We are the Sheeple

BBC seeks the truth

The BBC just did a story on the Iraqi dinar. BBC started reporting on a trend that took twitter by storm. This was kind of like an Occupy Wall Street campaign in cyberspace. About 4 million tweets appeared that said various things but all had one phrase that said “#wearethepeople.”

This was a campaign that was started by dinar guru TNT Tony. Some tweets simply said “Release the RV #wearethepeople” I think the Sheeple who follow Tony may feel that this is a great course of action and it could result in launching this fictitious RV. This campaign has led to a BBC investigation which led to a proper analysis of the situation.

The BBC story was written by Cordelia Hebblethwaite. She did her due diligence and she treated the story with the proper analysis it deserves. I did speak with her on this topic. She spoke to a number of other people in the dinar community as well. She spent a great deal of time digging to find the truth. I found her reporting to be very fair and objective. I sure hope they do some follow-up articles.

In addition to the article the story will also be on BBC radio. Here are the links to the article and the radio show.



Blog Talk Radio

It seems that TNT Tony is no longer doing his Blog Talk show. For some reason his show is off the air. If you go and visit his blog Talk Page you get an error 404 message. The reason for this is not known and what he will do next to fill the gap of his Blog Talk show is anyone’s guess.

According to Ripoff report and the sites below TNT Tony is actually someone named Anthony Renfrow





It is my belief that this #wearethepeople is nothing more than an attempt to lead more followers to a false conclusion that there will be an RV soon if they participate in this ridiculous twitter tweeting escapade. Do these guys actually think they can force a Revalue by tweeting release the RV? I don’t think it is an effort to get new followers. I think it is an attempt to boost the hopes of those already looking for that financial windfall that they are expecting from this Iraqi Dinar.