An Interview with keepmwlknfny (2/21/12)

One of the more interesting characters I’ve come across in this investment is a guy who posts at a couple of dinar sites under the name keepmwlknfny.  He’s a mechanic and aspiring currency researcher.  His views on this investment have evolved over the past couple of years and I thought it would be good to have him share his experiences and views with the dinar community.  He’s quite busy these days with his job and a baby on the way, so it took a while for us to get together on this but I want to express my appreciation for his time.

Sam: Could you give the readers a little background on yourself?

Keepmwlknfny: I was born and raised in North Carolina, and spent a lot of time up north in Michigan when I was younger because we still had a bunch of family still living up there. I moved out to Phoenix about 4 years ago, went to school out there and then moved to Atlanta for about 6-7 months. I am now currently back in good ol North Carolina.

Sam: Tell us about your work.

KeepmwlknfnyI currently work for one of the premier German auto manufacturers as a technician. Been working on cars for about 8 years now, on all brands, makes and models but recently went specific to just BMW because I needed a bigger challenge. I took some small air cooled engines classes in highschool and thats what really grabbed my interest in motors, how they work, how they are put together, and of course it lead to cars. Started right after highschool, got my foot in the door just doing basic maintenance, moved to a full repair shop, and eventually went to school for it, got my associates and then luckily because of my abilities, was accepted into some manufacturer specific training with BMW. Its really turned into a hobby of sorts….I really get a kick out of troubleshooting problems and finding a way to make things work. I guess it shows by the way I dissect this investment and all the information that comes across my eyes lol….Just like cars, there is an answer for everything and reasons why something is done or why something happens….you just have to dig far enough to find it!!  I do have to say I get a kick out of hearing ignorant comments about what someone does for a living and how because of that, they assume that you cant be knowledgeable in any other areas or topics. You can learn and teach yourself anything you want if you have the drive and desire for it… really is that simple.

Sam: How did you come up with your unique name?

Keepmwlknfny: My name huh? LOL Everyone always asks how I came up with it….let me just start off by saying I came up with it YEARS ago when I thought I was a little pimp with the ladies lol. It was actually kind of random cause I came up with it when using clan names and such for video games. But its so unique and hardly thought of as a handle, that its never taken and always works!  Some might think its “inappropriate” and “immature” but whatever…..its funny….and if you cant laugh at that, then you really need to loosen up….life is too short to be so damn serious all the time!!!

Sam: How did you find out about the dinar?

Keepmwlknfny I actually found out about the dinar from a friend I met while attending school out in Phoenix. He told me he had invested in some currency, that it was way undervalued (1170 to 1 USD) and that it had big potential to move up to being equal to the USD. He seemed pretty confident that it was worth the low buy in prices just to get a hold of some. Of course at first it seemed too good to be true (as a lot of things are) but it also sounded legit. He gave me a quick rundown of where he got his and some info about what the currency used to be valued at before sanctions were placed on them, restricting their ability to trade. I didnt know much about how currency exchange worked and how to profit on it so of course when I went home I immediately got online to see what this was all about.

Sam: How long ago was that?

Keepmwlknfny: This happened about December of 09

Sam: What convinced you at first that this would be a good investment?

Keepmwlknfny: I checked out the website my buddy used to purchase the dinar (DT) and from checking their BBB record and just seeing the UST seal on their site first set my mind a little at ease thinking that this was at least a legitimate business selling this currency. Read some of the history of the dinar on that site, and went a little further and double checked the history of the dinar through other references online. And after reading about the amounts of oil that Iraq sits on, along with already having the thought in my head that the whole Iraqi war was about controlling their oil and the money that comes along with it, I figured there has to be something good going on here and that the US has too much invested in this country to let it fail. Couple that along with the fact that of course my buddy told me that it should be revaluing soon (at this time it was because the govt was having their elections soon, and he threw in the statement that a high percentage of countries revalue their currency weeks after elections) so that was enough to make me want to hurry up and put my order in to get me a nice chunk of dinar asap!

Sam: Can you tell us about your experience with intel?

Keepmwlknfny: My experience with intel? Hahaha well to be honest at first when reading dinar forums, I mostly just visited DD. I would read the chats and posts and from the way that SOME were speaking, it seemed like they really had this down to a science. That they had legitimate people “in the know” and at the time it really didnt seem like that was out of the realm of possibilities. Being new to the dinar forums I was of course excited about my decision to buy dinar, and hearing this kind of stuff would just keep me pumped that this was going down and it was always “soon”.  Of course after awhile of hearing the same thing over and over, getting all kinds of rumors about high rates and dates and the famous bank stories, it started to get pretty obvious that there was no real “intel”. Just people speculating based off what we see in the news and then some it seemed like to just keep an audience by telling stories about what they hear from “higher ups” and saying whatever sounded good and what we all just wanted to hear.  It basically boils down to no one knows when or if this will happen no matter how good their “intel” may be.

Sam: What changed your mind about the RV and how do you see this playing out now?

Keepmwlknfny: For the most part my mind hasn’t changed about the RV in the sense that the dinar will rise in value. Since day one I couldnt see how the dinar could not go anywhere but up and I still believe that with no doubt in my mind. The only thing that has changed in my mind is HOW they can go about accomplishing this goal. When I first got into this I was of course so hyped about it happening that I was only focusing on the good things happening in Iraq. Things that would support or that could lead to a higher valued dinar. I was fortunate enough to meet one of the most intelligent people involved in this investment….Scooter. I do have much respect for that guy and he shared with me and taught me  A LOT about the things going on in Iraq, with the IMF,CBI and World Bank. The guy is a endless source of information!! And can go toe to toe on pitchers at the bar!! (Scooter if your reading this, get your arse out east here and we will go play some pool!) There was a point near the end of 2010 when I thought this was a done deal…..I was just hearing so many of the same things from different places that were not connected it felt like it was in the bag for sure. Months went by and nothing happened and it really made me step back for a moment and rethink through everything…almost going back to the basics and coming at this from another angle. Wondering why it didnt and what could keep it from moving forward. I started trying to verify all the things we were meant to believe and realized that a lot of what we took for fact, had no substantial evidence supporting it and I actually wanted to learn more about where some people kept coming from about the whole “deleting the zeros” issue and what they could actually mean for us. It became clear that this wasn’t a slam dunk and that Iraq had options as to how they could raise the value of the dinar….that there wasnt only one way to end up with a stronger dinar.

Because of this, people assumed that I now only saw negative things in everything that came across the forums and that I had converted to being a “lopster”…when in fact all I did was basically remove all emotion from this investment and tried to see both sides of the story as if I didnt even own dinar. I think that it just opened my mind up to other possibilities but of course no one wanted to talk about it, and the ones that did would just wanna argue with me about how it was impossible for Iraq to do anything but straight up RV even though they didnt even understand the topic in its entirety. Im still pro RV…always have been and always will….its ignorant to think that anyone that holds dinar is against making tons of money off it. With that said, I do now try to pick apart any and all information that comes across these forums because I feel like if I can punch holes in it and find flaws, then to me its not legitimate. If I cant really do that then the information is probably more solid and something we can go off of. I have become more realistic in my thinking, staying grounded about everything but that nowadays seems to be classified as being negative. I do see the dinar rising in value….hell I feel with the recent changes (although it was small) with the CBIs exchange rate, moving from 1170 to 1166 that something could be going on here. The rate has been locked for 3 years and although I didnt verify it, someone had expressed the thought that it changed ALMOST 3 years to the day that the program rate was set. Couple that with the fact of them talking about raising the rate to an even 1000 and it seems we are heading in the right direction. But this is exactly what we should expect….small gradual changes in value over time as to not upset the balances of inflation/deflation. Its the most stable way to do it. As the GDP grows and the international reserves grow as well, they could very well keep moving up the exchange rate. The currency in circulation is the only thing in my mind that needs to be dealt with somehow and in a big way. Could they be only showing us what they want to show us? Its possible… evidence suggesting thats impossible. There are many variables that COULD come into play….I would love to find out that there is no where near 25+ trillion dinar outside its banks. The question still remains if Iraq will still almost be required to back the value of their currency 100% through its reserves. Even countries that move into Article VIII I believe it is, with the IMF, still rely heavily on its reserves to back the value of their currency. I dont think Iraq pulling off a RV is impossible…and I dont think that their only option is to lop…..thats why Im still invested because we cant be sure either way yet. But regardless of which path they choose to go RV or lop, the end result would be a stronger valued dinar.

If the CBI is telling us the truth on their intentions to redenominate by deleting the zeros, then we cant say they didnt warn us. All the information we can find, actually backs what they are saying about lopping and why. More so then the evidence or lack there of, of the CBI purposely lying and that its all “smoke and mirrors”.  But then again they very well could be putting on a front to keep speculation at bay. I like the fact that Maliki and some of the other parts of the govt have come out and said they are against this plan. I think he is our man in this….corruption and greed make money….not playing by the rules. And as long as they are showing opposition to deleting the zeros, dragging this on longer and longer, the better chances we have of them pushing this plan to the side, voting it down, and possibly sending Shabs back to the drawing board to find another way to raise the value. It can be done….they could sell a ton more bonds and such to try and bring the physical currency numbers down and they could use the auctions to bring them in and remove them, but it seems they arent using it for that purpose. Id say we just need to see what the next couple months brings us….see if they move the exchange rate some more and keep our eyes on any information that might lead to a change in the currency code for the planned new currency. If the exchange rate keeps moving, then great! But if they announce a new currency code for the NEW dinar, we might not like the outcome.

Sam: What advice do you have for new investors or people who are considering buying more dinar?

Keepmwlknfny: I only have a few words of advice. First off dont spend anything more then you can safely afford to lose (I know I know everyone knows this already lol) Dont expect this and dont rely on this to save any financial troubles or hardships you may have because its possible it wont happen. If things are really that bad as I have experienced through other people, (and my self at times) then you need to get proactive about your situation because you CAN do something about it….only YOU can clear any hurdles you may face!    Secondly, take EVERYTHING you read with a grain of salt, not everything is what its made out to be….take what you hear and read and try to verify that information outside of these dinar forums… just might be surprised at what you learn!!

2/22/12  UPDATE!!!  Keepmwlknfny is a proud new dad to a healthy 7 lb. 9 oz. baby girl born at 10:04 this morning.  Congrats to all!