A Very Merry Douchie (12/26/11)

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land …

Douchebags proclaimed “the RV is at hand!”

If you thought these guys might take a break from pumping long enough to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones you were sadly mistaken.  It was flying fast and furious.  In case you haven’t noticed, we’re seeing buzzwords used on a regular basis from the pumpers.  The buzzword this week was “algorithm“.  Wow!  Sounds really brainy, huh?  I remember grappling with the concept in college algebra, and now here I am years later being bombarded with the word again.  Here are a few examples:

12-24 Jonnywg   The algorithms are released and all 155 currencies will be released at the same time. The process is irreversible and it will run its course.

12/24DinarWishes   We know that the UN voted and passed to reactivate sanctions on Iraq yesterday if everything they needed to do was not complete. Well, no sanctions were placed back on them…it is looking like things are running its course and all things are moving in our favor for a great Chistmas!!! Things are at a point of no return and can’t be stopped by anything other than a total electrical outage world wide. Let me explain the Algorithm.. It’s a timed sequence of events… We are not exactly sure how long it will take to have it all come out but it will all come out at the same time. Nothing new at the banks as of yet and wont be till the algorithm is complete…I will say this “It Can’t be stopped”!!!

12/25Eagle Has Landed   The algorithm was set by several techs and put into motion in such a way that even the techs will not know the date! We should be giving more credit to the UST, IMF, BIS, and CBI – they actually do know what they are doing.  This has been one of the most sweetest and advanced chess matches of all time!

Apparently though, Jonnywg went off script and used “logarithm” instead.

12-24 –  Jonnywg   Well like you, I expected more last night. We verified the codes were entered and released and we just have to wait until the logarithm runs its course. UST was sent home for Christmas. What we expect and the timing programed may be 2 dufferent things, no one knows but it is released. I have nothing more to add as the job is done.  We will watch the bank screens today.

So which is it?  An algorithm or a logarithm?  No matter.  It’s all BS anyway.  So this week’s Christmas Douchie goes to the rithm trio of Eagle Has Landed, Dinar Wishes, and Jonnywg.  Congrats, douchebags.


a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps, as for finding the greatest common divisor.


the exponent of the power to which a base number must be raised to equal a given number; log: 2 is the logarithm of 100 to the base 10 (2 = log 10  100).