Thanksgiving Turkeys (11/24/11)

Just a quick note to remind everybody not to believe the BS being thrown out by these pumpers.  These douchebags turkeys are always on the clock, so if they’re not taking the day off I shouldn’t either I suppose.

Bluwolf  –  “there is no problem with the rv’s…but we wait on Washington…it’s your government who are the ghosts with their hands in the cookie jar it is not your president…deadline was today so let’s see if the executive law falls into place and the wheels start rolling with this rv… China is coming in high and so will the rest… Happy Thanksgiving all be blessed.”

The U.S. Govt has nothing to do with triggering or holding up the RV.  RVs happen all the time and they are the result of policy decisions by the respective nation’s government and central bank.

Freeway Bill  – “Lot of things shaking all over the world this morning. We have confirmation that there are high rollers cashing in in Dubai and Switzerland at a “hedge” rate which means that the banks are offering a rate around $ 4 because they know the rate will be higher…Pray and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!”

Nobody is cashing in in Dubai or Switzerland or anywhere else.  This is an old “rumor” (“lie” is more like it) with a hedge twist.  The new value isn’t going to be $4 let alone higher, and if you believe this rubbish then you deserve to be jerked around by these douchebags turkeys.  Notice how he throws in the religious reference at the end to suggest to people of faith that he’s one of them.

Jonnywg  –  “no windows or doors left – this is the end of the road – O releases or BIS takes over…we do not know when the BIS will take over…china, iraq and the IMF forced O to the limit…He did get extensions that have now expired and we expect the rv at any moment…it could be soon and it will be immediate…it could show up in the banks and yes i will have banks screens available to me all day today and i will report all changes…i do believe that we will see either the cbi rate or the ust rate in the banking system today”

Obama has nothing to do with holding up the RV.  I do agree that we will see the CBI rate today.  My guess is it will be around 1170 dinar to $1 USD.

Jonnywg  –  “we feel that the RV is the next step after the UST were removed from the lockdown…if we do NOT see it by this Friday, your guess is as good as mine…we are looking at 3.41 to 7.09…we have no knowledge of where the rate will go in three months…Hope y’all have a great…Thanksgiving”

Lockdown my arse.  This guy’s just trying to cover his backside to explain all of the previous bad intel.  As for the rate, I’d say again that the rate will probably be around 1170 dinar to $1 USD.  Just a wild ass guess.


Thanks for taking a break from the rate and date crapola Smokie.  Happy Thanksgiving everybody!