The Dinar Will Not Be A Reserve Currency

I have read on various forums that people believe the dinar will be a reserve currency. Reserve currencies were first set up under Bretton Woods. This is where a country would hold a certain amount of another nation’s currency as a reserve to give that nations currency value and worth.

So does the dinar qualify, or will it qualify after the mythical revalue happens? How likely do you think it is that they will replace the US dollar (an over printed fiat currency) with the dinar (another over printed fiat currency) as a reserve in the event of a complete global collapse?

I have another blog that I maintain called Biblical Views and World Economics. It really has little to do with biblical views and more of a focus on world economics. I have about 4 years of research on global economics that is displayed through this blog. Lately I have been writing for that blog. I just finished an article called, The Monetary History of America. This topic is so important to our understanding of money that I decided to make this a page on the site instead of an article or post.

It is amazing to me how the bankers, central banks, and the money changers have been screwing things up for the last 300 years. There is a lot of doom and gloom with the economy and our current financial system. A lot of prophets are predicting the end of the dollar and the reign of some other standard overnight, but is this a practical point of view? Will the dinar be the savior of the monetary world like all the forums and gurus predict? Highly unlikely! In fact this is not at all possible.

Will the dollar crash overnight? Even if this was the case it is highly unlikely that the new standard will be another over printed fiat currency from a country with no infrastructure and whose entire GDP depends only on oil given the track record of such currencies.

So people are returning to real money. (Gold and Silver) Prices for these metals have soared as people stock-pile them and as nations add them to their reserves. The main reason people are stocking up on gold and silver is because they can see what is happening with the dollar. In my new blog page we cover the history of money in America. When you study this out some interesting things come to light. I will talk about just a few highlights here. If you want to read the whole thing just click on the link below

“James A. Garfield became president in 1881.Throughout Garfield’s extended Congressional service after the Civil War he fervently opposed the Greenback, and gained a reputation as a skilled orator. President Garfield advocated a bi-metal monetary system”.

Under this system the metal was the money and the currency was merely the receipt for the money.

“Ulysses S. Grant was our 18th president. There was a panic in 1873 which led to a depression for 5 years. People wanted more paper currency in circulation. The Inflation Bill was pushed through on April 14, 1874 to increase the nation’s tight money supply as a result of the contraction act. Many farmers and working men favored the bill, but Eastern bankers wanted a veto because of their reliance on bonds and foreign investors. On April 22, 1874, Grant unexpectedly vetoed the bill on the grounds that it would destroy the credit of the nation.”

“Stephen Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th President of the United States. He is the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms. (1885–1889 and 1893–1897) In his second term the panic of 1893 struck the nation. The panic was worsened by the acute shortage of gold that resulted from the free coinage of silver. Cleveland oversaw the repeal of the Sherman Silver Act. At the time the repeal seemed a minor setback to silverites, but it marked the beginning of the end of silver as a basis for American currency.”

“William McKinley is our 25th president. He secured the passage of the Gold Standard Act”.

Every major currency left the gold standard during the Great Depression. This put and end to what is known as the classical gold era. Some of the doom and gloom prophets that are forecasting and end to the dollar are calling for a return to the gold standard. While this idea may have some merit, the gold standard did not protect anyone during the great depression and in fact the faster nations removed themselves from this standard the faster their economies recovered. (Sources and links provided from original article on my other blog)

The big mistake in my opinion was the removal of silver and that gold was the only metal used for money, or to back money. I think James Garfield had it right. A bi-metal monetary system would be better. But whatever system winds up replacing the dollar just know it won’t be like anything we had in the past. In fact I believe that when the dollar is replaced it will be a whole new system of exchange. Gold and silver will serve to protect people while the new system is being set up. That’s why prices are going through the roof. Fear is driving the market. Whenever people panic they always run back to real money. (Gold and Silver) paper fiat currency is not real money. It might as well be monopoly money. For now though, the dollar has value.

I don’t agree that the dollar will crash overnight like some people think. I think the dollar will meet a gradual demise. The indicator is oil. Two thirds of our currency is overseas and it is used to buy and sell oil. Since the dollar is the medium of exchange for oil, other nations secure the dollar by their oil supplies. It does not matter what quantity The Federal Reserve puts out. Although this weakens the dollar it won’t destroy it. When nations start to use some other medium to exchange for oil, then those dollars overseas will no longer be needed. When that happens most of all the foreign U.S. dollars will make their way back to the United States where they originated. When this happens hyperinflation will set in as there will be too much money in circulation.

The cause and effect of this will mean several things. First we as Americans will see a dramatic fall in our standard of living. America’s credit rating will plummet. And the economy will adjust accordingly. The adjustments will be gradual. Second, America could face a redenomination of its own. We should be familiar with this process after we watch what happens with the Iraqi dinar. Third, there will be a new global exchange that could move beyond the medium of fiat currencies, or the nations that held our debt will be the new reserve currencies. What will the new system be?

Who really knows for sure. What will America do when our dollar is no longer the medium and standard for the world? Simple, they will start drilling for oil here in America and tap America’s vast oil reserves that until now remain untouched. For more information on this, research the petro dollar and see its global impact. This is also talked about in great detail on my other blog about global economics. (BVAWE)

The Truth About The Iraqi Dinar part 1

The dinar is the most lied about currency I have ever seen. This in itself should raise a big red flag. To really understand what is going on with this currency you need to hear my story. As I share with you how I got involved with this venture, it is my hope that I will expose the myths and establish the facts concerning the revalue.

It all started for me back in the summer of 2009. I had lost faith in my 401k due to the financial meltdown that occurred in 2008. I was looking for other investment opportunities. I had stopped my contributions to this flawed retirement policy. I knew I had to save or make money by some other means. In August of 2009 I attended an online seminar conducted by Jerry Robinson. I knew him personally and he is a reputable economist. He talked briefly about foreign currencies. So I began to research these currencies. That is when I stumbled upon the dinar. There where sites that said it was a scam and there were sites that said it was a real investment.

I did find a few scams regarding this currency. I found people selling the old dinar with Saddam’s picture on it. I found people selling dinar but they have never shipped orders. Even though there were a few scams out there, as far as I could tell the dinar itself was a real currency that was used in Iraq. The dinar in itself was not a scam, but there were people who found a way to misrepresent it and steal from unsuspecting victims.

Around the last part of November in 2009 the online trading screens change after trading hours and the dinar jumped up to $1.49 for about 6 to 8 hours. This rate was right below the Euro. Then it went back to the posted 1170 to a dollar rate. In my research I saw how the currency moved and how it was going up since its release. Back in 2010 you could get dinar at the local banks. You could exchange dinar there too.

In January of 2010 I decided to make my first purchase and I was only going to buy a very small amount. I bought my dinar from Dinar Trade. At that time Dinar Trade was probably the number one dealer. It was run by a guy by the name of Ali. I also got a better deal than what I would have got using the banks. I read through a few forums and some people seem to think that this currency was going to revalue at any second and you should buy it before the election. After the winner is determined then the revalue will happen. At least this is what people suggested. They really didn’t know. So I felt a sense of urgency to buy this currency. There were two front-runners for the election Maliki and Alawai.

I told a few people I work with about this investment. They bought dinar as well. They told all their friends. It wasn’t long before my phone was ringing off the hook about the dinar. All kinds of people I did not even know were asking me questions about what I read. My phone number was given to friends of friends. It is important to note that I knew squat about currency and revalues at this point, but I began to believe the dinar could revalue and the major risk was behind us. My friend Jerry encouraged me to start a blog and talk about my findings with this currency. I started Iraq Currency Watch in February of 2010. I knew nothing about blogs, and I knew nothing about the currency. I just put the basic information up there and answered the most basic questions that I got asked all the time. Things like don’t buy the dinar with Saddam’s picture on it. I also would read and I tried to analyze articles from Iraq. Now when people called I referred them to my blog. Eventually the phone stopped ringing all together. The blog was a success. It seemed as though for a brief moment I had my life back. Little did I know it was just the calm before the storm.

Then I read 3 articles towards the end of February that made me up the ante. Maliki said the dinar will revalue before the end of 2010. It seemed the cat was out of the bag and all 3 articles said the dinar would revalue. I bought a lot more dinar. The elections were just around the corner and it seemed that once this part was done we would see the Revalue of this currency. Furthermore when I looked up the rate on Forex it said that Iraq had announced plans to revalue their currency.

I began reading everything I could about the dinar. I saved hundreds of links. I read that Kuwait revalued its currency after the invasion by Iraq. Then shortly after that they redenominated. Everyone who bought Kuwaiti dinar cleaned up. I also read about how the dinar will be sold for oil. I read that the CBI was pulling 70 percent of their dinar out of circulation to prepare for the revalue. I read that the lower denominations were already printed because of provisional order 43. I also read the dinar will revalue over $3.00. Now I was starting to get excited. Some of this stuff was in the forums and some I got from articles that were coming out of Iraq. I heard the term reinstate for the first time. Some guy named Frank26 said this currency was going to reinstate. This meant that a currency would reinstate to its previous value. I even read that the revalue of the Iraqi dinar was part of biblical prophecy. Being a student of prophecy I found this thought interesting.

The election came and went in March with no clear leader. This frustrated everyone because most people thought this would not happen until after the election was over and a winner was chosen. By the end of March no one knew who the new prime minister would be. By the end of April people still did not know which one would obtain the prize of prime minister. By the end of April I had 206 hits on the blog for that month. The stuff I read in the forums and the stuff I read in news articles made me buy even more dinar.

Then something happened to me in the spring of 2010. I got  hurt on the job. I could no longer work. In addition to this I could not work overtime. I had gigs outside of work I did for money. I could no longer do those gigs and I lost those Jobs. Throughout the rest of spring and the whole summer I was out of work and I could do nothing physical until I recovered. So now what do I do? money was tight.

I decided to work on my blog and read news articles. I also needed to know what I was talking about so I started to research money. I researched the history of money. I learned things like the United States had a total of 3 central banks in its history. The first two only had 20 year charters and they were failures. I learned that Lincoln created his own money called the green back. I learned how we got money today and where it came from. I learned how money works. I learned how it expands and contracts and I learned the difference between fiat currency and currency that is backed by gold. I learned about modern money mechanics. Of course I wrote about all this in my blog.

In May of 2010 Iraq announced that it is going to redenominate its currency. Forex change their notice from revalue to redenominate. The new notice said Iraq has announced plans to redenominate their currency before the end of the year. I first thought great!!! I could have really used that extra money I spent on dinar. So much for reinstate! But as I began to dig in and research articles coming out of Iraq, some articles said they would redenominate and some articles said they would not redenominate. People developed a smoke and mirrors mentality. but know one could tell what was the smoke and what was the mirrors. This sparked great debates in all the forums. Some articles said that Iraq was only going to pull the 25,000 and the 10,000 notes out of circulation and replace those with 10 and 25 dinar notes.. Some articles said that Iraq was only going to delete the notes with three zeros. One thing I knew through my research was they could not just pull the higher end notes out of circulation and release a new series.This piece of information led to a rumor that circulated. Someone said that it is safer to buy lower denominations and this will protect you from a redenomination. Nothing could be further from the truth! In a redenomination the whole series is changed out.

They had to replace the whole series in order to redenominate, and yet the process described in the news articles was not one of redenomination. For example, they could not put a 25 dinar note into circulation and have it be worth more than the 250 dinar note. If they are only pulling the notes with 3 zeros like the news articles said then they could not do this because it would invalidate the 50, 100, and 250 dinar notes. This made the idea of a revalue more plausible. It also gave credence to the smoke and mirror theory. But in the end no one knew what they were talking about. Even the guys writing articles in Iraq made stuff up. Of course this did not dawn on us until much later.The summer drifted on with really no new information. There was very little activity.

Throughout the whole spring and the whole summer no one knew who the prime minister would be. The articles that came out of Iraq were just ridiculous. Some sided with Maliki and some sided with Aliwai. All kinds of rumors were floating around about those two men. I continued to spend all my time learning about money, and learning about how money works. I would speak out against stupid articles and the authors that were writing rumors about these two candidates. It never dawn on me how dumb it was to analyse news articles that were constantly lying to you as though there was some hidden information about a revalue or a redenomination or even who the prime minister would be.

Then towards the end of summer I discovered the petro-dollar. I learned that we went off the gold standard in August of 1971. I learned that the dollar was backed by nothing and every currency in the world that held dollars in their reserve became a fiat currency. Fiat means faith-based. In other words the currency only has value because people believe it does. Just because the currency bought something yesterday made people believe it will buy something today, and people believe it will buy something tomorrow. But when too much currency is in circulation hyperinflation goes into place and the perceived value changes. People lose faith in the currency.

I learned that when we went off the gold standard not only did we make our currency a fiat currency, but we tied almost all the world’s money to a fiat system as well. Oil replaced gold as a means to back currency. We set up agreements with OPEC and other Arab nations. We told them that we will protect them with our military and make them rich. The only thing they had to do is sell their oil using only US dollars. Since oil could only be sold in dollars this meant a demand was created for our worthless fiat currency because other nations needed it to buy oil. This was the thing that set up the entire global economy we have today.

In 2000 Saddam change from selling oil from dollars to euros. Shortly after that we made invasion plans. The first order of business was to change it back to dollars again. The United States made it a top priority. Oil drives the economy because oil backs our dollar. This is the real reason for our involvement in Libya. If oil is sold in anything else than our dollar then that threatens our dollar. This means that the United States will not use Iraqi dinar to buy oil because it will threaten the global economy. All they need to do is print more money to buy all the oil they need. That was the first lie I exposed about this currency. Dinar will not be used to buy oil. I wrote about this in August.,9171,998512,00.html

People began to copy and paste parts of my blog into forums around the dinar community. I really did not care. This caused my readership to skyrocket. I went from 10 to 50 hits a week to 800 a day. Then it went to 1500 hits a day on average. I joined Dinar Vets to defend some of my posts that were being copied and pasted in that forum. I got into a debate with someone named Dustin. As I began to research and give the reasons why the currency will revalue and not redenominate I discovered that all the News links I had about Iraq’s announcement to revalue had vanished. They were nowhere to be found. They were all removed. I had found articles that used revalue and redenomination interchangeably as if they had the same meaning. So I began the debate talking about oil. Most of what I said can be found in this article.

My argument for the redenomination was weak. Everything I had on the revalue was removed from the internet. All my evidence was gone. My evidence was from the same news organizations that were lying about who the next prime minister would be. The only thing I could say was if they redenominate they need to change out the entire series not just the high notes. I also pointed out that there are just as many articles that say there will not be a redenomination. There are no articles that point out they are replacing the series. In the end we agreed to disagree.

The cork came out of the bottle in the fall. Obama had announced he was bringing the troops home and ending the war in Iraq. The funny thing was he left 50,000 troops over there and this was compliant with the Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA) we had with Iraq under George Bush. When this happened we saw some real movement. Iraq was removed from being a terrorist nation under the OFAC list. (Office of Foreign Asset Control) They got their swift codes for banking. In November Maliki was chosen as the prime minister. It set a record for the longest time it took to decide an election, and in December 15 of 2010 Iraq was removed from almost all the sanctions. They still held money in the DFI fund for Iraq and that was not going to be released until 6 months later. We had until the end of 2010 to see the revalue. We just all knew we were going to be rich any day now. They had to honor their debt with the Paris club, and they needed to revalue to do it! Here it comes!! here is the Revalue!!! Oh my God…. any moment now…. any day!!!! I can’t breathe!!! OH MY GOD!! We are going to be rich!!!!!

January 1st there were a lot of people wondering just what happened. Even though those articles were removed way back in February talking about the revalue of Iraq’s currency before the end of the year. We all remembered them. As I was scratching my head I started writing about money and all the things I learned over the summer. I wrote a piece that I called the Rabbit Hole. It was a 5 part series. After writing that my readership soared to about 4,000 people a day. My highest day was 5,820 people. For the month of January I had 35,110 hits. Not bad for a blog that just started out to answer a few questions.

This Rabbit Hole series explains the financial meltdown of 2008. It tells you who is responsible and why it happened. It talks about the Exchange Stabilization Fund. It explains how the US treasury used this to confiscate gold that belonged to American citizens in the 30’s. It also explains how the treasury uses ESF to control the Federal Reserve. It explains the rise of the globalist and the New World Order. It shows how the stock market is rigged. It reveals all kinds of things related to currencies and how it is used to control nations, Governments, and people’s around the world. If you have not read this series yet you should. Here is a link to get you started.

It is simply amazing to me how money works and how it is used. Most things written about money from economist are boring and labeled with terminology that is designed to bore and confuse the masses. Strip all that away and you see a major beast emerge, and you see an oligarchy of men controlling it.

I continued to post about world economics all through the spring and into the summer. I averaged 4,000 people a day. I got email and comments from people who just wanted to hear about the dinar. They wanted me to stop writing about global economics and focus only on the dinar. The problem with this is you can’t understand one without the other. The more you know about global economics then the more you will know about the dinar plain and simple!! If you limit yourself in this one area you will not get the big overall picture.

This is just one of the reasons that led me to close down Iraq currency watch and start another blog called Biblical Views And World Economics (BVAWE). So in July of 2011 I announced I was going to close down Iraq currency watch. I moved all the articles. I was afraid that if I gave up the name then some pumper/guru would come and take it over and pretend to be me. They would give bogus information to hype sales. So I kept the blog, but I just removed everything except one conference call with my good friend Scooter. I updated the articles and updated the links to a different series of links that work. I have written and combined posts. I never gave up the name Iraq Currency Watch. I just removed all the content. In the next post I will tell you the other reasons I shut down Iraq Currency Watch, and I will tell you why I am bringing it back. By the end of that article you should understand enough about the dinar to make an informed decision. I will write this article as fast as I can! I promise!!!