Sam’s Misc. Files (Revalue.US)

When I was blogging anonymously as Sam I Am there were only a few people who knew my real name – Marcus, Chuckles, and a few people who did commentary on the weekly calls for Revalue.US including the owner of the site and host of the calls who was known as Proteus.  He’s a good guy, and his team did some of the best analysis in the dinar world free of hype and date/rate nonsense.  Every once in a while Mr. Rich would show up on Proteus’ calls, but nobody knew that he was the guru buster extraordinare known as Sam I Am.  Obviously I don’t agree with everything said in these calls, but these guys were going through the same learning process that Marcus and I were back in 2011/2012.  Since then they’ve all forgotten about the dinar and moved on with their lives.  Thanks to all of them for respecting my wishes to remain anonymous as long as possible.  The following is a series they did in 2012 on a number of dinar-related topics.

Week 2 – Free Market vs. Oil Economy. (Proteus, Patriot, Highlander, Enoch8, Scooter, Kaperoni)

Week 3 – Past value of the dinar.  This is a good discussion about the relevance of the dinar’s $3+ rate of the past to the dinar investment.  Highlander puts out some great information.  (Proteus, Patriot, Scooter, Highlander, Enoch8, and Russell)

Week 4 – UN Sanctions, EO13303, and OFAC

Week 5 – IMF Articles 8 & 14

Week 6 – Is Iraq sovereign?

Week 7 – Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Week 8 – Can Shabibi control the economy?

Week 9 – Are the Lower Denoms printed?

Week 11 – Is the RV a blessing?