November Update (11/4/13)

Another month comes and goes, and the dinar world is again listening to the proverbial chirping of crickets.  It appears that the post-Ramadan period produced nothing encouraging for the dinar hopeful, and yet the hopium is still being consumed in mass quantities.

In reviewing the events of October I really couldn’t find much of interest to write about, except for a few things.  First, a certain guru pretty much outed himself in a conference call.  The other day on a whim I decided to listen to a call by a guy called Loechin who has been making the rounds recently. To my amazement he offered his true name and even gave out the URL of his website. His name is Charles Walters and he’s an itinerant evangelist.

Charles “Loechin” Walters

559-726-1399 pin 616571# (7 minutes in)

He also mentioned the donate button on his website after talking about the orphanages he works with in places like Bolivia.

During this call he cited TonyTNT as somebody credible, told us that the current rate showing for the IQN (apparently we’re not supposed to call it the IQD now) is $25.99 and the VND is around $2. He also insisted that he has negotiated the highest cash in rate with Wells Fargo over the past two years.

For the life of me I can’t understand why an established minister of the gospel would jeopardize his credibility and ultimately his ministry on a scam like the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. It’s one thing to hope that the dinar will provide you with some substantial increase, but to say as he did July 17:

It’s been a very exciting day. At 2:15 this afternoon, the United Nations officially announced the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. At this moment, we are simply awaiting a call to go to the bank. All has been done and all has been completed. From what we are hearing, we could be at the bank as early as tomorrow and as late as Monday.”

and this on October 3:

“WOW all the info coming in today has been amazing. Read Eagle1, Tony, and Bluwolf, and you will get most of the info. As of this very moment the rates are still in the $25 plus change, and I think we will see the VNN at $3 plus. Seems like the closer we get someone wants to push the date back well not this time. It can and I believe will go any moment. It’s no longer going to be banks closed or open, Tues-Thur stuff. This is off the table now and we are waiting for any second.”

I have to admit I’m stumped. Does he really believe this? And if not, why say these things? I don’t see any dinar dealer banners or VIP memberships on his sites. The only thing I can figure is he’s fishing for donations, but I have to ask “is it really worth it?” When Iraq does eventually get around to redenominating he’s going to have a lot to answer for. In that he’s hardly alone, but unlike most gurus he has put his name out there and left his dangling backside completely exposed. When the faithful realize that the CBI’s plan was always a lop and that there was never a chance of anybody getting rich from buying dinar they’re going to be extremely wroth. For his sake I hope he’s got a parsonage ready in Bolivia.

Next, many of you will recall a recent post I did about the rumour sites Dinar Recaps and Dinar Guru which feed content from other sites into their sites to draw hits and generate ad revenues.  Well it appears that Breitling took notice and started a similar site of his own less than a week after I posted that and is now encouraging his followers to check it out.  And so it goes …….

2013 Douchebag of the Year

TNT Tony

Third, for the past two years I have presented an award to the Dinar Douchebag of the year.  The first year Dan “Checkmate” Atkinson was the winner.  In 2012 the award was shared by James “Adam Montana” Wolf and Tony “Breitling” Elder.  Well this year wasn’t even close so I’m going to award it 2 months early.  TNT Tony ran off and left the pack in his dust with nonsense about a $20+ rate, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), the Global Currency Reset (GCR), early cash-ins, and Wells Fargo handling the currency exchange (CE) via a 1-800 number despite their insistence that they have no intention of handling the IQD.  All of this was in addition to his weekly intel from high up sources about today or tomorrow being the day for the RV.

Apparently Tony’s douchebaggery was even too much for the 2011 winner Dan from PTR, because he cut Tony loose back in the summer.  Now Tony is free to fly solo and pursue the heights of absurdity with his thrice weekly RV updates.  Congrats to TNT for proving that all you need to get ahead in life is a little determination, hard work, creativity, and personality.  Unless of course you’re a pathological liar and scammer.

And finally, out of curiosity I decided to listen to a few broadcasts from this new audio guru who goes by the name Magellan.  If you’ve been thinking about checking this guy out …. don’t bother.  It was pure torture.  First of all the intro to his Blogtalk show is over two minutes long, with a sickening epic film-score musical theme and a dramatic voiceover.  If you can make it through that without puking you then will hear him throw it into marketing gear.  During the shows he made a pitch for Dinar Inc., his iTunes broadcasts, his Facebook and his Twitter pages, and asked people to email him their prayer requests.  Now of course he could have just told people to call him with their prayer requests and he would pray for them, but if he did that he wouldn’t get any email addresses to market himself with, now would he?

The content of the broadcast was filled with the same old recycled pumper BS – the mythical Kuwaiti RV, Iraq can’t be a great country with a suppressed currency, oil backs the dinar, Iraq will be the next Dubai, Bush and Cheney set the RV up, Obama is willing to meet with Maliki because he knows about the RV ….. blah blah blah ….  He also claimed that Iraq is constructing the world’s tallest building in Basra, although I couldn’t find anything more than a conceptual rendering of what would be the tallest building in Iraq.  Wikipedia has an article on tallest buildings and there’s no mention of any building in Iraq.  This is actually quite typical of pumpers, making claims that can’t be verified by any factual information.  But who cares about facts anyway?  After all, this is the dinar we’re talking about.