Connecting the Dots II (9/9/12)

A few weeks back I posted about Dinar Corp and some of the people associated with it.  One of those people was Ivy Johnson who now acts as DC’s spokesman.  Well a little more research has produced some very interesting results about Ivy.  He had a company called Ivy Johnson Broadcasting and another called Top Level Position.  It seems that they’re both defunct now but the best I can gather is that Ivy Johnson Broadcasting was dedicated to video for the web and Top Level Position was an internet marketing company.  They did work for Pur3x, a MLM company selling an energy drink.

If you’ll go to and watch the second video you’ll learn a bit about the founder of Pur3x Andrew Rinehart.  He says he’s from Salt Lake City and learned about the potential of MLM from a company in Draper, Utah.  That sounded familiar to me so I went back into my archives and found a post I did last year called “MLM Meets the Dinar” about a company called DINAR XLR8R, now also defunct it seems.  Their domain name was registered to Efusjon, Inc. in Draper, Utah.  Efusjon is also an energy drink.  Coincidence?  I think not.

When I researched Efusjon back in October I wanted to see if it was a scam so I typed “Efusjon” and “scam” into Google and all I got was page after page of posts from distributors saying that it wasn’t a scam.  The marketing strategy seemed clear to me.  Participants were apparently advised to create webpages and videos talking about the wonders of Efusjon and what an incredible opportunity it is  … blah blah blah.  They were sure to say it’s not a scam so that search engines would find the word “scam” in their text and pull up their site when somebody used it as a keyword.   That way you don’t find the pages that have something negative to say about the company on the first few pages.  Very clever!

Well I tried the same thing with Pur3x and got similar results.  They’re obviously using the same internet marketing strategy as Efusjon, and my guess is that Ivy’s company Top Level Position (a reference to a high search engine ranking) was behind it.  But apparently Ivy was more involved with Pur3x than that.  On their Facebook page you will find photos of Ivy at a Pur3x function in Atlanta, posing alongside some hot models and the company’s founder.  I’m thinking he was probably a distributor as well, as there’s no need for the videographer to pose with the product and a horny looking chick.


It looks like Ivy was also involved in a lead generating mass mail operation called Super Sale Mail. It was included in an email address of his.  So we can see here that Ivy’s background isn’t in currency or investing.  Like so many others in the dinar world his background is in marketing.

Anyway, back to the Draper, Utah connection.  DINAR XLR8R was linked to Roger Dorman (Dinar Daddy) via The Currency Vault (now The Treasury Vault – also in Draper, Utah) as their supplier and via their technical contact Scott Sorenson (also in Draper, Utah) whom Roger once interviewed.  I’m not saying that Roger was involved in Pur3x or that he’s connected to Ivy but there does seem to be a lot of dinar activity linked to Utah.  Roger’s buddy Breitling lives one state over in Nevada and the MLM real estate group he promotes (REIC) is in Utah.  Also the BH Group sells Xango which is based in Utah.

Here’s an interesting article on MLM and Utah.  And here’s what the state of Utah says about the dinar.  You have to wonder if there’s a connection between the two?