Dr. Todd (9/11/12)

Last week Tony from PTR conducted an interview with “Dr. Todd”, an elderly gentleman who claims that he was involved in a 50 year plan to reset the global economy.  Many people were excited to hear his first hand account of how this plan was put together and is now about to come to fruition in the coming days.

Here’s the problem.  When these douchebags at PTR first introduced Dr. Todd (or Dr. Pete) last year they told us that he was one of the people who worked on the Marshall Plan.  Well as I pointed out when I awarded Dan “Checkmate” Atkinson the 2011 Douchebag of the Year award, the last surviving author of the Marshall Plan was George Frost Kennan who died in 2005 at age 101.  I posted that in January and we haven’t heard from Dr. Todd again until this past week.  Interestingly enough this time around he didn’t say anything about being involved in the Marshall Plan, but rather tailored his story to a more believable timeline.  This time he says that he was an air control officer at the end of the Korean War.

The fact that he is associated with the likes of Dan and Tony should be enough to thoroughly discredit this old-timer, but I’m still going to point out a few things.  First, Dr. Todd says that Queen Elizabeth’s father set it up for her to control the funds for 50 years starting in 1958.  A quick glimpse at Wikipedia tells you that her father George VI died in 1952.  Even if you assume that he set it up years in advance you still have to wonder how a man who was having life-threatening health problems at the age of 55 would instinctively know that his daughter would live into her 80s?

Second, Dr. Todd was saying that the RV was happening a year ago.  From what I see his intel is no better than any other dinar douchebag.




Here’s another insightful discussion about Dr. Todd.


My theory here is this.  Knowing what I do about these guys at PTR I suspect that Dr. Todd is a character that these guys created to drag into a conference call periodically when the faithful are losing hope and dropping out of their $15/mo membership.  Much of what he says is vague and rambling like many other douchebags who seek to manipulate people via intimidation and confusion.  If he was really involved in the plan for Iraq as he claims would he be talking about this stuff in a PTR conference call?

Many of the earlier dinar gurus came out of the world of Nesara.  They saw how people were latching onto the hope of global settlements in that crowd and just brought the global settlements myth along with them into the dinar forums.

In his earlier days as a guru Dan drew a lot of his intel from Okie.  If you have followed Okie for awhile you know that he was also into the whole global settlements nonsense.  In fact I have a recording of a conference call where Okie was discussing this subject with Thing 1 and Thing 2 along with the GET Team from 2010.  Could it be that Dan, Tony, and Gary just created Dr. Todd based on the GET Team’s interviews with other anonymous conspiracy nut dinar douchebags?  You’re so cynical, Sam!