The Dollar Will Not Crash on December 31st 2016

bs-2Back in September, I wrote a post explaining why the dollar will not crash on September 27th, 2016. This date was selected within the Global Currency Reset crowd as a day of doom and gloom. The dollar is supposed to tank on that day and within the chaos, the global currency reset would cause gold to skyrocket. It would also cause the dinar and other overprinted currencies to revalue as the dollar plummets. So I took on the task of explaining to those who live in fantasy land why this is not the case. I supplied links and gave reasons why it was not possible.

maxresdefault-1Of course, as everyone knows, September 27th came and went and there was not any collapse in the dollar. In fact, the dollar went up in value on that day. The dollar continues to outperform every major currency around the world. I supplied links to show how strong the dollar really is and I asked people to set aside their conspiracy theories and search for the truth. As soon as the date passed a new date was set by these same people. The thumbnails were changed on every video on YouTube that said the dollar was going to collapse. Some of the pictures were the same but the new date was on the thumbnail. Comments were not allowed on any of these videos.

Why do people do this? First, these people make money from the many advertisements that are placed within their videos. Some videos have as many as 10 advertisements. As new people in the YouTube community discover these videos these guys collect the revenue. Instead of making new videos every time the date expires they just change the thumbnail. This causes the video to get more views and as a result, it ranks higher in YouTube’s search engine. Second, many of these guys have links to places that sell gold and silver. Some of these guys also sell prepper supplies. If they can scare you into thinking that the dollar is going to crash and the economy is going to come to a standstill then they can also sell you things to survive the coming calamity. That is the motive behind most of these videos and it’s shameful

The new date is December 31st, 2016. When that day comes don’t be surprised if the thumbnails are changed out once again and a new date is set. This is how these scam artists make money. They use junk economics and list many faulty assumptions based on incomplete data. The problem with this is the victims they leave in their path. People fall for this B.S. and it disrupts their lives. Most people know nothing about economics and when they see the misinformation they become fearful or they become preppers. They tend to buy gold and silver in excess. They invest in the dinar and other worthless currency to survive the supposed coming downfall of the dollar. They get loans from their retirement accounts and they sell family heirlooms in order to purchase this stuff and survive the GCR. I have witnessed this first hand. This has become big business!

bs1Many people who have fallen for this malarkey have urged me to wait. They predicted that the dollar is still going to collapse before the end of 2016. Some have said that it would collapse sometime in October. They point out things like the Chinese Yuan becoming part of the basket of currencies, or they believed that the election results would crash the stock market. As I pointed out many times, The Yuan is not going to drive every U.S. dollar out of the central banks around the world and china has their own set of problems. The Euro has its own set of problems as we can see with the Brexit and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis. Many of the Eurozone countries that use the euro are repatriating their gold from central banks around the world. Even Iraq exchanged all their euros for gold.

The truth is the dollar does not have anything that can fully replace it at the moment. The U.S. had somewhere around 2.89 trillion in exports for 2015 alone. All this means that the dollar is not going anywhere anytime soon and the date that the con-artists set is merely another attempt to scam money from the uninformed! The dollar has gained even more strength since the election!

Stocks Rise Sharply in Dramatic Turnaround After Donald Trump Wins Election

The new date that was set by these guys falls on a Saturday! The funny thing is the markets are not even open. How can the stock market crash on a day it is not even open? This is also New Year’s Eve! It is highly unlikely that the market will crash on a holiday weekend! I made a video for our YouTube channel that explains all of this



Karen Hudes: The CIA, Vatican, Obama, and Gold

Many global financial conspiracy theorists cite World Bank whistle blower Karen Hudes as somebody with great insight into the corruption and evil agenda of the international bankers.  They feel somehow that the global currency reset and the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar are tied into this struggle to return the world to asset backed currencies.  Well I decided to look into Ms. Hudes and do a video on her.  Here is the result.  I have since discovered more on her (like this video where she says that they wouldn’t take Reagan to the hospital after he was shot until re renounced his desire to return to a gold backed currency at 6 minutes in), but to be honest I’m not interested in doing any more digging around on this topic.  Suffice it to say she’s less than credible.  Enjoy!



It’s All About The Zeros

When the Iraqi dinar investment scam began shortly after the IQD was introduced in late 2003, the anticipated revaluation was peanuts compared to what people were predicting five years later or more.  A dime was about all that most hoped for, but a few bold souls dared to argue for an RV to the value of Saudi Arabia’s currency at a little under 30 cents.
zeros2When the articles on “deleting three zeros” began to appear in 2009, the dinar dealers and dinar pumpers were in a tight spot.  How do we keep selling dinar when Iraq is talking about doing a redenomination?  The solution they came up with was devious but effective.  They would tell dinarians that “deleting three zeros” doesn’t mean redenomination.  It means that the three zero notes will be “deleted” (or removed) from circulation.  All the references to removing three zeros were referring to the larger denominations of 1K, 5K, 10K, and 25K notes that would be withdrawn from circulation after the RV.  (They somehow overlooked the fact that the 10K note actually has four zeros rather than three, but nobody seemed to notice.)  The new bills that they introduce will be lower denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20 … etc. just like the US dollar.  It also means that they will remove three zeros from the value of $.00086, which will produce a new value of 86 cents, again in a revaluation rather than a redenomination.
Although this explanation didn’t fly with some nervous dinarians, the vast majority seemed to embrace the idea, and the thought of experiencing a 100,000% increase instead of a measly 10,000% sent dinar sales into overdrive, increasing exponentially in 2010 and 2011 as a result.  Dinar dealers and pumpers were thrilled, and they decided that since this scheme worked so well with the dinar, they might as well use it for other currencies.


$100 Tr. Zimbabwean dollar note

In the spring of 2010 Breitling, Frank26 and others started hyping the potential of profiting from a revaluation of the Vietnamese dong.  Whereas the dinar only had three zeros in its value of $.00086, the dong had four in its value of $.000053.  If they can remove three zeros from the dinar, why can’t they remove four from the dong?  Easy money, right?  But was there any news or financial article that made a revaluation seem likely?  Not at all.  It was all rumors based on the fact that some currency dealer’s supplier wasn’t able to come up with any product one month.  Surely the shortage was due to a pending revaluation, right?  Wrong.  The dong has steadily lost value since 2010 as part of Vietnam’s policy of building their exports by devaluing their currency.  But that hasn’t stopped dealers from selling it, pumpers from pumping it, or speculators from buying it.  Eventually this same concept made its way to other currencies with a lot of zeros in the value, such as the Indonesian rupiah, the Iranian rial, and the Zimbabwean dollar (which hasn’t even been a currency since it was completely demonetized a year ago.)

There was absolutely no basis for expecting any of these currencies to significantly increase in value, so the pumpers borrowed a line from the world of conspiracy theories.  “We’re going to have a global currency reset!”  Supposedly the world’s currency system was going to be drastically restructured with a return to asset backed currencies accompanied by the termination of the Federal Reserve.  The only assets that have ever backed currency are gold and silver, but the pumpers couldn’t say that we’re going back to the gold standard because the US has more gold than any other country, so they created this catch phrase of “asset backed currency” instead.  This allows for Iraq and other poor countries that have a wealth of natural resources to experience tremendous revaluations, thus bringing them and those who hold their currencies instant riches.

This went over great with the Ron Paul “gold is the only real money” crowd, the “they’re coming for our guns” anti-government crowd, and the “shape shifting reptilians from outer space” crowd.  It also played well in the inexperienced and uneducated church circles where people believe that Iraq is going to rebuild Babylon as part of bible prophecy.

Marcus and I were both loosely associated with this group for a short time, until we began to do true and honest research.  In time we both came to see through all of this nonsense and realized that we had an obligation to inform and warn people about this massive hard currency scam.  Nobody’s going to get rich from a revaluation of the dinar, dong, rupiah, rial, or Zim.  Nobody’s going to get rich from any global currency reset because it won’t happen.  The Federal Reserve isn’t going away any time soon.  The dollar is not on the verge of collapse.  The sooner people wake up and accept reality the better.

It seems clear that the pitch from people peddling hard currencies is that the more zeros they have on them, the greater the potential payoff.  Why don’t you ever hear any of these guys pushing the Russian ruble ($.015 – third largest oil producing nation), the Mexican peso ($.055 – the tenth largest oil producer in the world), the Brazilian real ($.286 – the ninth largest oil producer), or the Saudi riyal ($.27 – the second largest)?  There simply aren’t enough zeros on their currencies to sell anybody on the idea of getting rich quick from a revaluation.  Instead, they offer the Iraqi dinar at $.00086, or the rupiah with one more zero than the dinar, or the dong at $.000045, or the zim at ….. well actually it has no value but you can buy a 100 trillion note for about $70 online.

These currencies have a lot of zeros because their countries had a lot of problems, and no country with a lot of zeros on their currency has ever revalued those zeros away.  They can only be removed through a redenomination, and when that happens speculators holding that currency overseas risk losing every penny they spent.


Iranian Rial  – $.000032
Vietnamese Dong  – $.000044
Belarusian Ruble $.000050  – Redenominated in July 2016 to $.50
Indonesian Rupiah $.000076
Laotian Kip $.00012
Paraguayan Guarani $.00018
Guinean Franc $.000136
Cambodian Riel $.000244
Colombian Peso $.00034
Mongolian Tughrik $.000443
Tanzanian Shilling $.00046
Iraqi Dinar $.00085
S. Korean Won $.00090
Chilean Peso $.00152
Somali Shilling $.00173
Costa Rican Colon $.00182
Hungarian Forint $.00365
Sri Lankan Rupee $.00689
Icelandic Krona $.00855
Nepalese Rupee $.00935
Pakistani Rupee $.00955
Kenyan Shilling $.00985

Sam’s Five Year Anniversary

It was September 23, 2011.  Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.  Donald Trump was the star of a reality TV show called The Apprentice.  Japan was recovering from a devestating tsunami.  The Obama administration was still basking in the death of Osama bin Laden.   And in the dinar world, speculators were listening to gurus like Dan Atkinson, Randy Koonce, Frank Villa, Breitling, and Okie Oilman to find out when their dinars were going to make them millionaires, which is what prompted a former member of Dinar Vets and Dinar Dater called MrRich to become Sam I Am and launch a blog called Dinar Douchebags in an effort to expose the lies and the liars driving the dinar investment scam.

 header-2(This is the header from my old blog.  Three of the men shown above are in prison, one died in prison, and another has been indicted.  Dinar Daddy was shut down, and Jack DeAngelis, Hammerman, Gankans, and JohnnyWG all vanished.  Dinar Vets lost 75% of its traffic, and Breitling went from doing one or two videos a day to one or two a month.  You can read my old posts in “Sam I Am” Archives.)

Through the three years of that blog, over 900,000 page views were recorded as tens of thousands of people came looking for information about who these gurus were and what the truth was about the Iraqi dinar.  I was able to reveal the true identities of many of the gurus/pumpers, provide some backgrounds, and expose the dinar community to information that they weren’t going to see on dinar sites sponsored by dinar dealers.

With the help of my buddies Chris Earl (Chuckles) and Marcus, I exposed (among others) Adam Montana as a former adult humor website owner named James Wolf, Breitling as a friend of Dinar Daddy’s owner Roger Dorman by the name of Tony Elder, BGG as a golf instructor/diesel mechanic turned dinar guru named Tom Sanders, Southwest Florida Guy as a bodybuilder/cagefighter named Dan Huse, Blaino as a guy named Blaine Fogel, TerryK as Terrence Keller, TNT Tony as an indicted scammer named Tony Renfrow, and Eagle1 as Regner Capener.  I also reported on some discoveries about other gurus/pumpers like Okie, Rudy, Checkmate, Hammerman, and JohnnyWG.
With each revelation it seemed that dinar forum traffic dropped a bit, and dinar sales decreased a tad.  When Charlie Emmenecker and Brad Huebner from the BH Group were indicted along with their featured guru Rudolph Coenen a year into the blog the traffic took off like a rocket.  People were copying and pasting posts from my blog to other dinar forums, only to have some moderator quickly remove the post and issue the member a stern rebuke like “we don’t allow anything from that horrible site to be posted here!”.

My search engine ranking was top notch, and you couldn’t type in the name of a guru or dinar dealer without something from my blog popping up on the first page.  That drove the scammers crazy, and they started threatening me in an effort to make me go away.  In December of 2013 my blog averaged 1500 page views a day.

Now it’s September 23, 2016.  Five years after I began this adventure I’ve seen dinar dealers shut down and indicted, dinar pumpers indicted and convicted, and tens of thousands of people drop out of the dinar investment scam as the blinders were removed from their eyes.  But the work goes on.  There are still people out there buying into trusts being offered by scammers who say you need a trust before the dinar is revalued to avoid a substantial capital gains tax.  There are still people putting together fraudulent private exchanges with the obligatory NDA (non-disclosure agreement) where the victim is left with nothing more than a fancy IOU.  There are still people out there saying that the Zimbabwe dollar is going to be revalued a year after it was completely demonetized.  And there are still scammers promoting the asinine idea of a global currency reset where the dollar will collapse and be replaced as the international reserve currency, the Federal Reserve will be dismantled and all Federal Reserve notes will be replaced by Treasury Reserve notes backed by gold, and the world will return to asset backed currencies which will produce unprecedented returns on the dinar, dong, rupiah …. etc.

Marcus and I joined forces at the beginning of this year and began doing podcasts and producing YouTube videos to inform the dinar community about these scams, and we’re seeing results.  Our blog traffic has doubled and our YouTube channel is approaching 200 subscribers.  Thanks to our readers for your support and participation over the years.  Hopefully we’ll see this thing come to an end in 2017 and our services will no longer be required, but in all likelihood we’ll be around awhile because the scammers are always among us.