Frankly Reeking II (7/13/12)

A lot of people email me asking me about this guru or that guru and what info I might have.  To be honest most of these guys I know nothing about.  I suspect that many of them are just aliases of a couple of master pumpers but that’s just a theory.  I have chosen to focus on the top dogs.  So far I’ve addressed Breitling and Adam Montana extensively.  It’s nothing personal but I’m convinced that the most dangerous gurus aren’t the rate and date intel guys but the “explainers” who are obviously misrepresenting what is being stated by the CBI about the coming redenomination.

Having said that I am now looking for information on Frank Villa a.k.a. Frank26.  I have labeled Frank the Jim Jones of the dinar world. He’s a charismatic leader using religion for his own personal gain with no regard for the harm he’s bringing to his followers. Nothing since then has changed my views, although I have very little to go on other than the steady stream of garbage disguised as analysis and intel in his posts and conference calls.  Frank does a combination of “intel”, news commentary, bible thumping, and bedtime storytelling.  Unlike the case with Adam Montana and Breitling we already know Frank’s real name.  He hasn’t made a ton of ridiculous claims about himself (although he has claimed to have worked as a respiratory therapist and a biologist in addition to his recent career as a cook in a Mexican restaurant) that I can debunk and he doesn’t work alone.  He turns a good portion of his calls over to his sidekick Delta so that he can keep his commentary to a minimum.

Frank Villa


I have to confess that I’ve been listening to some of Frank’s calls looking for some clues as to what he’s all about and most of what he says is pure doubletalk.  I have no idea what he’s saying half the time.  He just babbles on about all the parties involved and the supposed discussions they have about how they’re going to go about structuring their government in preparation for the RV.  He’s quite good at talking without saying anything and other than the occassional blurb of bogus intel and lying about what the CBI means by raising the value of the dinar (via a lop) he doesn’t give me much to work with.  I already documented a lot of this in Frankly Reeking and Delta and Shabibi as well.  The problem here is that you can point out his long list of bad intel and analysis and his supporters will say “so what?  nobody’s perfect …. at least he’s trying to keep us up to date on what’s happening with our investment ….”  I could really use a mug shot or a “smoking gun” document about one of his shady business deals.

That’s why I’m calling on my readers to help me out here.  If you have any information about Frank’s background please email me.  Here’s what I know as of now.

  1. His profile page at Investor’s Iraq Forum says “banned for lies”
  2. There are allegations of ripping off investors with Capstone and Sun Trust
  3. There are allegations that he raised a couple hundred thousand dollars to build a church that never was built
  4. There are allegations that during a conference call Frank faked a phone call to a “source” saying that the RV was occurring.
  5. There are allegations that he left KTFM because it was established as a 501C3 organization and he wanted to pursue “for profit” endeavors which would have been in violation of their non-profit guidelines.
  6. There’s talk that he has a background in MLM and HYIP (high yield investment program – think Ponzi scheme)
  7. Frank apparently also posted under the name dinar367 although some say that dinar367 is Delta.
  8. Frank has been reporting intel of an impending RV since November 2008, althought his rate back then apparently was only $.84.  A month later his intel said there would be two RVs at $3.47 and $5.39.

Here’s a post from a DV member called coolbeans from January 2012.

Frank is a former short order cook of a family owned mexican restraunt in Toledo Ohio.  He got his start on an other large dinar forum where he gained a large following of christian investors.  At this other forum he felt as if he had brought many people on to the forum and requested economic compensation from the forum owner for doing so.  That request was not accepted well and he was forced to leave that forum and in doing so pulled a large christian following with him.  The group which Frank calls “the family” started a forum and group known as KTFM which was short for “Keep The Faith Missions”.  That group became a registered 501c3 charity with the US government.  KTFM had a board of directors and after some claims of wrong doing some of the members left the board.  Frank remain as president of KTFM but began to promote himself for personal economic gain on the KTFM forums and was asked by the board to not do so because of the problems that those actions could bring to KTFM being a registered 501c3 org.

Frank had also begun to align with the B. H. G roup forming a tie with them and also was promoting other programs as well as dinar dealers on the KTFM forum without the full approval of the board of KTFM some of those things promoted by Frank were later implicated in serious investigations as possible fraud.  Frank refused the request of the board members to not promote himself for economic gain on the forum and because of the danger of legal violations against KTFM he was removed from the membership of KTFM by the board of directors and from any position with the 501c3 KTKM org.  The reaction to this was for Frank to quickly launch a new forum seperate of the real KTFM 501c3 org that all the members belonged to and quickly went on full damage control crying he had been done wrong.  With the help of a few friends he opened a NEW forum called KTFA which stands for Keep The Faith Always and began to send out messages that the forum had moved and for everyone to join him at the new forum address.  The result was he pulled most all of the members from the real KTFM 501c3 org forum to his new forum that he had set up and from there was free of the legal bindings of a 501c3 to now pull in all the personal cash he wanted to in any way he saw fit with no oversight or restrictions.  The real 501c3 KTFM was left a hollow shell with near zero membership.  After launching his personal for profit forum he began pulling in money by selling all sorts of private memberships to vip clubs and other offers.

Back in December I did a post called Frankly Reeking where I addressed some of these issues.  I decided I might as well do a series to keep everyone apprised of my research on Frankie Frankie.

Below are a few posts made by Frank over the years with my comments in black:


Family Iraq says that they have 24 trillion dinars out in the world. Be careful ……do not choke on your tea. Silly rabbits ………of course not. There is no way they have that much even printed by De La Rue back in ’04. Now you have to also consider that we are talking about not only physical currency but electronic currency as well. The combination of these two may be capable of coming somewhere near the ball park of this so called 24 trillion……..but even that I am skeptical of. So let’s be as plain as the pimple on your nose GOI and be fair about you figures and remove the electronic cash you have been using to run your country for these past few years. Wouldn’t that put you in an ideal position to support the RI based on all the cash and gold and debt forgiveness and loans and of course least we forget …….that pimple that is very obvious. Oh by the way……if you think I did not notice that European banks have 280 tons of gold in their accounts belonging to you just waiting for the opportunity to have a reason to come home………then you are silly. There are just so many things GOI that makes your nose brighter than Rudolph’s.  (Well I guess they’re still lying to us.  Latest figures show 30 trillion dinar outside of banks and 72 trillion in their M2.)

I received many calls yesterday about the article below. I was very surprised and rather confused to hear the disappointment over the article in a large percentage of the calls. LOP seems to have been the only explanation that some considered. Let me help You Family with …….. My point of view on this article. Like a head of lettuce ………. Let’s start with one leaf at a time. Notice how the first line says that “ Iraqi dinars are stacked at a teller’s window in a Najaf bank”. Remember our floor manager connection via the Russian Detective we have been reporting to You as intel the last few weeks? He said their vaults are jammed packed with LOWER DENOMS and causing inventory problems for the large denoms………. Remember?  (Well that was nearly two and a half years ago, Frank.  Why haven’t they brought out these mythical LDs yet?)   

If You look at that picture of 25,000’s and 10,000’s IQDs ……….. they belong in the VAULTS ……….. not piled up……..stacked up on the counters where it takes room away from a teller. Their space is small enough as it is ! Banks do not normally advertise their currency by displaying it right in front of your nose in this manner………….. Silly Rabbits! The temptation to steal it becomes a factor by leaving it out in the open like this! No……….. They should be stored in the VAULTS………….. But there is no room ! Look at the next line…………. “The Iraqi Central Bank is planning to redenominate the national currency in an effort to ease transactions and allow people to carry less paper money, RFE/RL’s Radio Free Iraq (RFI) reports.” Do You have any idea how much of these IQD notes it takes just to buy the everyday necessities at markets to live on? Most Iraqi’s do not have refrigerators ………. modern conveniences …………. So they go daily to the markets to get their needs. That’s a lot of paper cash to have to carry because it is practically worthless. Family…………..Do You even know what the word “REDENOMINATE” means? If You did You would NOT have considered …… A LOP! It means to ADD VALUE to a currency………….. Not to take it away via a LOP.  (WRONG!  “Lop” is just slang for a redenomination because zeros are “lopped” off of the exchange rate when they replace the old hyperinflated currency with a new, more valuable currency.  No value is taken away.  It’s simply transferred.) 

The next sentence even defines the word by telling You this process will ease the amount of IQD NOTES they will need to carry with them in the future. If it was a LOP…………It do the opposite. You’d have to carry twice as much …………Toilet paper. (How do yo figure that?  A redenomination doesn’t reduce the value of anything.  You would carry the same number of notes with the same value, but with fewer zeros.  You’re either lying or ignorant.) 

Let’s do one more paragraph ………. My fingers are hurting………LOL…J/K.  (Yeah, my head is hurting, too.  And I just threw up in my mouth.)

Mudhhir Muhammad Salih, a member of a Central Bank advisory panel, told RFI that a plan has been made to remove three zeros from the currency and phase out the current banknotes late this year. What this sentence means is that when M pushes the button on the giant vacuum cleaner that will suck the 000’s back to the CBI ( THE RI !!!) (Insurance policies are re-instated.  Pre-hyperinflation exchange rates are not!) 

…………. It will create a hole …….. a void of IQD’s that will be replaced by the introduction of the LOWER DENOMS into the hands of the Iraqi citizens. This is needed because once the citizens start to use the currency………. Buy and exchange it between themselves it will only add stability and value to the IQD. This will be a process that may take all year . Of course ………. Communication is not at it’s full potential in Iraq yet . It will take some time to get ALL the INVESTMENT notes back to the CBI. BUT!!! It will only take a few days to launch the RI successfully. The 000’s will be destroyed ………… Never to be seen again.  (In a redenomination ALL of the old currency is demonetized.  And destroyed.  Never to be seen again.)

The USA had the same investment notes in the early 1900’s…………. But no longer needed. That’s pretty much what they are saying with the next line.…” Mudhhir Muhammad Salih, a member of a Central Bank advisory panel, told RFI that a plan has been made to remove three zeros from the currency and phase out the current banknotes late this year.”  (No, that’s not what they’re saying.  They’re describing a redenomination.  The US has never redenominated as a result of hyperinflation.)

This last line is important in understanding that the INVESTOR note will still be recognizable and accepted until they are totally removed from circulation and replaced completely by the ………… LOWER DENOMS!  (Sorry, folks.  This is talking about a lop.  Nobody gets rich from a lop.)

“ Economic analyst Hilal al-Tahhan told RFI that the bank’s move is overdue. He said he expects the currency change to go smoothly because of the decision to allow both the old and new banknotes to coexist, leading to less turbulence in the economy.”

Iraq Planning Currency Redenomination

Iraqi dinars are stacked at a teller’s window in a Najaf bank.

February 06, 2010

BAGHDAD — The Iraqi Central Bank is planning to redenominate the national currency in an effort to ease transactions and allow people to carry less paper money, RFE/RL’s Radio Free Iraq (RFI) reports.  Mudhhir Muhammad Salih, a member of a Central Bank advisory panel, told RFI that a plan has been made to remove three zeros from the currency and phase out the current banknotes late this year.

Salih said by the end of 2010 the new banknotes will be fully introduced while the old banknotes will be gradually removed from circulation. He did not specify when the new notes would be issued.  Both will be legal tender in Iraq until the old notes are completely withdrawn.

Iraqi officials have had a long-running plan to redenominate the Iraqi dinar. In 2006, the Finance Ministry recommended to the Central Bank that it carry out such a plan.

Salih pointed out that banks are having a hard time accepting cash savings and deposits, but by dropping the zeros it will make it easier for both the banks to deal with their customers and for the general public to carry money. He said some 80 percent of Iraq’s money supply is cash in circulation.  Salih added that in 1990 the value of banknotes in circulation was about 25 billion Iraqi dinars but is currently some 25 trillion dinars.

Economic analyst Hilal al-Tahhan told RFI that the bank’s move is overdue. He said he expects the currency change to go smoothly because of the decision to allow both the old and new banknotes to coexist, leading to less turbulence in the economy.


Iraq’s stock exchange wants to be traded worldwide. But, stock exchanges don’t want penny stocks (stocks worth less than $1.00) on their boards. Many of Iraq’s stocks aren’t worth a penny, until after an RI. So their stock exchange and their stocks won’t be accepted or respected until they RI. Do you think they want their economy and stocks respected? Their budget is in the red. An RI would fix that. As it is………. they may run out of money. Do you think they want that? They want to be a full member of the WTO. Having a currency that isfully convertible worldwide is a condition of membership. An RI would set them up to have that!  (So how is it that S. Korea is in the WTO with a currency worth about what the dinar is worth?)


For almost three weeks I have slowly told you about the activities of an investment company who’s name I protected as requested. They met with their employees on the 9th and taught them how to sell to their “new future clients” their investment packages. They were also told not to buy more dinars because it would be a conflict of interest. They also went over the usage of a De La Rue machine. Well Family……….I have another large investment group that did literally step by step……..the very same thing. This company is called Cullen/Frost Bankers Inc. Below is some info about this company.

Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. Company Profile

One of the largest independent bank holding companies based in Texas, Cullen/Frost Bankers owns Frost National Bank through a second-tier holding company, the New Galveston Company. The community-oriented bank serves individuals and local businesses, as well as clients in neighboring parts of Mexico, through more than 100 branches in Texas metropolitan areas. It offers commercial and consumer deposit products and loans, trust and investment management services, mutual funds, insurance, capital markets and brokerage services, and correspondent banking. Subsidiaries include Frost Insurance Agency, Frost Brokerage Services, Frost Investment Advisors, and investment banking arm Frost Securities.

We have BOA and Chase sources telling us of the 16th. I was told today that on a UK site ………which I trust…….has told us that Thomson Reuters also has shown the date of the 16th since November. This was coming from Wall Street sources as well. Finally we learned from military over the weekend that the 16th was well known to them as well.  (That’s all very impressive, Frank.  You’re obviously well connected …… to people with no clue.)


Good evening Family,

So Frank26……..what happened to the Sweet 16th? Well…… has come and apparently……’s going. This was the second time in my 14 months with you that I have actually given you a “date” for the RI to be announced. Well I won’t do that again……..LOL.  (No, you just let Delta do it for you, now.)


We are paying close attention to the ATM machines in Iraq that we know for a fact are filled with lower denoms. A few years ago I used to buy cases of lettuce for the restaurant. But because business is so slow……..I only buy half a case per week now. You see……….if I had all that extra UNUSED lettuce in the refrigerator……….it would simply spoil. It would be my loss for not calculating properly. This inventory of lower denoms in the ATM machines and bank vaults will become a huge problem if they do not RI soon. Without the RI………these lower denoms are useless! Warka has desperately set up these ATM machines and they are desperately in need for these machines to serve a purpose. We have been telling you about these ATM machines for many months now. One final note……..these ATM machines are BUILT for lower denoms. NOT FOR ……….the LARGE COMBERSOM 000 NOTES. Interesting how the electronic banking systems of Iraq are ready to go but still no RI announcement. Seems to me both man and machine are at the mercy of someone in the GOI to make the announcement.  (Geeez!  They’ve been sitting there for two and a half years now?  Guess that lettuce is rotten by now, huh?)


Family………….. if all goes well at the UN could Iraq give us the RI on the 25th? IMO they would have until the 28th because they always wait until the last nanosecond to do what they have to do. But here is the problem with the 28th…….it’s Muhammad’s birthday. It’s possible that they will close on that day………..too bad………..I like Sundays. The next day which is the 1st of March will require the RI to be in place. So this window looks to be from now until the 27th if they close on the 28th. On the 1st the GOI has to pay it’s retiree’s pension plans. How about the government workers that were salaried reduced from $940,000 dinars to $940.00 ? For that matter…………how about the most important thing…….their 2010 budget? All three of these require a higher rate than what they have right now for the IQD. So if nothing happens between now and the 27th………..the GOI has a lot of explaining to do to her people.

I love the article from last week that said they were going to REDENOMINATE the Iraqi currency……….didn’t you?! You redenominate a nation’s currency for one of two reasons. The country has high inflation ……..which Iraq does not. Or because a country’s currency is undervalued………which Iraq’s is  (Yeah, well it didn’t happen did it?  And no, you don’t RD only when a country has high inflation.  You usually RD after hyperinflation has ended and the exchange rate has stabilized.  And no, the IQD is not undervalued.  It’s in a hyperinflated state, but the exchange rate is right in line with the M2 and the foreign currency reserves.  But even if it was undervalued, you don’t redenominate to adjust it.  You revalue.  That’s what a revaluation is – a simple adjustment of usually 2-5%.)


Finally Family……… I tell you this story stay calm because it just came in to me as I was working on today’s post and I should have verification by tonight if it is true. A gentleman goes to a bank in Houston, Texas to check on the IQD and he takes with him a $10,000 dinar note. He asked the teller what the rate was and she looks it up on her screen and says that it is showing at .32. He says may I cash it in? She gives him $3,200.00 and a receipt. The copy of the receipt is being sent to me and I will spend today and tomorrow verifying it’s authenticity. How many times have I told you Family to pay attention to currency converter sites? How many times have I told you that we have seen these rates mysteriously appear In the Still of the Night and then …….just as quickly disappear? If this story is true……..this dear Brother of ours was at the right place at the right time. By law………the bank has to pay him EXACTLY what the rate is at the time he requested. If the rate was not up 5 minutes later and they cashed him out………’s not his fault  (How about you confirm these BS stories first, and then tell us?)


if the IQD should float let’s say on FOREX ………it would be the equivalent of an RI for us. IMO……..we would be talking about less than 3 months for the IQD to hit 3+. Wall Street is salivating at the opportunity of trading the IQD. They can’t mess with penny stocks right now but they know the moment this currency is internationally recognizable they will put it on the wings of Phoenix and watch as it soars to great heights NOT ONCE EVER getting close……….to the Sun. The IQD whether RI’d or allowed to float………..will become the most powerful currency on this planet.  (If the IQD were to “float” it would actually sink.  Even backing it 100% with their foreign currency reserves they can’t maintain the official value on the streets.  There is no international confidence right now in Iraq or its currency.  People are hopeful, and perhaps guardedly optimistic, but hardly confident enough to snatch up a buttload of IQD and drive the value up to $3.)


You bought a stock called IQD, for a dividend called RI/RV which produces a product called oil that will return our dividend during phase 2 based on oil.  (Currency is not stock.  This is one of the biggest lies told by douchebags pumping dinar.  Breitling and Brad Huebner also made this claim but it’s not true.  Stocks increase in value as companies grow, but most growing economies have a depreciating currency.) 

For further consideration: (CC with Okie in Nov. 2010 – It’s happening now!) (20 trillion dinar in the US?)

I guess that’s enough for now.  I’ll update everybody as I have more.