Exogen Post and Response (2/21/14)

The recent BBC Trending story on TNT Tony’s Twitter campaign produced quite a reaction from various gurus.  As you might expect there were accusations that the BBC is a bunch of hacks, the story was put out there by the PTB, they were wrong to call the dinar a scam, there’s no way the dinar will go down in value …. etc.  But the one response that I felt most compelled to address was that of a Tony lackey named Exogen.  This is one of the most poorly constructed and logically flawed rebuttals I’ve encountered in all my years of dinardom.  Below you’ll find XO’s words in red and my responses in bold black.


It appears that a BBC article written by Cordelia Hebblethwai is an attempt by the owners of the Cental Banks, who have historically privatized the currencies in all but three countries of the world, to discredit Tony and to use their ownership of the drive by media to try to tell the public not to buy any dinar and to reject the tweets sent out by dinarians through #wearethepeople that have been posted to make the bankers and administration accountable to the people. Tony has been an open book to all his listeners. We all know about his criminal charges pending, as he has discussed this several times. He has not been tried, and we are to presume he is innocent until proven guilty. Of course, if he were taking any money from you, then you should be concerned, but he is not. If Tony was telling you to go out and buy dinar or dong and getting a “commission” from the currency dealers, then you should ignore and shun him, but he is not doing that.

First of all, her name is Cordelia Hebblethwaite.  It’s only fitting that Exogen got the facts wrong in the first sentence, because it sets the tone for the rest of this rubbish.  If the central banks were concerned about people buying dinar why would they need to turn to a BBC Trending reporter to do something about it?  I mean if these powerfaul gazillionaires wanted to stop dinarians from buying up any more of this precious paper they could just shut down the dinar dealers, right?  And no, Tony has not been an open book.  Was he telling people about his criminal background and his current legal problems before this blog and a few others started providing links and informing the dinar public about these matters last year?  I think not.  He was forced to discuss this stuff because people were asking questions.  That’s not transparency, XO.  That’s douchebaggery. 

If one analyzes the stories over the years spoken to the public by the reporters of the drive by media, there is evidence that people behind the scenes are intentionally feeding the reporters with lies upn lies to cover up their elitist agenda for world-wide control to dumb down the people. Why doesn’t Ms Heblethwai report about the lies fed by the owners of the drive by media? The real owners behind the banks, those managing the unregulated Federal Reserve, for example, pay people to lie and to post and report lies to the public.

The dumbing down has been done by these dinar douchebags who have completely hoodwinked inexperienced currency speculators into believing that a currency can be revalued to such a great extent that millionaires will be created as a result.  Anybody with a grade school math proficiency should be able to discover otherwise once they have all the facts.  And the reason Ms. Hebblethwaite doesn’t report on the media owners is simple.  She writes for BBC Trending.  Her job is to see what the hot topics are in the world of social media.  TNT Tony’s hair-brained Twitter campaign caught her attention because of the (mostly fake) numbers that were being generated, and she did her job and reported on it.  Anybody void of a tinfoil hat should be able to see that.

People should listen to whistleblower karen Hudes, previous chief counsel for the World Bank, who calls those hidden people behind the scenes that own the Central banks to be criminals and thugs. The first Central Bank that was turned over by a government to private people was the UK. There is a lot of things hidden, and most of those in the world have been asleep, and I think that whistleblowers like Karen Hudes are the people Ms. Hebblethwai should be interviewing. There is a Collateral Account, which has art treasures, precious metal, precious stones, etc. She says there are 175,500 tons of gold on deposit in the Bank of Hawaii to back up or underpin the currency that the UST should cause to be issue in the Global Currency Reset to fulfill the IMF requirement to have an asset-backed currency.

Karen Hudes is just another rambling, delusional nutjob who caters her message to the conspiracy nuts of the world. Watch these videos (especially #2) to hear her talk about the Jesuits, the cabal, Michelle Obama’s honey trap, a thwarted nuclear attack on South Carolina, and the aforementioned massive stash of gold in Hawaii.  No wonder the World Bank showed her the door.  (Read more about Karen Hudes here.)  Also, there is no such thing as a GCR and the IMF has made no such requirement.

I think it is interesting that Cordelia Hebblethwai didn’t note that the dealers, such as CXI or DinarTrade are registered with the US Treasury – if this is such a problem, why don’t they shut the dealers down? Why is the UST’s largest inventory of foreign currency the Dinar? Is Tony making a “commission” on every Dinar or Dong sold? No! Does Tony get paid by advertisers? No! Is Tony selling your names? No! Does he have a right to state his OPINION about the Global Currency Reset? Yes, every car salesman has a right to give his opinion as to the condition of a used car, don’t they? Yet, when you buy a used car, you buy it “AS IS”. One of the elements of being guilty of a “SCAM” is that you profit from the misrepresentation. Tony has made it clear that he gets “NOTHING” from being a guru! In fact, his site is is one of the few who does it free without charge. As long as there is no commission paid to Tony by the “dinar dealers” and those “encouraging” people to buy them, then thistony’s broadcasts are all 100% legal. In TNT Tony’s case, there is nothing I have heard that would suggest he is operating outside the law.

Registering with the US Treasury doesn’t make you any more legit than registering for wedding gifts.  All it means is that you have provided your contact information so that the government can keep track of currency transactions as part of their money laundering and anti-terrorist efforts.  As the BBC Trending article states, everything the dealers and gurus are doing is 100% legal unless a money trail between the two is detected.  That doesn’t make it right, but that’s the world we live in.  The UST’s largest inventory of foreign currency is not the dinar, XO.  In fact the UST has stated that they only hold a nominal amount for daily transactions (page 5).  The largest are the yen and the euro.



The innacurate part in the Article is Tony does not encourage anyone to buy any currency. I have listened to Tony for a year now, and I can say that Tony repeatedly says, “Now do not go out and buy any dinar or dong by what is said today!” In fact, he said it in his conference call on 02-14-2014.

Maybe Tony has never said “Go buy some dinar” in so many words, but when he’s constantly talking about the RV or GCR that’s going to happen any day now and saying that everything is done and that we’re just waiting for the 800 numbers to cash in …. anybody with any sense knows that people who are new to the dinar are going to quickly place an order so they won’t be left out.  No lame disclaimer is going to change that fact.


Finally, the article did not say that if a purchaser of the dinar has a right to go back to the currency dealer and sell it back to them. Why did she not bring up this fact? This would be a fair statement to make, but she did not say it. She is not being a well-balanced reporter. How can it be a SCAM if you lose no money or very little money. Where’s the risk? It is like drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol is legal, but if you drive under the influence then that is a crime. If you want to buy dinar or dong with the chance of earning money, then that is your choice. If you get tired of waiting, you re-sell your currency back to the dealer. You wake up with a hangover, but you will get over it in a day or so. People have hangovers all the time, but they still go out and drink. People buy lottery tickets everyday, and the chances of winning is probably 50 million to one. How much money is lost each year on gambling, but it is not illegal to gamble. This is not an investment where you gave Tony your money to invest for you. You hold your own asset in your own possession. Why did Ms. Hebblethwai compare this to an investment fraud. It does not have the same elements at all. Her article was not only unprofessional but also totally misleading. She is comparing apples with oranges.

It’s a scam if everything you’re told to entice you to buy it is a lie.  It’s a scam if you’re told that deleting three zeros means removing the denominations with three zeros from circulation so that they can increase the value by 100,000% and you’re not told that the largest revaluation in history was 35%, and that deleting or removing zeros has always referred to a revenue neutral redenomination.  It’s a scam if you’re told that they’re planning on raising the value and you’re not told that the CBI’s policy is to maintain a stable exchange rate.  It’s a scam if people buy because they were told about a mythical RV or GCR that has no basis in fact.  It’s a scam if people aren’t informed about the risk of illiquidity.  Actually this is very similar to other investment scams based on misleading hype and exploitation of inexperienced and naive investors.  As for the lottery, every lottery commission informs the public as to the odds of winning the jackpot.  They don’t tell people that they have a winning lottery ticket or that it’s a blessing from God like the dinar douchebags do.


A truly Professional Journalist interviews and reveals names where she is getting her information. We should ask Ms. Hebblewai questions. Every journalist is taught in college the basic in news reporting.

Since when?  Journalists have always cited anonymous sources.  Remember Deep Throat?  The source behind the Watergate story?  His identity wasn’t revealed for over 30 years.  I doubt that these economists requested to remain anonymous, however.  She probably just didn’t name them all for the sake of brevity.


WHO are the economists that Ms Hebblethwai talked to? It could be some desk jockey. It could be someone who wants everyone to buy gold, and the buying of the dinar takes away his clients. Who are these so called experts you interviewed?

Well one of them was John Jagerson, an acclaimed currency and investment expert whom I’ve interviewed a couple of times.  Given that he was one of them I’d assume that the economists from Harvard and the London School of Economics were similarly qualified to assess the dinar scam.


WHAT is the IMF leader, Christine LaGard, utting out to the economic world when she frequently uses the phrase, “Global Currency Reset?” [This reporter said that Global Currency Reset is not a word used in the industy- Hello! The head of IMF uses it].

You tell me?  She’s certainly not talking about the GCR that dinar gurus and conspiracy nuts are talking about.  I couldn’t find anywhere that CL used that expression.  The only link any of the GCR crowd could provide to support this claim was where she used the word “reset” at the recent economic forum.  In that case she was talking about Quantitative Easing concerns. 

“My last R is “reset”. We are seeing as necessary going forward, a reset in the area of monetary policies. We believe that quantitative easing and the accommodating monetary policies that have been adopted so far should be continued up until such point where growth is well anchored in those economies, and this is not yet the case everywhere. Reset in the sense that once it is well anchored, then those accommodating monetary policies have to be reformulated … have to move either back into their old territories or be more traditional … or be maybe of a different kind, and I am sure central bankers around here will be able to comment on that. But that’s first reset.”


Nothing is said about a currency reset or changing the way that currency values are determined.  If you can read you can see here that CL is talking about eventually ending the current monetary policies being used to address the problems arising from the financial meltdown of 2008, and returning to the more traditional policies that were in use prior to the crisis.  

WHEN is the reset to take place? [Neither Tony nor anyone else has a handle of this. Everyone says Jesus is coming soon. Does it mean He is not returning? Nobody knows when! How many times has Tony been fed lies by the agents of the PTB?]

So now you’re comparing the GCR to the second coming of Christ?  And was it the PTB that caused Tony’s previous fraud indictments?



WHERE does Ms. Hebblethwai get her facts that 65% of the Tweeter are being fake? Is she saying that those who are tweeting not real because some people do not use their own names? How does she come up with that statistic? How many people has she interviewed? Did she email or tweet herself and make an inquiry or request for people to contract her? She will find out that we are united in our stand, and we will not fall for her lack of failing to use standard practices of investigating reporting. Ms. Hebblethwai reads more like an “OPINION” comment than a news report that has been thoroughly investigated.

You can take what Tony is saying and use it, or you can listen to any other guru, or do not listen to anybody. Do your own research. By the way, I am not getting paid for using my analytical skills for sending out statements like this either. I am merely trying to be helpful. Everyone of you can go sell your currency back to the dealer where you bought it at the current rate of exchange, minue a fee, any time you want. On the other hand, you can wait and see what happens next week.

I couldn’t agree more.  Do your own research.  That’s what I did and that’s how I know that Tony is a scammer and the RV is a scam.


Like me, you are probably frustrated. In the King James version, Daniel 7:25 says, “And he shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High. . . .” The Hebrew word for “wear out” is “bela” from the root word “balah”, which mean”to inflict, consume, become old, spend, or waste.” Who do these very, very wealthy people behind the scenes represent? What is their agenda? Is it to free up the middle class with great wealth? No! They are trying to wear you out. I think Tony is doing his best to combat them. He needs our prayers.

I agree that Tony needs our prayers.  “… pray for them which despitefully use you …” (Mat. 5:44)