December Update (12/6/13)

Well here we are in December.  Boy has this year gone by fast, and still no RV!?!?!??  What up wit’ dat?  I’m starting to have my doubts about this.  LOL!!!

Actually I’m just mimicking what I’ve read on many of the dinar forums.  People are starting to express their doubts more freely than in the past, and this blog’s readership has surpassed every expectation I had when I started writing about these douchebags two years ago.  A couple of weeks ago the total views hit half a million.  I realize that many of them are repeaters but many aren’t, too.  I’d estimate that upwards of 30,000 people have visited this blog.  I’ve recently seen a week where the daily average was almost 2,000 hits!  For a lopper site that’s unheard of.  I’d love to attribute that to my wit, charm, and brilliant intellect, but I’d say that’s probably an overreach.  People are looking for answers and when they type in dinar related keywords my blog shows up in the results.  Here are a few examples of keywords used to draw people to the blog.

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They wouldn’t come here if they didn’t suspect that something is up.  The popularity of the blog is surely more of a testament to the disillusionment of dinarians than it is to any of my skills.  Regardless of why, I’m happy to see the awakening taking place.

One of my readers sent me this recently:

I work at a call center for one of the “major four banks” that’s supposedly participating in the IQD buy-backs (we’re not, of course).  Specifically, I’m a specialist in foreign currency.  You know, I sell Euros to people who are going on European cruises and give out exchange rates.  Or at least, that’s mostly what I do.  I’d say around 15-25% of our phone calls are regarding currency speculation.  It’s frustrating to deal with them because when presented with facts, they respond by accusing us of being part of a conspiracy (one caller said to my coworker “I know you guys have a gag order or whatever and can’t talk about it…”).  Plus, it’s a sales department.  We have goals to meet and they are wasting our time with these pipe dreams! 

This is the blog I would write if I didn’t think I’d get fired for posting that stuff.  This bank takes it’s reputation very seriously and doesn’t stand for their employees blogging about work.  I was especially intrigued by your post regarding revenue from web traffic.  That hadn’t occurred to me at all.

I’ve shared your blog with a bunch of my coworkers and we’re all getting a big kick out of it.  I told them, “I’m gonna email that guy and tell him he’s my hero!”

And another one sent this:

I stumbled upon your website a few days ago and have read some of your blog entries.  I must cheer your efforts and congratulate you for your objective and logical reasoning while using verifiable evidence.

I must tell you a quick anecdote that you may think is too unbelievable to be true; I assure you, it isn’t!  I have a friend that invested in the Iraqi Dinar in January 2013.  She is in the lower middle income bracket and lives in Vancouver, BC.  She flew to Nevada in order to meet a rather large congregation of fellow ‘investors’ from Florida, Australia, and England.  She asked me for financial aid in order to help pay her rent in Vancouver so her 18-year-old son would not have to live without a roof over his head.  I lent her $1,200.00 in mid February.  I am completely astonished that she is still living out of her suitcase in a Nevada motel awaiting this hypothetical RV.  I email her every few weeks requesting an update, however, she always responds with the same old stories… “soon, soon, soon…”.  I have yet to receive a single dime of my owed monies.

Beyond the good deeds of your website, it truly is a sad reality that some very good-natured people get caught up in this Dinar scam!  I want to thank you for espousing the truth respecting this global investment scam and truly wish that more people come to their senses after reading your blog entries.

I get emails along these lines frequently, but these two stood out as they reveal the extent of the lunacy that is the RV myth.  While I’m amazed at this kind of insanity, I’m equally baffled as I read on the boards about people who have been waiting for the RV for five years or more.  Seriously?  How long does it take to catch on, guys?  It took me less than two years and I thought I was slow.  I can’t imagine people listening in on conference calls, logging on to their favorite dinar site, and checking the CBI website every day, week after week, month after month, year after year since 2008 or so.  It’s time to move on, people. 

In November a guru named TD shook a lot of people up with this:

11-23-2013 Iraq is making it known publicly to the world their intentions be absolute and put to rest whether or not there will be a LOP…and he also confirmed (emphatically !!) that the LOP of the existing notes will be done.

A concerned caller asked BGG about this and his response was:

there are plenty of anti-pumpers as well as there are pumpers being paid by the same dealers … a dealer makes 20% on the way in and 20% on the way out, and they don’t care which direction you’re going ….. technically it can’t happen ….. they would have identical notes with two different values in different places – that’s just not gonna happen

Well first of all, I’ve probably been called an anti-pumper as much as anybody, and no dealer has ever offered me a stinking dime.  It’s nonsense to say that people are being paid to bash the dinar.  Dealers have no trouble buying the stuff from suppliers.  If they did, it wouldn’t be such a hassle selling it back to them.  The only reason they offer a buyback program in the first place is to ease liquidity concerns on the part of speculators since they can no longer sell them to the banks.

And second, the notes wouldn’t be identical in a lop.  The new notes would be issued in lower denominations and they would have different designs as the lop articles have clearly pointed out.  They will also have the Kurdish language on them.  And most redenominations over the past 50 years have been carried out exactly this way.  Two series of notes with different valuations co-exist for a time until the old notes are no longer in circulation.  Anybody who has researched the history of redenominations knows this.  BGG is either ignorant or lying.

But the biggest buzz in November was the announcement of the CBI’s bond initiative.  Apparently they’re going to begin using bonds as a means of managing the internal exchange rate and controlling inflation and interest rates.  Some are reading RV into this of course, since they assume that it will lead to a reduction in the money supply.  I really don’t see any more reason to expect a reduction in the money supply with bonds than we’ve seen in all the years that they used the actions to accomplish their monetary objectives.  It’s just a monetary policy change, like when our Federal Reserve raises or lowers interest rates or pursues quantitative easing.  Anybody here ever seen any big celebration taking place over any of that?

In closing, I’d like to issue a reminder that this is the time of year when the gurus talk about the RV making it a very merry Christmas.  They say that every year and they’re always wrong.  They’ll be wrong again this December, because the CBI’s policy is stability.  But I’d still like to wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.


Happy Holidays!!!