Sam’s Misc. Files (Adam Montana)

Adam and “attorney” Frank Buck pitch an offshore asset protection scheme back in November of 2010.

Earths Secrets Blogtalk interview with Adam in February 2011.

Adam, Scooter, and Sonny1 in September of 2010 (2 files)

Chris found these images on James’ old Myspace page.

ass diningbedcops

I took the image above and used Photoshop to create an image we’d like to see, James being hauled off to jail.


mini me

This photo was taken in the Ozarks with (I think) some professional football player in the middle.



snowmobilingvegas 2vegas 3

Having a drinkie poo in Vegas


This is a screenshot of the page at where I discovered the Montana Trail with the names of James’ girlfriend’s and business.  Click here to see full size image.
Susan Freelancer 2