Frankly Reeking I (12/28/11)

One of the most popular dinar gurus is a man named Frank Villa (aka Frank26), a descendant of Mexican legend Pancho Villa according to his MySpace page.  Frank is a master of weaving dinar “intel” and rumours with bible lessons and prayer to maintain a loyal following of Christian dinarians.  This is an excerpt from one of his conference calls back on July 1, 2011.


Greetings Family,

I told you that we would reunite Tuesday night on our CC………but I also told you that if something of significance should arise we would share it with you. I have two things to tell you ……..the first one I will have TINK type for you. The second one will be presented to you via a link where you will click on to listen and hear a conversation between me and one of our Team members. Let’s start.

You are to take this to the Lord in prayer Family for I have done my best to avoid any exaggeration or contamination of this info. There is a gentleman that is in Iraq……….he called his minister on the mainland today around 3pm EST. There was excitement in his voice as he reported that ……”they are doing it now!” Family………They are releasing the new currency to the Iraqi citizens. They have told the citizens that the US dollar must be removed out of circulation immediately. They went on to say that old currency would have a window of time to be traded in for the new currency. IMO Family………this is a mandate for the Iraqi citizens as far as a timeframe……….not for us when we exchange. They are telling the citizens that they want everyone to use the IQD from now on. They told the Iraqi citizens today that the new currency will have an increased value to it………but they did not give a rate yet to the citizens. There is more to this source of info and I am scheduled to learn more tonight.

Secondly………I received a phone call from one of our Team members who was assigned a specific role. When he called in it took me a second to realize who he was. I turned on my recorder which I only use when gathering intel from my Teams so that I can go back and double check what was said. Notes have failed me in the past ……….never again. When I was done with the conversation I realized the value of this info and decided to share it with you. We recorded it on to a freeconferencing format for you to listen. I suppose I could break it down for you ……..but it speaks for itself. Below is a post from our last thread from MarinemomCA that can be bonded with what you are about to hear.

by MarinemomCA » Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:22 pm • [Post 622]

I was to Wells Fargo bank yesterday. I met with a personal banker. We spoke of the dinar and dong and she just smiled. I asked questions and didn’t get to many firm answers. Until I said if I came in with my foreign currency and went to the teller next week would I be able to cash it in. She said Yes.

So, I am ready for next week!!! How about the rest of you???? Show me the RV

I hope you enjoy what I have shared with you today. Btw……..sorry if it straightened out your curls MARY COOPER……..LOL. Many of your calls today where concerned that the DFI was renewed for another year under our protection. Why would you be concerned about something so positive in the direction of our investment? You see…….as they walk out of CH7 from the UNSC they walk into CH8 of the IMF. As I told you last night……no animal caged for almost 30 years is going to sit in the same cage once you set him free and open the door. That’s what happened today on July 1st, 2011. So as Iraq’s infrastructure explodes in the next 6 months …….. so will the IQD. Many nations who seek restitution or claims of ancient debt from Iraq…..will never see a single dinar in payment. We protect Iraq’s oil and money in American accounts and further protect them with the DFI renewal. Let me ask you something gentlemen of KTFA ………… if Iraq’s money and oil could be compared to our soul mates ……….. may I propose this question? “Who would dare touch our wives!!!?” So with that in mind Family ………… do not fear the DFI because ……… ”WE GOT THEM!!!”  S41755k………you know where my phone numbers are at ………please call me. I understand about the extra.  It’s been awhile since I posted and said that I leave you with My Christian love and Aloha.




It’s likely that no commentary is necessary with this, but I’m going to comment anyway.  First of all, let’s remember that it was Frank who conducted a countdown to RV in 2010 (T minus X days or less), convinced that it had to happen by the end of the year.  When it didn’t happen, rather than just admit that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about Frank blamed the Iraqis.  Then in May he brought on a guy named George Robinson who claimed that God revealed to him that the RV would be from $3.87-$3.89 and would happen in late May-June 10, 2011.  Well of course the rate is still 1170 IQD to 1 USD some seven months later.  Then in this chat he starts feeding us the BS story about Iraq issuing the new lower denoms to the Iraqi people, along with the proclamation that they want the USD out of Iraq immediately!  Interesting that here we are a half a year later, and nobody has seen these bills yet.  And the last time I checked there’s plenty of USD in Iraq.  And I don’t know about their infrastructure, but the IQD has hardly “exploded”.

In the summer of 2010 Frank was telling us that the GOI was secretly formed.  It wasn’t until late October that the prime minister issue was resolved, and here we are more than a year later and we still don’t have all of the positions filled.

On August 20, 2011 Frank told his listeners:

May I share some intel with you today?………….. Shabibi is also
saying that the new currency is going out, the LDs. Guess what family? Some
contacts told me that they saw them with their own eyes. If Shabibi said this,
and some contacts told us they saw them, then you better start to get ready.
Pray for this I just told you family, and just be patient for just a little

Yeah, they’ve seen them but none of us have.  Not one stinkin’ photo in the two years they’ve been telling us about them.  Now for the pièce de résistance.  In this brief audio Frank has one of his team members share a bank story (along with the obligatory “grin” or “smile” reference) saying that cash-in would commence on the east coast after 5 PM July 1, 2011 at Chase bank.;0OTc3NDYwNjg=0

In February of 2011 Frank said:

CNN says this morning that the IQD is about to RV. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! Nope. CAN I HAVE THE LINK FRANK? Nope. Join me tomorrow as we show you 3,500 contracts that have just been paid by the GOI and we will explain this paragraph.

No link was ever provided to support his statement.

This is what you get from Frank Villa.  You get crap intel.  You get silly made up stories about conversations between various parties involved in the RV.  You get absurd analysis of news articles and official documents.  You get bible lessons.  You hear admonitions to be good stewards of the windfall from this “blessing”.  You listen to annoying riddles and personal anecdotes that have no relevance to the dinar.  You get to hear Delta (his Arabic translator) tell you that when Shabibi talks about deleting the zeros, reducing the money supply, and raising the value to $.86 – all of which perfectly describe a lop – that it’s not a lop.  You get to listen to Frank’s creepy sermons, singing, and references to the “family”.  Frank’s background is in marketing and the restaurant business.  He has no qualifications that I know of when it comes to currency or investment analysis.  I have never heard Frank offer any explanation of how Iraq would RV to his rate of $3.86.  It’s all based on his understanding (or lack thereof) of statements coming out of Iraq.  For the life of me I don’t understand why people flock to him by the thousands, hanging on to his every word, but they do.  I guess there’s something in his delivery that gives people a good feeling about being a part of this “blessing”.  But sooner or later common sense has to trump feelings.  Sooner or later people need to wake up and recognize that a man can only be wrong so many times before forfeiting his credibility.

We’re working on obtaining additional info on Frank, and hope to have more to share in the next few weeks so stay tuned.  In the meantime take a look at the links below.  They’ll give you a glimpse into the world of Frank.

Frank26 – Frank’s profile on IIF saying he was banned in December of 2008 for lies

Frank chat April 13, 2010 – Frank says “For some reason many of you are allowing the pain of the lifting of 000’s to dominate you. This is not about a LOP!!! Okay….okay……..let me ask you a question. If they are going to lift the 000’s from your $25,000 currency note how are they going to do that to a 50.00 IQD? Silly rabbit.”  If they lop, the three zeros will be lifted from the current value of $.00086 to make the new value $.86.  All bills will be replaced with new bills representing the new value, silly douchebag.  Frank ends the post with an “RV in two days” rumour.

Frank call 12/9/2010“Frank says in April he applied for a line of Credit and now they are telling us we are going to get it in a couple of weeks… the banks know whats coming….”  I wonder what those banks are thinking now?

Frank post 1/10/11 – “For the very last time ………Iraq cannot LOP because the math behind it is impossible to even perform a LOP. Inflation must be tremendously high in order to adopt a LOP. Iraq’s is 3% ……….where is the logic in ignoring that?”  Actually many countries wait until they have inflation under control to lop.  Wrong again, Frank.