Bruce from The Big Call

One thing I was known for when I ran my old blog was finding the goods on the gurus.  I had a page called “The Pumpers” where I would publish the photos and the identities of people pumping dinar in the hope that they would flee the dinar scam and start doing something more respectable with their lives.  A few of them seem to have done exactly that, but most didn’t.  And some of the ones who didn’t ended up being indicted and even convicted of dinar fraud.

Since I closed the blog down and took a break from the dinar world for a year or so I’ve thrown myself into other projects and I no longer can devote the time and attention to hunting down these guys, but the guru hunters over at Dinar Daily seem to have taken RamblerNashthe baton and carried on in my place.  One of them who goes by the name of RamblerNash dug around and came up with the identity of Bruce from the Big Call.  I used to look all over for information about this guy but came up empty.  All I knew about him was that since 2012 he has been telling people that they’re going to be filthy rich from this “blessing” any day now, and that he lives in Oklahoma, speaks French and Spanish in addition to his native tongue of English, and he used to feature a guru called footforward (my personal favorite guru who said the most outrageous things, like the RV would be the second most important event in history next to the Resurrection of Jesus, and that God had showed him that a trillion dollars would pass through his hands in his lifetime) on his calls.  After FF and Bruce parted company Bruce started relying heavily on the intel of TNT Tony (until Tony was sent to prison for fraud anyway).

Bruce Dawson 2Nash went back into the archived calls from The BIG Call and found some clues that he followed up on and ended up getting his full name.  He is Bruce Edward Dawson from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  It would appear that he is a member of a church I attended years ago – Grace Church in Broken Arrow.  That makes me wonder if maybe he really believes in the RV and all of the Bible stuff he talks about.  No matter.  If a dangerous dog is attacking a child you don’t stop to think about whether the dog is just instinctively trying to protect its owner, or is doing what it was trained to do, or whether it’s out of its mind with rabies.  You just do whatever you have to do to protect the child and leave all of those questions until later.  In the same way I don’t think we need to worry about why the pumper is promoting the scam.  We just need to stop them from hurting people.

Bruce-Dawson-with-carBruce was an avid tennis player, and graduated from George C. Marshall high school in Fairfax, Virginia in 1970.  Apparently he changed his last name from Dingleberry to Dawson some time after high school. (Can’t say I blame him.)  In this photo Bruce (on the left) is  shown with his hot car back in 1975.

Bruce's-HouseWe at ICW would like to encourage Bruce to abandon his promotion of the dinar scam.  We have more information but we’d prefer to just see Bruce hang it up and devote his time to more honorable pursuits without further encouragement.  We welcome any dialogue with him or any other guru/pumper/scammer, but the clock is ticking.


Archive of Bruce’s Calls (Going back to 2013 where Bruce quotes the likes of Okie Oilman and the now indicted TerryK in his commentary on how we should expect the RV any day now.)!/TributeWall (Tribute Wall … more … Paul Stumpff) (Condolences)