Dinar Daddy and Okie (10/9/11)

Okay, I’ve been trying to piece some things together about this crazy dinar story and I think I’ve figured something out. On the Dinar Daddy site Roger states: 

 “I first learned of this opportunity through a friend of one of the authors of “The Plan”. I received very little specific intel from this source, but what I did receive left no doubt that if I was to be approached a million times in my life about investing in this opportunity, I’d never pass it up. For me, it was enough to know that the person passing this information along was indeed someone very special, and he was sharing information with his close friend. The rest I could figure out on my own, and through the tireless phone calls from “sources”, text messages from friends, emails from contacts, and exposure to hours and hours of reading others’ writings in the various dinar forums and news articles.”

This is the kind of statement that really gets dinar investors excited.  “This guy has great connections!  He really knows what’s going on!”  (As I’ve stated previously I believe that “The Plan” is a myth, and is a marketing ploy to sell dinar.)  Okay, so later on in an April 2011 interview with Frank Villa he stated:

“Highest of contacts in government was giving direct information and we were expecting this RV to happen a few years ago”

Okay, so if these high contacts had such good information why were they wrong?  I think that’s a legitimate question, don’t you?  So I started doing a little digging.  On October 30, 2010 Roger stated:

“This gentleman is a very good friend of mine, and I happen to know who his sources are. Should I see ONE negative comment about him, you will be officially blacklisted from my site. Go ahead… try me! I am at the end of my patience once again with those who are trying to destroy the spirit of collaboration and sharing on this site by simply rendering an opinion that has NO VALUE and is given with the sole purpose of ripping the poster. His post is not meant to “pump” in ANY WAY. I know his intention. He is simply excited about what he was told, and apparently couldn’t contain himself. I never would have shared this openly here, despite knowing what he’s talking about, but since it came FROM him to me, and since HE posted it elsewhere, I feel I should post it here. We wait… – DD”

Who was this gentleman to whom he was referring?  Well on Nov. 12, 2010 he states:


I just want to bring to your attention that Okie Oil Man has been DEAD ON the entire last few weeks with his information since coming back into the online scene.

He is, in every way, connected to those who know what is going on.  He was the ONLY one stating last weekend that Thursday they’d form the government.  He warned us early of delays, which weren’t really delays, but simply Iraqi government processes, and so on.

So, before you start ripping my friend, like you naysayers did earlier in the week until I shut you up, realize this situation is very volatile, and things are now happening.  I would not be surprised if we see something this coming weekend.  If not, I can assure you Okie will have been given reasons as to why.

I know who I can trust.  I know who is genuine.  I know who is here to help and who is here to take advantage of others.”

That’s right!  It was none other than Okie Oil Man.  Roger has complete confidence in Okie because he knows Okie’s sources.  Well at least he used to.  After two months of Okie saying “it’s done” every week and throwing out bogus intel and ridiculous rates Roger finally had enough and threw Okie under the bus in late January.

But wait a minute.  Why was Roger so confident in Okie’s intel and sources at one point?  Why was he willing to ban anybody who bashed Okie?  Well, I refer you to Roger’s statement “I first learned of this opportunity through a friend of one of the authors of “The Plan”  My guess is that this friend was his friend Okie, who we all know claims to have these great connections to people in the know.  According to Dinar Guru one of them is Dick Cheney who Brad Huebner claims is one of the authors of “The Plan”.  Since then Okie has proven that he knows absolutely nothing of any substance and nobody with any real information.

According to Website Outlook the Dinar Daddy site alone produces an income of well over $100K/yr.  Then you add The Treasury Vault, the iPhone app, the safes, the books, the other dinar related websites that Roger owns and everything else that he’s selling and my guess is that you could double that amount.  Who needs an RV?  So Roger probably started out pumping the dinar believing that he really knew somebody connected to Dick Cheney who had valuable information, and now he is just pimping the dinar knowing that his source turned out to be a total putz but this Dinar Daddy thing is a frickin’ gold mine.

The Plan?  A myth.  The source?  Okie.  The RV?  A crapshoot.  The Dinar Daddy site?  A cash cow.  Just a theory.