A Sad Dinar Story (8/7/12)

This was posted on the now defunct Iraqi Dinar Money website, a site which provided information about various dinar sites to help the dinar community know who they were dealing with.  It was from this site that I first heard the name “James Wolf” associated with Dinar Vets.  I sympathize with the author and share her passion to expose these crooks.

A wonderful old lady who dedicated her life to helping others in the service of the Lord never really cared for the material things in this world, yet she saved what she could knowing that age would prevent her from working and hoped that the money would cover the remaining years.

Extremely faithful, she came across a fellow church member who explained that God had a new plan for her. The plan was to build upon her lifelong skills of helping others in such a capacity that generations of people would benefit. She knew that this was a gift from God, a way for her to do more than she ever dreamed possible. She was so excited, so faithful, so trusting.

She was the tool God would use and the Iraqi Dinar would provide that tool with the resources to help countless others. The church member introduced her to an Iraqi Dinar forum filled with believers that were excited about the pending revalue and convinced her to follow the “recommended links” to an online dealer, a Dinar banker.

Members explained that if she used credit to buy more dinar, along with savings, her ability to help others would be multiplied beyond her wildest dreams. She did just that and invested everything she had against the advice of others.

We tried to warn her about the Iraqi Dinar and the RV lies, but in her mind, we simply didn’t see the light. She prayed for us and explained that we must have more faith. She would recite passages that forum members used to get people excited. She would go to these forums for support and they would reassure her that change was only weeks away.

The date of the RV came, and went. This repeated for years until eventually it became clear she had been taken advantage of. The debt was too much, the dream she had was nothing but smoke and mirrors created by thieves. The owner of the site and mods (who had their own dinar sites) all received commissions while the bigger players profited from her life’s savings.

Grandma never did hold a grudge and before she died, she would pray for those caught in the lie, and even for those that ran the deceitful sites. She never gave up on the Lord and believed it was all part his will. I was her only granddaughter and the only one left to care for her, it was the most painful experience I have ever had and hope I can help others avoid the same trap.

After looking into the forum, I found that the owner had similar sites with different names, all making a substantial profit from referrals and selling ads. Many of the believers were nothing but alternate identities of the site owner targeting potential customers. Dealers were given a special thread so they could answer questions and finish the sale. Some had even been convicted and were back at it again under a different name!

By gathering publicly available information about websites dealing with the dinar, others like Grandma may have a better understanding of who they are dealing with before it’s too late!