Sam’s Misc. Files (Breitling pg. 2)

51st Show – 6/5/11 B responds to email asking if it would be possible for Iraq to issue a new currency making our currency obsolete

52nd Show – 6/6/11 B says dinar dealers are licensed through the treasury dept

56th Show – 6/7/11 B says the more you buy the less the risk

57th Show – 6/7/11 B says he’s been in the banking industry for 10 years

58th Show – 6/8/11 B addresses “too good to be true”

61st Show – 6/9/11 B says you can take what he teaches you and give economists a run for their money

64th Show – 6/10/11 B says that Iraq has a “less notes – more value” policy

65th Show

66th Show

67th Show

74th Show

77th Show

78th Show


81st Show

83rd Show

102nd Show

104th Show

111th Show

113th Show

The following videos were produced by Breitling in response to Sam’s blogpost entitled “The Breitling Catalog” (written in February of 2012), where eight months of Breitling’s nonsense from dinar forums, videos, and blogs were documented and critiqued to offer to the dinar community an assessment of his credibility (or lack thereof).  He got so crazy that he ended one of his recording when he knocked his mic loose, and another when he screwed up his apps.  You can read Sam’s post here.

Breitling Responds to Attacks 1

Breitling Responds to Attacks 2

Breitling Responds to Attacks 3

Breitling Responds to Attacks 4