Sam’s Misc. Files (Roger “Dinar Daddy” Dorman)

Roger interviews Breitling and Rudy. (4/21/11)  Notice how Roger’s first question totally rattles Breitling (1:15 in), who ends up resorting to incoherent doubletalk.  Classic.

Ali Agha (from Dinar Trade) Interview (5/5/12)

“The Plan” 5/16/2012 – Roger gives us his 7 point explanation of why there won’t be a redenomination (lop), but instead there will be a massive revaluation that will allow the US to cover the cost of the war and stimulate the economies of the world. This article is chock full of what we call “forum facts”, like Bush saying that the war would pay for itself and Obama using the RV to cut the deficit in half by 2013.
The Plan (pdf) version
Redenomination Discussion (10/2/2012) This program was done a few weeks after the BH Group indictment was issued, and one of the fraud charges in the indictment was that the BH Group had misrepresented the CBI’s currency reform plan as a revaluation when in fact it is a redenomination. I pointed this out on my blog and untold thousands read my article. This caused a panic in the dinar world and Roger felt the need to address the elephant in the room. Despite his heroic efforts, he still got it wrong when he claimed that Shabibi said that only the notes with three zeros would be replaced. In a redenomination all notes are replaced, not just the larger notes.