Frankly Reeking III (8/23/12)

Just a little more evidence (in case you actually need more) that Frankie is a liar and knows NADA!!!

3/4/2010 – Good evening Family,


Tell me CBI why is it that on the 11th of February ’10 ……..almost a month ago …… showed plans to take 100 billion IQD’s and convert them into 265 billion USD’s. That simple math told us a rate of 2.65. The 2010 budget report showed a study using 2.65. You guys are pretty smart. Whether you have been plotting or planning this all along can be a mystery. But I must admit you are not as dumb ……….as you pretend to be. It’s difficult for us investors to know the path you are taking GOI……in the maze. It’s hard to follow you …….heck it’s hard to make sense of anything you say. Now you are dealing with the first day of elections and even your people are confused because there are hundreds of you running for office. If your purpose was to confuse the masses and us……..not bad. But I am going to tell my Family what I believe may happen based on your recent political and banking comments. If you feel like it GOI ……..please enjoy.

M is wanting to re-instate the value of the dinar before the election as per the Parliaments vote on the Budget for 2010. The budget requested and awarded by the Parliament…….. was based on a “safe budget” number of 3.26. This we know from printed info received in Press Releases from the Planning Ministry of Iraq last October requesting budget request from each of the Ministries. This request asked them to use the 3.26 number and they would be safe as the actual value would be “much” greater. There also was a budget safety factor of 20% built in. 1.20 x 3.26 = 3.91. Rounded off for CBI charges……….. comes out at 3.86 which should be the Forex number. M needs the re-value to help him in his re-election bid on which the voting started today……….and the final vote on Saturday the 7th of March. His competitor is a close friend of Shabibi and since M is forbidden during the election to use a revalue for political purposed the CBI is denying that there is going to be a 1 to 1 revalue of the dinar. This is smoke and mirrors………. that is true in that there will be no revalue at 1 to 1. The revalue will be above 3.26……….. probably around the 3.86 number or higher. There is speculation that there was a “silent RV” in Iraq on Sunday……….. so they could meet their commitments to the Smart Card deposits, government salaries and pensioners on last Monday which was met. This was confirmed by the IMF in their March 2nd press release on the economy in Iraq……….. stating they had fulfilled the IMF request to bring these stated objectives of cutting salaries and maintaining the CBI quest for maintaining low inflation while improving the economy. IMO……….. we should see an RI on or before the 11th of March. Our sources say they are ready to release the US Banks on that date if Iraq decides to implement the re-instatement of the value of the dinar this week.

3/16/2010 –  Family how long have I been telling you that there is an increase in cargo ships out of Basra? Do you remember last Friday I told you that merchants and citizens are on a spending spree? It reminds me of a person…….. that is aware that he is going to receive an income tax return ……..goes out and spends the money before he gets it.

CH7 has stipulations that do not allow this form of cargo traffic into the ports. They’re sanctioned for crying out loud! They are restricted from bringing in so many of the things they are……… bringing in.

This is a new attitude and our team has been telling you about this for some time now. I wish to report that this is more predominate within the parameters of Baghdad. This is where city jobs can be found that require an education that usually allows one to make a higher income of living. This class also inherits local knowledge much faster than the surrounding areas of Baghdad.

The further out you go from the core of the city the less jobs there are …….the less educated people there are and the less knowledge there is. Somehow or another the people in Iraq that can afford it seem to be aware of the onslaught of goods flooding their area. Where there was nothing once………there is plenty now. In their opinion ….best to grab it all up NOW before it’s all gone. Our team says that the IQD is being hoarded and the USD is still being used to buy these products.

3/18/2010 – Around 9pm I received a call telling me that a prominent businessman (who I am familiar with) called my source to say that a Chinese friend of his had just called him from China and read out loud to him an article in their morning newspaper. It claimed that Iraq had revalued its currency at 2.65. I then put a shout out on our forum 30 mins later for anyone who lives in China or Australia to pm me. (for those of you that pm’d me and did not receive a response from me know that I was preparing myself if I had need for a Chinese translation) I wanted to see if either of these countries also had articles in their newspapers with the same subject. As the night went into the morning we learned that the lady from China who read the article out loud attempted to retrieve the article but was unsuccessful. Apparently it had been read off the internet. I requested a newspaper or a link to find it on the computer. Turns out nothing was printed and the article was no longer available. Do we believe this story Family? I am caught in the middle because I know these sources up to ……….the Chinese lady. These sources are heavily invested whales. They would not lie to me. Did the Chinese lady lie? IMO…….what does she have to gain? She too is a businesswoman with interests in her investment. She has no interest in creating false rumors. So if this Chinese story is true ………why is the article gone so quickly? Well…… certainly wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. And finally…….our team was told early this year that a stipulation was agreed upon with China that they would cash out first in the banking systems when it RI’d. They do not trust The Plan nor the USD. In fact they dumped a truckload of US T bills to Japan just recently. Is there a link for this stipulation………of course not. I give it to you as intel. Yet ……there is logic in this procedure. The sun will rise in China to start the day as the rest of the world ……catches up. It is easy to allow China to cash out first.

3/25/2010 – Did you see the auction from yesterday and today? These are large numbers. I don’t know what they mean but it would please me to know that they were for the movement of lower denoms. Has anyone seen the 2010 budget rate yet? Has anyone seen the 2010 budget for that matter? Does anyone in Iraq even talk about the 2010 budget? Why does one ignore a subject? It seems pretty obvious to me they don’t want to tell us the rate they will use in the budget. BUT WHY NOT? What’s so bad about telling us that you are going to use 1170………again?! Unless? The GCC wants to create a single currency basket by March 30th . They have invited Iraq in the past to be a part of it. Silly rabbits …..they can’t do that with used toilet paper…….unless. A lot of funds are being recovered in Iraq… fact they are trying to find a way to recover the 12 million dollars lost daily from burning off excess natural gas from oil fields. Why bother…….unless?

5/10/10 – The Euro dollar was somewhat successful in uniting and strengthening the European economies. So the Americas decided to watch the Euro dollar for about three years and reproduce the model. So about three years ago the Americas of this planet united…….Canada…….USA………Central ……….Mexico and South America. They created a common currency called the …………Amero Dollar. Whether you know it or not……….your tax dollars have been supporting this currency for about three years now. It is a separate American currency that is desperately trying to payoff the debt owed to China. You can google it and learn about it…… you should! It is blue and white. Understand? Let’s continue.

So with so much idol time on everyone’s hands while we wait for the IQD to RI……….China sends word to the US. This is not a request………..they are telling the US to once again to go back to the days of Fort Knox and support the American dollar ……….with gold. Oh boy……….if it isn’t one thing……it’s another. Family there is not enough gold on this planet to back up our national debt…………AND CHINA KNOWS THIS! So China says ……..why don’t you make up the rest of it by giving us some worthwhile currencies? They say……….we know you have boocoo bucks of dinars in your FR. Want to give us some? NO!!! You have your own……..and we worked to hard for ours. They say……..fine but we still demand that you support your USD with gold. Reluctantly ……….the USA has no choice but to work things out with their creditors. The Plan ……..must not fail and will not