Sam’s Misc. Files (Breitling pg.1)

Tony “Breitling” Elder likes to present himself as an investment expert who has been most everywhere and done most everything.  This tactic has garnered him a few thousand YouTube followers who seem to think his rambling presentations chalk full of mispronunciations and economic doubletalk make perfect sense.  He’s one of the most prolific dinar gurus out there.  When I first started investigating him he was doing two videos a day, but as the dinar scam has fallen out of favor the frequency of his uploads has dwindled to a couple a week or sometimes a couple a month.  This volume of material has provided me with the largest selection in my archives.  I don’t have the dates for many of these audios (ripped from his YouTube videos), but they go back to 2011 so bear that in mind as you listen.

17th Show – 5/17/11 B says he has contacts at Citigroup with ties to Iraq

22nd Show – 5/22/11 B says he’s a private pilot

24th Show – 5/24/11 B claims that he has a contact at the IMF

26th Show – 5/25/11 B says 70% of dinar were pulled by August 2010 and the CBI numbers are false

28th Show – 5/27/11 B says Obama said we’re gonna pay off the debt in three years

29th Show – 5/27/11 B says Cheney and the Federal Reserve understood that we needed to control oil, so we set it up to where you have to buy oil with the USD

30th Show – 5/27/11 B claims they started taking the larger notes off the market a year ago

33rd Show – 5/28/11 B responds to email that says the higher denoms are the main notes being used

35th Show – 5/30/11 B says George Soros made his money doing what we’re doing

39th – 6/1/11 Show B says he trusts the BH Group and will always recommend them

41st – 6/2/11 Show B says dong will RV in 2 or 3 years at about 2.5 cents

42nd Show – 6/2/11 B says the rate will be $4-5 between 2015 and 2020

45th Show – 6/3/11 B calls Kuwait a “perfect example” of how Iraq is going to get their value back

47th Show – 6/4/11 B claims that he knows people who work at the UN

50th Show – 6/5/11 B says they’ve already got the lower denoms printed out