Dinar Daddy and The Treasury Vault

Prior to the launching of this blog an interesting story played out in the dinar forums.  Roger Dorman, owner of the Dinar Daddy site, announced his partnership with The Treasury Vault on July 29th as follows:

I am posting this as an announcement to something that was decided upon recently between myself and Treasury Vault.  In the advent of their recent name change, and due to their desire to expand their company into additional markets beyond currencies, and specifically beyond the Dinar, they have given me an offer to be part of their team and I have chosen to accept this new challenge that will take me away from thinking about the Dinar 24×7.

I am excited to be part of their team and growth.  They have assembled an all-star team of attorneys who are ensuring they are in compliance in every possible way with every jurisdiction, business professionals who know what they are doing, and quality employees who do their best to add value anyway they know how.  This has been a difficult decision for me, but I’ve chosen to accept this opportunity.

Working for a currency dealer who happens to also sell Dinar would be uncomfortable for me because I allow “Rumors” and “Doozies” on my “HUB” of Dinar information that could give some the impression I am “pumping” dinar sales.   Although it is my understanding through my team of attorneys that there is no actual or potential legal conflict of interest, I wish to avoid even the perception of a conflict of interest between what I’m choosing to do in my employment and what I have done for so long as Dinar Daddy here on Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits, Dinar Daddy’s Chat, The Weekly Tidbit, and Tidbits Radio.  So, you’ll notice I no longer have those links or sections up on “Tidbits“.  Should you choose to expose yourself to that information going forward through reading the “Rumors” and “Doozies”, feel free to use the links within my “Resources” section of my site to take you to other sites that share such content.

Anyone who has followed me for any extended period of time knows I am VERY CAREFUL and one of the most conservative among those who own sites.  I hold the position with which I’ve found myself very seriously, and have always been honest in my dealings with all of you in every way, probably to the point of prostrating myself when I haven’t needed to to ensure your trust of me.  I have pulled away in the past 3-4 months because I’ve been very disappointed in the information I’ve been receiving and because of some personal issues I’ve been making my priority.  I’ve also had absolutely nothing to share I felt was legitimate, so I’ve remained quiet.  I have learned through sad experience that counting on something to come to fruition is never the way to go.  I am choosing to do all I can now to ensure I provide for my family, and Treasury Vault has given me an opportunity with them that I am very excited about.

I know some will not like this change, and some may even choose to blast me and place themselves in a situation where they will be accountable to me for libel.  Due to my change, I will NOT take it sitting down, and will act quickly and decisively should I find information out there that is blatantly false, misleading, accusatory, and falls within what would be considered libel by law.  In fact, some already have placed them in this situation through their vicious and false claims about me in the past and recently and will be dealt with quickly.  I’ve been blasted for 2 years now by so many people that it’s reached the point to where I am numb.  It’s amazing how hurtful people can be through their words and lies.  All I can say is don’t believe everything you read on the internet.
I feel I’ve shown the Dinar community I am honest and transparent. “By their works ye shall know them….” I would hope you feel that what I have done and continue to do for all of you is proof of who I am to you.  If not, I won’t try to change an opinion, but will continue on with my plans as Dinar Daddy, as an employee of Treasury Vault who will be expanding their markets.  I give my word to ensure everyone who chooses to work with them will be dealt with honestly, fairly, and protectively by me.  Bottom line, Dinar Daddy will have your back should you choose to work with Treasury Vault in choosing to exchange your money for the currencies, products, and other services they offer now and in the future.  There’s just too much at stake for them as a company, and for me personally, to provide anything other than excellence in working with you.  I know you have experienced that here with me.

This announced change by me is my effort to remain transparent to all of you, and to show you all good faith, as your trust is very important to me.  My new role with Treasury Vault will not impact the services I offer each of you now, so all who enjoy following the information this site provides may continue to do so without interruption.  This is once again my effort to be transparent in what I am doing.  Whether you choose to understand my choice or not I wish you  personally and collectively all the very best in your efforts to continue to understand this investment and in your lives.  I will continue to provide my “Tidbits”, “Chats & Posts”, “News”, and “Forex” info that will help us all follow the markets.  I will NO LONGER offer any forum for those who I don’t trust or believe, that being ALL information I have had posted in the past within the “Rumors” and “Doozies” sections of my site.

I hope the majority will see this as a tremendous opportunity to work with me even closer, as I have far more to lose than gain by including my name with that of Treasury Vault.  Again, I will remain as Dinar Daddy.  I am still in the process of rolling out Investor Tidbits my investment information reference site.  That project is getting closer to completion every day.  I’m also still working on my iPhone App.

As far as my efforts with Treasury Vault, I will simply have additional responsibilities, most of which will have nothing to do with Dinar.  My efforts for them will deal with several other products, markets, and services beyond the Dinar that many of you have inquired about that you wish to gain access to.  I love that I will be working with a company who has the desire to expand their offering to meet your demand and I look forward to being your voice to them going forward on any additional products and services.

Also, please know my involvement with Treasury Vault does NOT change my commitment to each of you and Ali of Dinar Trade to run his cash-in office in Salt Lake at the appropriate time.  So, please know I remain committed to that effort when that time comes.

One final note… please do not inundate Treasury Vault with phone calls and emails trying to reach me because of this announcement.  I will not be involved in their customer-facing efforts and services.  I will be working with them strategically to bring forth additional markets, products, and services that are beyond the Dinar, not on the Dinar order fulfillment side.  Please respect the fact that they are doing their best to deliver quality service to their clients.  Anti-productive calls will only serve to inhibit their ability to service those who deserve their quality attention and services.  However, you all know how to reach me should you need my understanding or assistance.  Feel free to email me at dinardaddy@gmail.com should you run into issues that need to be “run up the line” to me and by me.  Again, please know I will have your back in my new role with them, and I will remain Dinar Daddy despite my new efforts with and for them.  There will be no changes to my services with and for you as Dinar Daddy other than you now have reassurance in working with me should you choose to work with Treasury Vault for your dinar or other product purchase needs.
Thank you for your support, loyalty, and understanding.

Go Truth… Go New Opportunities… Go Dinar!
Dinar Daddy
What prompted this announcement and set Roger off? Well, it seems that the raid on the BH Group inspired dinarians to start investigating others associated with them who attended the “guru summit” in Toledo, Ohio. Roger was among them and therefore came under scrutiny. A member at Dinar Vets wrote:

“The currency vault facebook page lists CEO/owner as Angela Plagman Dorman.”

Who is Angela Plagmann Dorman? I’m glad you asked. This is from another DV member:

“If you do a Google search on public corporate records you will find the corporate records for Tidbits, LLC. listed in Anchorage Alaska with a Roger and Angela Dorman listed as principal agents. Their home address is listed in Utah which is the same state that The Currency Vault, LLC. is registered. The principal name listed on The currency Vault business is an Allan Dale Plagmann……now Angela Dorman has a maiden name of Plagmann. If you look on Facebook for an Allan Plagmann you can pull up a page for an Allan Plagmann who is about 26 years old and he lists himself as Senior Fulfillment Officer for Currency Vault. On his page he also lists his father as Allan Plagmann and mother of Vicky. So, this leads me to believe that Angela would be the daughter/daughter in law for Roger Dorman.”

I suppose Angela could also be Roger’s wife or half-sister and Allan could be his brother in law, step-brother, or half-brother. But you get the idea here. They’re all connected. And for Roger to introduce Angela as though she was merely a business acquaintance (see the Blogtalk Radio link below) is disingenuous at best and fraudulent at worst. Apparently Roger heard about this discovery and quickly went into damage control mode and announced his association with The Treasury Vault in order to appear transparent about it. He then proceeded to remove all interviews with currency dealers (The Treasury Vault in particular) from his Blogtalk Radio archives. Nice CYA move, Rog.

You see, Roger has a serious conflict of interest if he is posting rumors about a pending RV on his site while he is also selling dinar. The law requires all investment advisers to be certified and to fully inform their customers about the risks of every investment. This whole ugly episode can be reviewed at





http://www.blogtalkradio.com/adfdatweqb/2011/03/24/dinar-daddy-direct-talk-w-special-appearance-from-the-currency-vault  (fast forward to the interview with Angela from The Currency Vault)

Go Truth!  Go Justice!  Go Away, Douchebag!