Podcast- The Global Currency Reset

Recently I sat down with Sam I am and we started to discuss the global currency reset. One hour and twenty minutes later we finished our conversation. We went into many aspects of this belief system. We covered a lot of the same information that is in the book and we talk about other areas of our websites where you can go and find much of the same information that is in the book. I put together a new website that promotes the book and it has links to the articles on ICW that contains much of this information. The link to the new site will be posted below the podcasts.

We recorded this conversation because we wanted to bring out areas of this belief system that are seldom talked about. I wanted to bring you the conversation in its entirety without chopping it up into weekly segments. Therefore I made two parts. If you are short on time then this should allow you to take a break. You can listen to the second half at a later time.

This should generate a lot of conversation in the comment area. So join us and get your tinfoil, fold it into a hat. Now kick back and join us as we discuss “The Truth About The Coming Global Currency Reset”

Global Currency Reset Podcast Part 1

Global Currency Reset Podcast Part 2


2 thoughts on “Podcast- The Global Currency Reset

  1. Hi guys. Like most people, I’ve lost interest in the global currency scam and Iraqi dinar scam. There are only so many fools that one can suffer. I pay only passing attention to it now. I’m glad to see you’re still at it however. I have noticed that the Dinar Daddy site looks like it’s decided to finally stop promoting the scam. I suppose that’s a sign of waning interest. Unfortunately, scam Montana looks like he’s still at it. He seems to be shifting away from the dinar to his super duper top-secret, members only investment group. If you have money, why do you think you need an obscure investment adviser hiding behind an Iraqi dinar revaluation web site to help you manage it? If you don’t have money, why are you paying somebody for investment ideas that you can’t afford? It’s no wonder you don’t have any money. Those poor saps.

    Anyway, I digress. Keep up the good work. You never know when these scams are going to resurrect. They seem to wax and wane in interest but they never completely die. The next economic crisis or disruptive global event could recharge their batteries and rev up their conspiracy engines again. It’s good having you guys around to keep the otherwise sane and rational ones from doing something really foolish when that happens.


    • Thanks for the kind words, networth. While the dinar scam seems to be on its last legs, the asset backed/GCR crowd was around before the dinar scam and is still around in significant numbers. That’s why Marcus felt compelled to write his book and has now revised it for 2017. There are so many misconceptions perpetuated by unscrupulous precious metals dealers and conspiracy nuts that need to be addressed. Neither of us spend too much time with this anymore, but it’s good to touch base with the community from time to time. Hope all is well with you. You were always a faithful supporter and we both appreciate that.


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