Sam’s Five Year Anniversary

It was September 23, 2011.  Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.  Donald Trump was the star of a reality TV show called The Apprentice.  Japan was recovering from a devestating tsunami.  The Obama administration was still basking in the death of Osama bin Laden.   And in the dinar world, speculators were listening to gurus like Dan Atkinson, Randy Koonce, Frank Villa, Breitling, and Okie Oilman to find out when their dinars were going to make them millionaires, which is what prompted a former member of Dinar Vets and Dinar Dater called MrRich to become Sam I Am and launch a blog called Dinar Douchebags in an effort to expose the lies and the liars driving the dinar investment scam.

 header-2(This is the header from my old blog.  Three of the men shown above are in prison, one died in prison, and another has been indicted.  Dinar Daddy was shut down, and Jack DeAngelis, Hammerman, Gankans, and JohnnyWG all vanished.  Dinar Vets lost 75% of its traffic, and Breitling went from doing one or two videos a day to one or two a month.  You can read my old posts in “Sam I Am” Archives.)

Through the three years of that blog, over 900,000 page views were recorded as tens of thousands of people came looking for information about who these gurus were and what the truth was about the Iraqi dinar.  I was able to reveal the true identities of many of the gurus/pumpers, provide some backgrounds, and expose the dinar community to information that they weren’t going to see on dinar sites sponsored by dinar dealers.

With the help of my buddies Chris Earl (Chuckles) and Marcus, I exposed (among others) Adam Montana as a former adult humor website owner named James Wolf, Breitling as a friend of Dinar Daddy’s owner Roger Dorman by the name of Tony Elder, BGG as a golf instructor/diesel mechanic turned dinar guru named Tom Sanders, Southwest Florida Guy as a bodybuilder/cagefighter named Dan Huse, Blaino as a guy named Blaine Fogel, TerryK as Terrence Keller, TNT Tony as an indicted scammer named Tony Renfrow, and Eagle1 as Regner Capener.  I also reported on some discoveries about other gurus/pumpers like Okie, Rudy, Checkmate, Hammerman, and JohnnyWG.
With each revelation it seemed that dinar forum traffic dropped a bit, and dinar sales decreased a tad.  When Charlie Emmenecker and Brad Huebner from the BH Group were indicted along with their featured guru Rudolph Coenen a year into the blog the traffic took off like a rocket.  People were copying and pasting posts from my blog to other dinar forums, only to have some moderator quickly remove the post and issue the member a stern rebuke like “we don’t allow anything from that horrible site to be posted here!”.

My search engine ranking was top notch, and you couldn’t type in the name of a guru or dinar dealer without something from my blog popping up on the first page.  That drove the scammers crazy, and they started threatening me in an effort to make me go away.  In December of 2013 my blog averaged 1500 page views a day.

Now it’s September 23, 2016.  Five years after I began this adventure I’ve seen dinar dealers shut down and indicted, dinar pumpers indicted and convicted, and tens of thousands of people drop out of the dinar investment scam as the blinders were removed from their eyes.  But the work goes on.  There are still people out there buying into trusts being offered by scammers who say you need a trust before the dinar is revalued to avoid a substantial capital gains tax.  There are still people putting together fraudulent private exchanges with the obligatory NDA (non-disclosure agreement) where the victim is left with nothing more than a fancy IOU.  There are still people out there saying that the Zimbabwe dollar is going to be revalued a year after it was completely demonetized.  And there are still scammers promoting the asinine idea of a global currency reset where the dollar will collapse and be replaced as the international reserve currency, the Federal Reserve will be dismantled and all Federal Reserve notes will be replaced by Treasury Reserve notes backed by gold, and the world will return to asset backed currencies which will produce unprecedented returns on the dinar, dong, rupiah …. etc.

Marcus and I joined forces at the beginning of this year and began doing podcasts and producing YouTube videos to inform the dinar community about these scams, and we’re seeing results.  Our blog traffic has doubled and our YouTube channel is approaching 200 subscribers.  Thanks to our readers for your support and participation over the years.  Hopefully we’ll see this thing come to an end in 2017 and our services will no longer be required, but in all likelihood we’ll be around awhile because the scammers are always among us.


3 thoughts on “Sam’s Five Year Anniversary

  1. DU site is a scam also? They seem very knowledgeable and honest with all the gverment of Iraq news. Always wondered if they are writing, creating all the news–hmm- Bgg a golf instructor mechanic?– thanks Sam


    • Dinar Updates is BGG’s site, and BGG and his buddy Poppy have been dishing out bogus intel for five years. Listen to him on this call where the announcement is made that Obama signed off on the RV and it should announced any minute now. This was August 2, 2011. You can also read what BGG was saying back then on What’d I Say? (part 1) Sure, DU does a lot of “analysis” of the news in order to come across as legit, but their premise is fatally flawed. They’re creating false hope of an impossible revaluation of the dinar and/or dong. No matter how much good news comes out of Iraq, you can’t get around basic economics. You can’t expand a nation’s economy by decree, and you can’t revalue a currency to hundreds or thousands of times the current value.


  2. Very sad that this continues to be a topic, boards like DGuru and Dinar Recaps should be shut down because there is not one statement that can be proven.
    Just very sad.


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