The Conference Call Money Machine (1/12/14)

Over the last year and a half I have enjoyed reading the thoughts of Mr. IQD, a fellow guru-basher who shares my contempt for gurus even if he might not share my views on the eventual outcome of the IQD.  He was ahead of me on the shenanigans and eventual indictment of the BH Group.  He’s also been following the BS of TonyTNT and the Reno scam more closely than I have and for that I applaud him.

Mr. IQD has shared a few of my posts with his readers on occasion and was kind enough to link to my blog and send some traffic my way.  I’d like to return the favour at this time by pointing out some excellent observations in a recent post on his site.

Every once in awhile somebody will ask me about the motivation for people who do conference calls.  The assumption (I think) is that these gurus just do these calls to be helpful in sharing the information that they’ve collected after hours of diligent research and intel gathering all day long.  But a recent post at MrIQD sheds a lot of light on this enterprise.  Check it out.