Dave Schmidt Hijacks Air Force 2

Last June I wrote about former Washington state senator turned dinar guru Dave Schmidt taking an old photo of a well known gold storage facility in England and trying to pass it off as a secret location of a gold storage facility in some remote corner of the earth.  Well, a couple of months ago Ssmith at Dinar Daily caught Dave in another case of photo faking douchebaggery when he claimed to have a photo of Vice President Pence’s plane on the tarmac in Reno, Nevada.  A quick check of the veep’s schedule showed that he was in DC on the dates Dave stated in his claim.  Not only that, but it turned out that the photo was actually taken some 3,000 miles away in Aruba back in June of 2010.

Dave claimed that somebody copied his photo and uploaded it to another site to discredit him, but it was actually displaying at archive.org where snapshots of websites are taken frequently to provide the history of websites.  There is no way that anybody could have uploaded Dave’s photo from March of 2017 to archive.org in June of 2010 without a time machine.

Dave shared the Dinar Douchebag of the Year award with ex-con Tony Renfrow in 2014, and for good reason.  He is equally smooth talking and equally sociopathic.  The sooner they send him off to the graybar hotel like they did with Tony the better.



One thought on “Dave Schmidt Hijacks Air Force 2

  1. Its the con that just keeps going. I hadn’t thought about IQD since maybe last fall and took the opportunity to stop by Dinarvets and no surprise. Its still the same old never ending con game. Adam pushing hits VIP group with yet another one time only, this is the last time, no I mean really the last time, special offer to get all the real info on the RV. Amazing. judging just from the set of new usernames logged into his site, he’s managed to rope in a whole new set of victims. (mixed in with his alter ego users (most of which are likely just him again) constantly praising his great works). Maybe five or ten years from now when the IQD either redenominates or just collapses this will finally end, and then all those left will spend years complaining that the “powers that be” stole their 100,000% profits.


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