Comments on Adam Montana (9/24/11)

(From Dinar Outcast)

I read this in an email and I about came out of my skin as I was reading the response from the CBI contact. Do you have any idea why?

Let me tell you why and let’s see if you have the same idea I had….

Almost daily, I receive email from those darn Nigerians or others that are out there to scam money from me by telling me I have either won the British lottery, or if I would be willing to help set up a bank account I can inherit a bazillion dollars. I hope I am not the only one on the internet that has received these. We all should know those kinds of messages and realize right away just how deceitful they are. I am not saying the CBI contact is a Nigerian but I am NOT saying the contact isn’t either.

I questioned this contact from day 1. I made a post about it. (sorry, link is at R2B)

I attempted contacting Adam Montana several times resulting in no response. I am careful not to disclose my skills in full. Some think they are smart, and some are. In this case, the talk of a person has convinced others he is smart and I still believe to this day that many have had the wool pulled over their eyes. After reading this post, I am more convinced to the point of calling the whole saga a FRAUD. That is right, I said it and until I get the info I have asked for to prove all info to be true, I am labeling his operation as a FRAUD. Yes, if you want to share with others, go right ahead. My position stands firm and will only be reversed when we can prove that what he has provided is actually the truth.

Did you know:

About one in six consumers have at some time acted on a spam message, affirming the economic incentive for spammers to keep churning out millions of obnoxious pitches per day, according to a survey.

Before I get to what set me off, let me share with you a little info that good ol DinarVets is looking at after people click the link in the email:

Here’s the email. If you forward this, please include the following link: (yeah right! see HG in chat for a lesson on how they are learning from you)

In the original message, it takes you to a link at DinarVets. What it does do is include a few sneaker characters (that some of us know) that will give you the information they are really interested in…like, how many people are coming to my site and where are they coming from. The information gathered is very useful when it comes to figuring out how to target the audience to generate traffic to do what…generate $$$….as I have said all along!

Check out what they are collecting <— ps, that page has the link to the original DV source. For obvious reasons, I will not post that here!

Let’s get to what grabbed my attention. First, let’s realize that if the CBI dude is real, we may see some breaks in the english structure. However, that was not the case in the initial AM presentation. So, based on the email correspondence I have received from the Middle East, I am familiar with certain phrases and mispellings. In the case of this post, what got my attention was not what I expect to see…..come with me and let’s take a look…..

Let’s start here:

On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 9:11 AM, XXXXXXXXXXXXX wrote:

Thank you for your continued respect and courtesy.Yes, you may publish detail. Please delete my contact information from publishing.Will be contacting you later this week with the information.

Ok, I can buy that for a dollar…

How about this?

On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 6:06 AM, Dinar News <8888888> wrote:

I have to admit, this is probably the best news I have heard in YEARS! Of course you also have my returned trust, you have earned that. I do need to ask one favor. Before I can commit to anything on behalf of my group, I need their permission and I need to know a few more details. First, may I reproduce this email conversation? I will of course remove your contact information.
Best regards, as always.
Adam Montana
My opinion….programmed response. The bait being set. Personally, I would never write like that to my ME contacts or professional businessmen in the ME.

Now, let’s take a look at this….

On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 3:03 AM, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX wrote:

Hello Adam, Thank you for the connection, and also thank you for your patience. We
all know the importance of these current events, and I am happy to be with you in partnership at this time in our lives.

With regard to the topics you are asking about, and I already have the information that will want to hear. Letter of intent and articles on T-Bills are not only the Iraqi scratches on the surface, and if I may use the words.

alright, initial flags are starting to raise for me here. “scratch the surface”? “if I may use the words”? Sorry, that just doesn’t sit right…but ok, take it as a grain of salt….what’s next?

Adam, I do not give them any of the following information with you if you were not have gained my confidence.
I am going to trust you with something very important. The fact that the Iraqi currency will be assessed in a short period of time will not remain a secret for long, and this is the reality now.
What I would like to ask of you is once I know that rate, I will be passing it and other important information for you in a short time. I think I will be passing this information to you before the beginning of banking on this coming Sunday. When you pass it, it is imperative to have a large group of investors who do not take a lower rate if given the opportunity to re-investment with guarantees on their investments.

The flags are red, raised high, and air horns are blasting in my face. OMG, are you going to believe this?

Just like a typical spam message….you know the ones about getting millions of dollars or the ones about how to make millions….ever hear something like this?

“I am going to let you in on a little secret” or, “I am going to trust you with something very important”

The next sentence the person states is obvious but stupid at the same time. The next paragraph should be the show stopper without a doubt. This is where I went ballistic!

One the guy knows the rate he will be passing it to Adam and then adam is told,

it is imperative to have a large group of investors who do not take a lower rate if given the opportunity to re-investment with guarantees on their investments.

Really? Ok, I am not buying this at all. Let’s remember who the CBI person is supposed to be….the intern, right hand man of Shabibi, right? Isn’t that what Adam said? Now, please…..why the heck would a person that is being mentored by Shabibi give information to Adam about having a large group of investors not take a lower rate ………? Come on folks, you got to have open eyes here. If Adam is not behind this scam 100% as a player, then if he believes this to be true, he is being played 100%. This information is just to blatant, in my opinion, to be anything other. This message has the smell of trash and ripened stink all over it!

A little more before I puke

My bosses are now aware that I am in contact with a large group of investors, and as such he had expressed his willingness to give you the opportunity for special treatment and if you want to cooperate with government agencies in my country. To ensure you, it is an honest man and wants only the best for our country, and it will not act with evil intentions.

Can you say, “Nigeria”? His bosses? The last I knew, the CBI contact boss was Shabibi. Who are the other bosses. Ohhh, by the way, Shabibi knows Bernanke and Geitner, so I dont get it. Why would someone in those high places be interested in taking time to deal with small time, small fish speculation currency investors. No offense, but I dont believe this stuff either. Someone is getting duped and I don’t think it is me. If so, I will eat some serious crow. If not, someone is going to have a lot of egg on their face.

With your cooperation, we will be able to influence the price paid to a select group that would be a driving force in the near future of Iraq. And of course will be part of this transitional phase and help you and your group in any way possible. I must also advise that it might be wise to retain legal counsel as soon as possible.

ohhhh Really. Is this implying that Adam’s group is the “select group”? Influenced pricing by being a driving force? How? For what?

Ohhh please! get a life already!

I am done! This is ridiculous.

(From People’s Dinar)

I’m typically not one to post much, but this subject is one that has been troubling me a lot lately. I signed up for VIP and OSI at dinarscams, as I was a late comer to the dinar world and thought I did not have much time to play catch up (we all know how the RV is going to happen every weekend). I have watched AM’s operation for several months now, and am left with great concern for the welfare of others on that site that may be at risk.

When I signed up for VIP, I figured $17 a month was not bad, but unbeknownst to me was that I was entering a private place where I could have other, more expensive goodies pumped to me. First was the OSI. AM stresses to his VIPs the importance of legal asset protection, not illegal tax evasion via an IBC in the Seychelles, a Nevada corporation, and a bank account in Belize. Okay, sounds good so far. Folks can’t go suing me left and right just because I have money. Now if you can’t afford the entire cost of this package deal right away, you can get your Seychelles corporation name reserved for only $400 and pay the balance after RV. Okay, being on a fixed income, that works for me so I’m in. Now I’m no dummy, and I know AM is getting a cut from this, but we all have bill, right?

So after paying my $400, I gain admission to the private OSI group forum where there is lots of new information to learn, i.e., AM says the federal government may be planning to tax the proceeds from our investment at a rate of 50-70%. Then I start hearing about AM working on plans for getting the Dinar to the Belize bank account. Now here is when things start smelling a little too stinky for my sensitive nose. Some inquired, “Can’t we just wire the funds from our US bank account to our Belize bank account.” AM responded that it would create too much of a paper trail. Well now it is quite clear that AM’s plan is to get the dinar out of the country to cash in with no record of it here. Anyway, back to the plan. AM said he did a test run and was able to get through customs in Belize with $20M, but that won’t work after RV because of the increased value. Some members suggested chartering a flight, AM said no good – still have to go through customs. Some said take a cruise, AM said no good – still have to go through customs. Needless to say, AM, being the heroic leader that he is, finds the perfect solution for the OSI group and dubbed it OGIT (Operation Get It There).

So up to this point I can look at this story and everyone in it (including myself) and say dumb, dumb, dumb. I hope we all learn a lesson from this. Why would we give a dime to a screen name. Maybe an avatar would have been worth a nickel, but really. We have no idea who this guy is, have no references, no contact information, no nothing, nada, zilch. What in the heck were we thinking. I can’t speak for the rest of them, but I’ll admit to periodic lapses of all sense that is good and can be somewhat impulsive. That’s why I will hire the best lawyers, place my money in trusts and have someone pay attention to what I’m doing with it. However, I digress. Anyone with just a smidgen of compassion for your fellow man may want to brace themselves for what I will say next, which is what has me so concerned for some of the OSI members at dinarscams.

AM’s ingenius plan for OGIT is as follows. All OSI members wishing to participate will receive a special security envelope with instructions for mailing their dinar to one of several attorneys hand picked by AM in Belize. The dinar is to be mailed immediately after the RV and the members are to make travel plans to Belize. It is anticipated that the members will arrive in Belize before the packages. The members will be met at the airport by a special security team of mercenaries, again handpicked by AM, and escorted to the hotel. There will be members of this security team at the offices of these attorneys and have been instructed to not allow these packages to leave without their rightful owners. Security will accompany you to the attorney’s office, to the bank, and return you to the hotel or the airport as you prefer.

For those who wish to make there own plans to transport dinar to Belize, they will still be able to avail themselves of the security team once they arrive. These services will run about $3K/day.

Now for those who have not completed their offshore corps prior to travelling, they will be able to pay the balance after cash-in along with an additional fee for expedited service, and the Seychelles corp will be completed in a week. But these members need not worry because AM has made provisions for them, too. Okay, for the most horrendous part of the whole plan. AM has offered a temporary trust account that USD can be deposited into until these members offshore corporations are completed and the corporate bank account is opened at which time AM says a transfer will be made from the trust account to the member’s corporate bank account. This absolutely blows my mind. There are actually people that are thanking him for making this available and it appears their intention is to make use of this.

Now I can not say for sure what AM’s intentions are, but it sure does not look good to me. I wish there was some way I could express these things on the OSI forum and hopefully get people to at least think about what they are doing, but undoubtedly the post would be deleted in minutes and I would be immediately banned. I suspect that one of AM’s faithful followers will be sure that this post gets in front of his eyes.

-Author Unknown

(From Dr Dinar Blog)

HSR362 says:

adam montana is not as upstanding as everyone

thinks he is….he does not have a CBI contact.


From: Dinar List

Subject: adam montana

To: Adam Montana

Date: Saturday, March 27, 2010, 9:07 PM

Our group is 100% sure without a doubt that you adam montana do not

have anything close as a CBI contact.

How we know is becasue everyone in Iraq that is connected to the CBI

knew the election results were going to be published on Friday 26


In fact, they had upgraded the security at all CBI government

buildings. If you indeed had a CBI contact he would have had prior

knowledge of this and would have never stated that the elections

results would have been delayed as you stated in your chat session.

You don’t have to admit it because we already know. You don’t have a

CBI contact and you never went to Dubai.

Its all a scam.


PS. When I say group…I mean the big brother type. Just ask the contractor


(Click on the image above to go to the page with the article.  The pdf file was too big to put on the blog.)

The screen capture above is of a couple named Mike and Maureen Gill of Neenah, Wisconsin.  Many believe that Mike Gill is in fact Adam Montana.  (Apparently the address listed is the same as one appearing in something that Adam used with VIP members.)  If this is true Adam’s got some ‘splainin to do.  Nothing is mentioned about his time at Harvard or of his wife being an accountant.  (Adam claims to be a Harvard grad and that his wife is a CPA.)  And according to records he would have been around 24 years old at the time of the Kuwaiti dinar devaluation which he claims to have capitalized on.  It’s also hard to imagine the owner of a mom and pop software company in Neenah, Wisconsin having contacts around the world with high powered banking, government, and business leaders.  We’re still digging into this and will update this post when more information is available.

UPDATE!!!  Adam Montana has been ID’d as James Wolf of Greenville, Wisconsin.


What makes this video so funny is that it is based in reality.  Anyone who has sat through one of Adam Montana’s chat sessions has no doubt come away with the impression that this guy’s knowledge of the dinar is really lacking.  Many questions he responds to with something like “I haven’t read that document so I’ll have to wait until I read it to offer an opinion” or “that’s something that should be discussed in VIP”.  And he does seem to rely on Sonny1 to create excitement when dinar news is slow.  He does spell better than many gurus, though.