeared along with her contacts. Frank Villa got his start at IIF also in “Frank’s Corner”, posting as Frank26. He built a huge following and I am told that he wanted compensation from the forum owner. When they refused he and his followers left and started KTFM (Keep the Faith Ministries). Eventually he had a falling out with board members over that one since it was set up as a 501C3 non-profit so he left and founded KTFA (Keep the Faith Always) where he was free to sell all the crap he’s selling today and pump to his heart’s content.

Many of the early dinar crowd apparently came over from the Nesara sites. That’s why you hear so much conspiracy nut talk and crossover between the cabal crowd and the dinar crowd. The speculation about global settlements, prosperity packages, a global reboot, a return to asset backed currencies, monetizing untapped resources like oil, closing down the Federal Reserve, the Amero …. all of this began before the dinar investment. This is also why you see a lot of references to Ron Paul and the patriotism movement.

Apparently there was a lot of dissention at IIF when some of the members found the money supply figures on the CBI website and started telling people the truth about the prospects of their investment. Between that and Frank’s departure IIF ended up pretty much a ghost town. Most of the activity shifted to Neno’s Place and Med’s old site Dinar Veterans (not to be confused with Adam Montana’s site Dinar Vets). Breitling, Phoenix, Sonny1, and others posted there back then. Eventually Med and Sonny1 had a falling out over things Med was posting and Adam Montana (who was a mod at Med’s site at that time) left and started Dinar Vets. Sonny1 had a big following at that time and when he went over to Adam’s site he took a sizable following with him.

Dinar Vets took off in late 2009 and “Adam” wrote a book about the dinar in which he claimed that he’s a Harvard grad who made money on the Kuwaiti dinar. He then started his offshore investment programs and his cash cow VIP program. Shortly after that Sonny1 went back to Med’s site and patched things up with him in 2010. In time others were either banned from DV or left on their own to start other sites free from Adam’s rigid controls. That’s how Dinar Discussions and Currency Chatter began.

Around January of 2010 Roger Dorman (who I believe was a member at Dinar Veterans) started Dinar Daddy and it quickly grew to one of the largest dinar sites on the web. Some of the people who were posting the truth about the dinar at IIF made their way to DD and tried to get the facts out but were silenced by Roger’s decision to disable comments. Roger proudly introduced his friend Okie to the dinar community, stating that Okie had great contacts and solid intel and he wasn’t going to tolerate any disresepect for the man. After a few months of Okie’s nonsense Roger threw him under the bus to try and salvage his own credibility. That turned out to be an exercise in futility however, as some members at DV started digging around and discovered that The Currency Vault (Now The Treasury Vault) is owned by Roger’s wife Angela whom he had presented on his broadcast simply as “Angela from the Currency Vault” instead of “my better half”. When this became known Roger shut down his chat room to keep people from talking about it and some of his moderators left, Kaperoni among them.  (8/17/12 NOTE!!!  JayP corrected me on the chronology of events here.  Apparently Kaperoni left DD prior to the revalations about Roger, Angela, and the Currency Vault.)  Also zapping his credibility was his arrangement with Breitling to promote the purchase of lower denoms as a hedge against a lop and his continual posting of obvious pumper lies in his Doozies column as a means of generating traffic to his site.

After Okie was essentially run off from Dinar Daddy he wandered around the dinar world looking for any place that people would welcome his “intel”.  He went to the GET Team site, he sat in on a call or two with Frank, Dan Atkinson, and the Midnight Think Tank until he eventually found favor with miskebam who ended up building him a dinar site of his own.  Miskebam also built Bizarre Dinar, Changes Xchange, and BondLady’s site and was eventually accused of creating all of these pumper personalities to build her own pumping empire.  I had spoken with her months before the allegations started and she was very upfront with me about having built those sites.  People who have been around the dinar community for awhile know that Okie and BondLady are real people and not simply Miskebam’s alter egos.  Eventually the accusations (and the irresponsible intel from Okie and Bulldog at Okie’s site) proved too much for her and Okie’s site was shut down and he started a new one apart from Miskebam.

Meanwhile Adam Montana was dealing with more drama of his own. The GET Team (Gankans, Enorrste, and TerryK) were gaining a big following at DV and started gathering information on members when they were abruptly banned from the site. At that point my understanding is that they made their way over to Stardogger where they were also banned, and then to Currency Chatter where as you might have already guessed they were also banned. That’s when TerryK started his own site where the three of them hung out until last year when Enorrste apparently had enough of TerryK and befriended Kaperoni and started hanging out at Dinar Alerts.

Soon after the creation of the GET Team Blaino was introduced to the dinar community by doing a Shabibi imitation in a mock interview.  After a falling out with GET Blaino started Planet Dinar and this was Okie’s home until Blaino ran him off.  Eventually Hammerman teamed up with Blaino where he dished out his “intel” until Blaino ran him off too.

Shortly after the GET Team drama Rudy Coenen started posting at DV and became an overnight guru. Suddenly he was on the dinar conference call circuit and his posts went viral.  Adam sensed that Rudy (who was putting a hedge fund concept together that could compete with Adam’s post-RV program) was a con artist and banned him. Shortly after that Dan “Checkmate” Atkinson, SteveI, Chief, Viper, and Tony all participated in a couple of unauthorized conference calls at DV to give everybody a pep talk and update them on their “intel”. You guessed it. BANNED!!!

This was obviously an orchestrated event as they had a new dinar site “People’s Dinar” up within a couple of days. Thousands left DV to be a part of this exciting new dinar site where Adam would no longer be charging people (their motto was “No Boss No Cost”) and banning people willy nilly. Turns out SteveI would do the banning instead (and as it turned out Dan would do the charging). This guy has probably banned more members than anybody in the history of dinar forums. After a few months Dan, Tony, Chief, and Viper couldn’t take Steve’s manic behavior and they left to start PTR where I am told they charge $15/mo for their intel. Others left to start their own forums. That’s where the Midnight Think Tank got started which later spawned off  Revalue.US, The Call Squad, People Invested, The IQD Team, and the Gatekeepers.

Meanwhile a popular dinar researcher named Scooter had pretty much found a home at Dinar Vets and would frequently post there and even visit in the chat room on occasion. He had a big following too but didn’t seem interested in selling anything or starting his own site so he was allowed to stay. One day in June 2011 an unknown member named Chuckster took Scooter to task for associating with Rudy in conference calls, claiming that Rudy was a con artist and Scooter should know better. Rather than reprimand Chuckster, Adam seemed to take sides with him and Scooter being the class act that he is thanked everybody for their support and said goodbye to the DV crowd. This prompted a mod revolt at DV and several of them left and made their way over to Dinar Dater, a site started by a guy named Chuckles who had been banned from DV and People’s Dinar. Chuckles had hosted a couple of conference calls with Marcus Curtis who also had a run-in with SteveI and had been placed on mod review simply because people were copy and pasting Marcus’ blog research in other forums.

About a month later the BH Group hosted a dinar guru summit in Toledo, Ohio where they pitched their new website idea that would compensate gurus for each member they brought in.  Within a week or two of the summit their facilities were raided by the IRS and their dinar sales were shut down.  This also put a quick halt to their new website and to Rudy’s Iraq hedge fund program which to my knowledge is still in limbo a year later.

Along the way there have been a number of other sites started with little fanfare.  Just4Dinar, OneDinar, Aceboard, Lew’s Dinar Forum …. etc.  I’m sure I’m leaving out a few.  And of course the pumpers have come and gone … too numerous to keep track of.  What is fascinating about all of this is that the vast majority of activity with dinar forums, intel, chat sessions, conference calls, videos … etc. has occurred since 2009 and during that time the dinar has gone up in value a third of one percent.  LOL!!!!  All of the failed RV predictions, all of the proclamations that IT’S DONE!!!  All of the cash-in rumors.  All of the bank stories.  All of the absurd RV rates.  All of the “insider” information.  And nothing.  NADA!  You gotta love it.

If Shakepeare were alive today I think he might write a play about this.  I think he’d probably call it “Much Ado About the Dinar”.