Abducted Into the WTO (1/8/14)

And the fun just never seems to end. The other day on a whim I decided to listen to a conference call from a guy called Money775 or “Apostle Money”. It was called the Apostolic Call, and they were all excited about Iraq being part of 159 nations abducted [sic] into the WTO. (They’ve had 159 members for years. Iraq is still classified as an observer nation. I’m baffled as to how he extracted the information that Iraq has now been granted full membership.) “Money” declared that this was the obstacle to the RV, and now that they have been “abducted” we’re going to see a revaluation by the end of December. I assume that he meant December of 2013, but we’ll see how he revises that now.


The WTO news that he was referring to was posted on the WTO website where they announced that Yemen has been accepted as the newest member. During the call “Money” also stated that the US didn’t join the WTO until 1995. Wow! Really? Is that so surprising considering that the WTO was only established in 1995? He also stated that Japan was one of the nations newly inducted into the WTO. Wrong. Japan was a charter member.

I did a post a few months back called “Don’t Listen to Gurus”. This would be another excellent example of why.