Karen Hudes: The CIA, Vatican, Obama, and Gold

Many global financial conspiracy theorists cite World Bank whistle blower Karen Hudes as somebody with great insight into the corruption and evil agenda of the international bankers.  They feel somehow that the global currency reset and the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar are tied into this struggle to return the world to asset backed currencies.  Well I decided to look into Ms. Hudes and do a video on her.  Here is the result.  I have since discovered more on her (like this video where she says that they wouldn’t take Reagan to the hospital after he was shot until re renounced his desire to return to a gold backed currency at 6 minutes in), but to be honest I’m not interested in doing any more digging around on this topic.  Suffice it to say she’s less than credible.  Enjoy!



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  1. Sam, …You need to do your homework….Some of the info Karen said is true and is public knowledge. I.e. The 200 generals Obama fired. Also the collapse of the dollar is imminent. You can find this information at X22 report.com

    Thanks, Ron

    P.S. I am with an alternative news media outlet and much of the truth concerning the coming economic collapse is being avoided by main stream media sources. They are owned and controlled by the global elite.

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    • The collapse of the dollar has been “imminent” since the 2008 meltdown, and actually even long before that. In 2002 the IMF warned about a collapse of the USD, and as we all know the dollar has been gaining in value on the foreign exchange in recent years. China’s yuon has devalued, Brazil’s real has depreciated, and the euro and pound have also taken a beating. We here at ICW do indeed do our homework, and we don’t do it from obscure news sites that promote conspiracy theories.


      • Sam, you really haven’t been doing your homework. Economies are collapsing world wide. Watch what happens to the dollar when Duestch bank goes under.


    • @Ron,
      The dollar is not collapsing like you claim, I know that alternative News sites make their money off of people believing the dollar will collapse, but this is simply not the case. Maybe you should do your homework or at least look at our other posts on this subject.


      Perhaps you can explain to me why the dollar did not crash on September 27th, or maybe you can explain to me why the dollar did not crash on May 28th, 2016 or any other date set by alternative media sites. I would suggest that you stop trying to make a buck scaring the crap out of people with bogus conspiracy theories and get a real job!

      The dollar was supposed to collapse in 2014 at two different times. The last time the dollar was predicted to crash in 2014 it took off like a rocket! The truth is the dollar had its best year since 2005. So while people were losing their money buying gold and silver the dollar had its best year ever! These predictions have constantly been wrong! That is a bad track record!

      It is really hard to know who to believe anymore so the best thing to do is to look for proof. I agree that the mainstream media is not trustworthy, but neither are the many people pumping conspiracy theories. Karen Hudes is totally wrong in all her assertions.


      • Marcus, you need to get your head out of the sand.and stop judging the speck in your brothers eye when you got a beam in your own. I’m not making a penny on any of the information I pass along. There’s coming very soon a world war that may even go nuclear. The international banisters are playing for keeps. They will use this war to distract the Amercan people and blame Russia for the economic troubles that will soon come crashing down around us. Watch what happens when Deuscha bank fails. Our government is presently beating the war drums to the tune of the international banksters. Listen to General Mille’s speech (public knowledge, on the Internet) about
        Brexit and Russia not complying with our New World Order Agenda. Michael Savage exposed Obama and his New World order plans giving the UN control of the Internet and eventually disarming Americans. It’s about socialism not democracy. The apocalypse will soon be upon us. May God save us and all those who have yet to know Him. Wake up!!! It’s time to prepare.

        In Christ,


      • Marcus, I forgot one other thing in my last response I have a REAL JOB…… I work for a bus company transporting mentally challenged kids to school and back.



      • Ron,
        When you say you’re with an alternative media site It sounds like you’re conveying you’re employed by or operate one of these sites. I picture every one of those sites I have visited in my mind. They are loaded with affiliate marketing and ads are all over the site. People sign up for newsletters from many of these sites for a low monthly fee. They pay for webinars of all kinds. There are a number of ways that these sites make money off of fear mongering. So if you are doing volunteer work, or operating a site that does not ask for donations or draws money in any way then I stand corrected and apologize. Most people associated with these sites make their money through fear mongering. Facts are often twisted and conspiracy theories thrive with little evidence to support them.

        Many of these sites advise people to buy gold and silver as a hedge against a falling dollar that in their mind is sure to collapse. Many friends of mine have overleveraged in gold, silver, dinar, dong, and other crappy get rich schemes. Yes, gold and silver is a get rich scheme like all the foreign over printed currencies! I work with a friend that has spent well over 18,000.00 just on dinar alone!

        People who fall for this and all the garbage that Karen Hudes spews forth tend to sell everything they own in order to buy foreign currencies and assets like gold and silver. They take loans out of their retirement accounts and they cash in their 401k accounts. They spend their savings and they sell family heirlooms. They constantly overleverage their gold and silver purchases because they believe the dollar is collapsing. I have family members that have become preppers as a result of this crap!

        Frankly, I am tired of standing by and watching this. That is the reason for this site. Everything posted has been the result of years of research. I am no fan of the mainstream media. I see through all their B.S. I am no fan of alternate media conspiracy sites because they have an agenda as well. All the years of studying this from all sides has made me skeptical of everything. Therefore I demand proof from everyone making outrageous claims including the lamestream media.

        The problem with Karen Hudes is she makes wild and crazy claims and she provides no tangible evidence or proof to back up her claims. She just expects us to accept them at face value simply because she worked at the World Bank. The burden of proof is on her! If there is anything I learned at all from the dinar community it is this. A resume from someone that I don’t know does not mean a hill of beans! People make up any identity they want or any background they want.

        From my years of research, I have concluded, the dollar is more likely to go up not down! Things like the Brexit are not a threat to the dollar, it is a threat to the euro! which explains a lot of the scenarios currently playing out in Europe. The one thing the dollar has going is that there is not a good alternative right now to replace it. This drastically reduces the chances of the any minute dollar collapse theory! As countries in Europe repatriate their gold, and as the debt for Greece and other nations in the eurozone rise, the Euro looks like it has a lot more problems than the dollar. If people in Europe lose faith in the Euro where do you think they are going to go? and if the value of the dollar goes up due to global demand what do you think will happen to the price of gold?

        The point here is that a lot of different scenarios could play out and there is no concrete evidence that the dollar is going to collapse in a day, or a week, or even a month! for the last three years, I watched as the dollar continued to rise in value as everyone in the conspiracy world has predicted its demise. This makes me skeptical.


    • Karen Hudes is a known crackpot (along with fellow Schizophrenic “Benjamin Fulford”) who left her previous job for what was rumored to be serious mental health issues.

      As for the “200 Generals Obama personally purged”, you mean that bogus conspiracy story that lists a load of officers of various ranks that were relieved of duty (by the Navy themselves not Obama’s dictats) yet “forgets” to mention WHY they were removed? Examples:-

      Cmdr. Jay Wylie (raped two women)
      Cmdr. Derick Armstrong (multiple counts of sexual harassment)
      Cmdr. Timothy Murphy (DUI)
      Cmdr. Laredo Bell (DUI)
      Cmdr. Jonathan Jackson (sexual harassment)
      Cmdr. Ralph Jones (gross misconduct)
      Captain Donald Hornbeck (“inappropriate relationship”)
      Cmdr. Mike Varney (obstructed an inquiry into the mishandling of classified material).
      Capt. Owen Honors (making and starring in porn videos that were broadcast to the crew)
      Capt. Rex Guinn (not following judicial rules properly whilst overseeing a sexual assault trial)
      Cmdr. Nathan Borchers (orders violations)
      Capt. Etta Jones (failure to investigate reports of abuse under her command and failure to properly handle a loaded weapon, which endangered some of her crew during a security alert)

      Repeat for the other +180 (mostly non Generals)… None were “purged by Obama” or removed for no reason, they were investigated by the proper military authorities (JAG & NCIS), found guilty by the Navy Inspector General, and removed through the proper due process.

      ^ It’s precisely stuff like this from people promoting the imaginary “GCR” that illustrates how the conspiracy driven “alternative media” are filled with even more sensationalist BS than the “lamestream” media and the people who follow them are mostly fear addicts who will cling to the first thing that appeals to partisan paranoia without bothering to verify anything themselves, then try to “educate” the “sheep” on their “researched intel”…

      It literally took me 5 seconds to figure out most “200 fired Generals” weren’t flag officers at all. Even that simple fact is beyond some “believers” ability to research…

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      • Good to see you again, Brian. How’s the Brexit going? Marcus and I are both so indebted to you for your research and guidance through our respective epiphanies. Don’t be a stranger.


  2. Further to your video showing Karen Hudes as “100% certifiably looney tunes” I can add more evidence which confirms your conclusion.

    I listened to Karen Hudes being interviewed by Project Camelot in Oct 2013 and the following statement made by her during the interview has to be not only the most outrageous but most stupidest statement I have ever heard from an educated and supposedly intelligent person for a very long time.

    During the interview she said “She [ Queen Elizabeth ] is no longer Queen. She was dethroned because of her crimes against humanity and because of what she did……there is a group of mass graves in Canada of children who had been in Catholic orphanages and she was found guilty of child trafficking.”

    http://projectcamelotportal.com/files/10112013WhistleblowerRadio-KarenHudes.1.mp3 ( 15th Oct 2013 )

    Karen Hudes made this statement about 51 minutes into the recording. If you want to listen to the full discussion then start listening about 19 minutes into the recording.

    She has zero credibility and is obviously delusional with a total lack of any critical thinking and has to be pitied.


    • Thanks Phil. Like I said, I’ve heard her say a lot of truly bizarre things. If I were so inclined I’m sure I could listen to hundreds of hours of interviews for more but I’m not so inclined.


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