Dan and Circus Dinar (7/10/12)

I just listened to a conference call from last Thursday with Dan and Tony at PTR.  This was very entertaining as Dan is complaining about all of the bad intel his group is getting.  Seems his sources are always wrong.  (NOOOO!!!!!  REALLY???)  His theory is that government agencies are leaking bad intel to see who will repeat inside information and who won’t.  That topic was addressed back in December in my interview with Enoch8 when we were discussing intel.  Apparently Dan is just now catching on.

When Dan and SteveI and their buddies did their unauthorized conference calls at Dinar Vets a couple of years ago their justification was that Adam Montana wasn’t telling anybody what was going on and the members needed some real intel.  They were tired of being kept in the dark.  His group supposedly had great contacts and could supply the information that Mr. Montana either wasn’t sharing or didn’t have access to.  Now Dan apparently has discovered that this intel game isn’t as easy as he thought it was.  From his repeated pleas of “I know you’re getting as tired of hearing this as I am saying it” I suspect that Dan’s members are turning on him.  About time!

As readers of my blog can attest to I’m no fan of Adam Montana.  I think the guy’s a complete fraud.  However, sinner or saint Dinar Vets is his site, and what Dan and his rat pack did was in essence member theft.  They broke the rules and then played the role of victims.  Thousands of people followed them thinking that now they were going to have access to the real scoop about the RV.  WRONG!!!  LOL!  And the irony is that many of them were VIP members at DV and they followed Dan thinking that they were going to get his intel for free.  HA!!!

I wrote about this a while back in “You Can’t Con a Con“.  In particular I was thinking about how people like Breitling and James Wolf (Adam Montana) saw the number of followers that Med and Frank were drawing and decided to get in on this dinar thing.  Then after DV took off TerryK and his guys saw the numbers Adam Montana was getting and started trying to steal his members when they were banned.  Then along comes Rudy Coenen with his dog and pony show.  Banned!  Then Dan’s merry band of douches pop up and it’s deja vu all over again.  Seems there’s no honor among douchebags.  I believe that the big allure to scammers is the huge numbers of followers you can acquire by presenting yourself as some kind of authority on the dinar, especially if you tell people what they want to hear … “you’re gonna be rich”.  The more followers you have the more potential suckers customers you have from which to extract money.  That’s why you’ll never hear any of these guys say “wow folks, bad news …. things aren’t going well in Iraq” or “I just read what this guy said about deleting the zeros means lop and I’m starting to reconsider my viewpoint” or “There’s a good chance we’re gonna lose money on this thing”.  Can’t afford to scare them off.  No, it’s always sunshine and roses.  “All good news.  Intel is very encouraging.”

In the past year there has been an explosion of dinar related conference calls, most of them sharing some “intel” from nameless sources.  Everybody and his brother is trying to get their piece of the dinar pie by drawing a crowd.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at IQD Calls.  CC’s every day.  Literally hundreds already this year.   Most of them pitching some dinar dealer or some other product.  And the dinar?  Well there’s not really much to say.  As Dan and the rest of them show us nearly all of the intel has flopped so all we can go by is what they’re telling us at the CBI.  Looks like they’re gonna lop.

Dan followed up the Thursday call with a clarification call on Friday, explaining how the whole dinar journey has unfolded for him.  In this call he said:

When I first got involved in this in early 2010 late 2009, first thing we were looking for was myself, I really got interested in April 1 when I seen the first Paris Treaty announcement of China forgiving 80% of the debt and Russia blah blah … all these different things …. and I said “Wow!What I’ve been hearing is true!”  That was my first enlightening moment on this.  I started building my foundation on the fact that that many countries would not forgive this debt ……..
What took place in this situation where I was looking at it, is I was being told for about three or four weeks about this Paris Treaty and the forgiving of debt and why the forgivement of debt was gonna take place because … and the guy said “Dan you know how company structures work … if a company had … if they were gonna try to make what their stocks were worth, what their company was worth what would they do?  What’s the profit & loss statement for the year, where does the company sit … blah blah blah … these countries are done the same way, and if they can forgive the debt of Iraq to X amount and then they can start building up the infrastructure of Iraq and this is the story I was hearing …. building in their roads, start putting in the electricity and so on and so on and all the things they had to bring back to this country and if they put it back on its feet so that they can revalue the currency the world would win … those that bought into the Iraqi dinar.  Now we weren’t really supposed to really get involved, but as the Bush and Cheney administration put this together they got a little excited with themselves and they told a few people that told a few people that told a few people and along come the internet … TA DA!!! Here we are! Never had a revaluation like this one, have they?

Holy crap!  Where do I start?  Debt relief goes back all the way to biblical times with the year of Jubilee.  It’s hardly a new concept applied solely to Iraq.  As for the Paris Club, they’ve forgiven over $1 billion of Liberia’s debt, over $7 billion of DR Congo’s debt,  and $30 billion of Nigeria’s debt.  I suppose we’re waiting for all of these countries to revalue their currencies too?

We weren’t supposed to know about this?  Really, Dan?  Presumably trillions of dollars at stake and they just got so excited they couldn’t help themselves!  They had to talk about it?  LOL!!!  Are you at all familiar with the concept of classified information?

Along came the internet?  In 2003?  Uh, the internet was created in the 60s, Dan.  And the worldwide web has been around for twenty years.  I started using it in 1995.  In fact I was talking to people in a chat room on 9/11/2001.  It’s not bloody likely that these guys were caught off guard by the possibilities of internet communication and research.

Never had a revaluation like this one?  You mean where a currency increases in value by 300,000% or more?  Uh, no … don’t believe they have.  In fact the largest RV in history was about 30%.  All the more reason to dismiss the idea that the dinar’s value is going to shoot up to 86 cents or more at the flip of a switch.

Dan Atkinson is sympomatic of everything that’s wrong with this “investment”.  He’s good at talking, but his background is in network marketing, not investment or currency analysis.  His motivation is obvious, to the point of creating bogus intel (he said that ATMs in Iraq were loaded with lower denoms in the summer of 2010), using that to draw a following, blatantly scheming to take his followers from another forum owner, stating that his intel would be free, then charging a fee because the expenses were greater than expected, and then insisting that the whole thing wasn’t contrived from the beginning.  His “intel” is crap because he doesn’t understand the concept that Enoch8 addressed … cross-referencing.  Rumours are not intel.  Hearing something from somebody you believe is not intel.  There’s an entire process of information vetting that needs to take place before any intel can be considered legit.  (Hell, the US Govt couldn’t get the right intel on WMD in Iraq or the whereabouts of Bin Laden for years.  You think an amateur is gonna master it in a few months?)  Then there’s the wrong assumptions about what’s going on with the RV based on pumper lines and forum facts.  I just addressed a few of them, but my blog has addressed about a hundred others.  It’s guys like Dan Atkinson that have turned the dinar into a circus.  Unfortunately for the people who pay him to get in, there are no refunds.