More on Bruce from The Big Call

Bruce DawsonA couple of months ago we provided the dinar community with the name and a couple of photos of Bruce Dawson, host of The Big Call.  This is a twice weekly conference call to keep the dinar scam going by giving the faithful “intel” and Q&A on the dinar, dong, and Zim (the completely worthless former currency of Zimbabwe).  At that time we informed Bruce that we had more info and suggested that he stop defrauding people.  We’re pretty sure that Bruce is aware of the fact that we have his name and background because shortly after we published his name he quit accepting questions during the calls and went to answering emailed questions instead, presumably to avoid inconvenient and awkward confrontations during a live call.  Well, as you might have anticipated he completely ignored us, even going so far as to claim that the GCR was announced in Hong Kong on April 14.

This was one month ago, and of course no GCR was announced in Hong Kong or anywhere else.  As for Christine Lagarde, here’s a link to what she actually said in that April 14 CNBC interview.  Lagarde CNBC Interview  You can read a transcript of the entire interview here.  Basically she was just encouraging further economic reforms, but there was nothing even remotely resembling “all countries must revalue by tomorrow”.  That was a complete lie.

So here’s the additional information.  (Our thanks to Rambler Nash from the Dinar Daily site for his help in obtaining this information.)  As you listen to “Pastor” Bruce talk about this “blessing” we’re about to receive keep this in mind.

Bruce Dawson Record