Sam’s Misc. Files (Assorted Nuts)

This is an except of a call with Hammerman, Okie, Bulldog, and Blaino basically shoveling mass quantities of BS for all who will listen.  5/1/2012

This video was produced in 2012 by a dinar dealer to promote their new safe “buy on reserve” plan.  What struck me about the video was the fact that there are no books on the shelves in (presumably) the office of said dealer.  It didn’t exactly communicate longevity, which is something one would assume dinar investors would be looking for in a dinar dealer.  I made a comment about that on my blog and was promptly threatened with a defamation lawsuit.  Sure enough, said dealer was shut down when their owner was indicted in 2015.


This hilarious audio from Proteus of and Patriot from The Call Squad (both good guys who were always willing to discuss all aspects of the dinar “investment” and eventually sold their dinar and moved on) in either 2012 or 2013 shows “Straight Talking Mike” from the IQD Team completely losing it when asked for real documentation regarding liquidity upon the enactment of Iraq’s currency reform plan.  In fairness to Mike he did regain his composure afterward and apologize, but this recording is too good to withhold from the dinar world.

Steve “Enorrste” Norris going ballistic over an annoying dinarian who pushed him over the edge.

Enorrste demonstrating his mastery of basic math.   $500 million x 365 = $182.5 billion, not $1.825 trillion, Steve.


“The Bandit” is some dinarian who was apparently making the rounds auditioning to be a dinar conference call guru.  Proteus received this recorded intro and outro from the guy who felt that his input could boost the calls’ ratings.  Proteus declined the offer.  LOL

Gary Larrabee is an elderly gentleman who does videos about the RV and GCR.  At times he spits, drools, and picks his nose.  Recently he took a tumble and broke his face.  It’s kind of sad, but not as sad as it would be if he wasn’t talking up the dinar.

Gary Larrabee picking noseGary Larrabee broken face

The following images were sent to me from a well-placed source.  Supposedly the people in the photos were living in a hotel in Reno, Nevada awaiting the activation of the RV/GCR.  Some had been there for a year.

Diamonds Forever call with tons of new age nonsense.  What this has to do with the dinar I have no idea.  Marcus says they came from the CMKX Diamonds scam, and brought their insanity with them into the dinar world.  Whatever the case, their calls are listed in IQD Calls.  (9/14/13)

Dave Schmidt is a former Washington state senator who was ceremoniously thrown out on his keester in 2006.  He wandered around the New Age/UFO/Conspiracy world for a few years before becoming a dinar guru in 2013.  This call was done March 10, 2014.  Since none of the intel proved valid Davie abandoned his “sources” and connected with “The Ambassador”, a representative of the Dragon Family supposedly associated with a royal family in Southeast Asia who is going to disperse gazillions of dollars to worthy recipients around the world.  They can afford to do this you see, because they have a secret vast storehouse of gold that they’ve been sitting on since WWII, and have just been waiting around for the cabal of international bankers and ecomonic terrorists to turn the control of the world’s economy to the good guys.  (Facepalm)  Anyway, while this whole GCR/Disbursement thing is slowly being implemented Davie has taken to talking about other wonderful things like the Annunaki, ascended masters, and energy imbalances.

Dave Schmidt announces that the RV has happened behind the scenes.  March 10, 2014

Dave says that Okie had to cancel his appearance on Dave’s call because his life was threatened.  He talks about being proclaimed the Douchebag of the Month, saying that he’s the one with integrity, that he’s being courageous, and that people who don’t believe are just insecure. April 2, 2014

Richard Mattson aka “Med” or “Medic” has a site called Dinar Speculator.  It used to be the most popular dinar site before a mod called Adam Montana left and started Dinar Vets, taking their main intel guru Sonny1 and thousands of members away.  It turns out Med used to be a bodybuilder.  I guess he’s here to pump you up on the dinar.  See the photo below.

Rich Mattson bodybuilder

IQD Team  7/23/11

Stage2Omega (Exogen, D.T., and Mr. J) 10/17/13 – Lots of completely useless post-RV banking information from completely clueless dipsticks.

TNT Tony 12/2/13 – First call Tony did after he split with Dan.  The bitterness was clear with both of these creeps as they bashed each other.