Baghdad Invest (11/12/13)

Last week a site called Baghdad Invest caused quite a stir as they announced that the IQD has RVd at around 62 cents.  It wouldn’t be unusual for this to come from a site like Dinar Recaps, but Baghdad Invest had previously said the RV would never happen so this was coming from a non-pumper.  Well after a weekend of chatter in the dinar world the fun loving folks at Baghdad Invest announced that it was all a hoax designed to show how gullible the dinar community is.  While that comes as no surprise to readers of this blog, I expect it to deflate a few balloons and ruffle a few feathers in the land of the make believe RV.  I had actually thought about doing something like this, but I didn’t want to be responsible for anybody buying more dinar.  I have to admit though, it was kind of amusing to see this play out.