Happy 2014! (1/1/14)

WOW!  2013 really went by fast.  It seems like only yesterday the dinar was valued at less than a tenth of a penny, but now it’s less than a tenth of a penny.  Yeah, that’s right.  No RV in 2013.

As Jay Adkisson from Forbes put it:

Well, loyal dinar investors, we are finally here! We are at the place where you need to get your confidentiality agreements with your financial advisers in place, and start looking for expensive houses on the French Riviera. Yep, for you it is champagne and caviar from here on out. The latest rumors say that the Iraqi dinar is just about to RV. Heck, the Vietnamese Dong and the Melchizedekian Shekel are about to RV too. Plus, NESARA is about to be passed into law, and that means that Omega Trust & Trading is about to pay off. Bernie Maddoff is going back in business. Heck, even Charles Ponzi is coming back from the dead to pay off. It all starts right now!


The sum total of all the activity regarding the Iraqi Dinar for 2013 could be summed up as Zero, or my Mexican friends like to say, Nada Grande.

And for all you True Believers in the Iraqi Dinar, please rest assured that 2014 will be exactly the same. There will be 30 million rumors of the impending RV so that they can sell more near-worthless Dinars to new suckers (and more to old suckers), but nothing will actually happen.

For you, that beautiful home on the French Riviera is not happening. The champagne and caviar is not happening, either. For you, the Riviera in Las Vegas is selling rooms at $35 per night, feel free to bring your own sheets, and there’s a Quiznos in the food court.


Despite that fact there was plenty of excitement in the dinar world.  The Reno cash-in scam continued and apparently even surfaced across the country in the DC area.  Dan and Tony from PTR (People’s Talk Radio) split up and Tony went on to douchebag superstardom winning the first ever uncontested Douche of the Year award two months before the year ended.  Chapter 7 sanctions were lifted prompting many to believe that the RV was finally at the door.  Of course the door was answered by tens of thousands of disappointed dinarians who found nobody there.  Rudy Coenen pleaded guilty to dinar fraud but his alleged co-conspirator Brad Huebner and company had their cases thrown out on a technicality in November, only to be re-indicted in December.  And unfortunately the violence in Iraq escalated as the country saw the most bombing fatalities in six years.

Every week some douchebag was saying the RV was done and every week they were wrong.  Every month I said that no big RV was forthcoming and every month I was right, along with a few others including my very knowledgeable readers who are now apparently gaining some name recognition of their own.  Good for them.  I think their comments are doing a lot of good as people now realize that these are not just the isolated views of one person.


Last January I made a few predictions for 2013.  I said:

I will stake my reputation on the fact that the value of the dinar will not increase by more than 10% in any given month or by 50% this year unless there’s a lop. The same goes for the Vietnamese dong. I also predict that we will see another indictment of one or more of the douchebags I’ve written about in the past. I predict that Iraq’s M2 will end the year at more than the current figure of 72 trillion unless they redenominate. And finally, I predict that Obama and Maliki will both end the year without being removed from office.

Well as I already mentioned the dinar didn’t budge last year, so check that one off.  The dong finished the year slightly lower, so we can check that one off, too.

As I also mentioned the dinar fraud case against Brad Huebner was dismissed on a technicality, but a new case was introduced a few weeks later.  In the meantime the prosecutor indicted Brad on another charge.  It’s not dinar-related but it’s an indictment so I’m going to give myself partial credit on this one.  Additionally we have learned of a fraud indictment from 2012 of Tony “TNT” Renfrow.  His trial is coming up soon, but since the indictment happened in 2012 I can’t count it.  There was another dinar fraud indictment in 2013, but it wasn’t somebody I’ve written about in the past so I can’t count it either.

The M2 ended the year at over 80 trillion dinar, so we can check that one off as well.

Some of the gurus were blaming Obama for holding up the RV, and they said that the PTB would remove him from office so that the RV could go through.  Most of the gurus blamed Maliki, however.  (“Stick a fork in Maliki – he’s done and so is our current Administration.”) They insisted that his time was over.  Well of course they both finished the year in office just as I said they would.  The only thing holding up the RV is the fact that there is no RV to hold up.  There’s no Santa Claus, either.  No Easter Bunny.  No Great Pumpkin.  No Superman.  Hopefully now people will recognize the fictional nature of this big RV.

So I grade myself at 92% on my predictions.  (5.5/6)  I’ll let you compare that with the gurus.  For 2014 I will just predict that the dinar won’t increase more than 20% for the year and the M2 will finish at more than the current amount of 84 trillion (barring a redenomination of course).  I say 20% not because I believe it’s going to increase in value but just to cover my backside in case something crazy happens and they bump it up to 1000:1 from 1166:1 which would be about a 16% increase.  As for the Vietnamese dong, I’ll make the same prediction that it won’t increase by more than 20%.  While I would like to see more dinar fraud indictments I’m not too confident that the authorities will do anything so no predictions there.  Maliki is apparently up for re-election in April and while I won’t make any predictions, I will say that he has a good shot at winning.  The gurus have blamed Maliki for holding up the RV (they gotta blame somebody, right? …. can’t be that they don’t know what they’re talking about, of course), so it might be interesting to see how they will explain the holdup if Maliki loses.

Thanks to all of you for your support over the past year.  The traffic is better than ever.  Here’s hoping that the RV scam will run its course in 2014 and our services will no longer be needed.  Happy New Year everybody!