The Dollar Will Not Crash On September 27th 2016

podcast 7As everyone knows there is hysteria among some people in the Global Currency Reset crowd. The claim is the dollar will crash and the world will switch over to an entirely new monetary system on September 27th, 2016. We have received feedback regarding this conspiracy theory. We wrote a post to debunk all the junk economics that were used to make this bogus claim! So in this podcast, we meet these claims head on and provide evidence as to why this is not going to happen. Further proof can be found in the Podcast notes. So if you are living under fear because of this so-called impending doom, then I would strongly suggest that you listen to this podcast and you click on the links in the podcast notes. September 27th is going to come and pass and there will not be a major crash of the dollar on that day!

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Podcast Notes

You may have some questions regarding the information in the podcast. Much of this information has been covered in other posts. So we are going to link to a few posts that we already made that will provide resources so you can verify the things we say. DON”T TAKE OUR WORD FOR ANYTHING THAT WAS SAID!!! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!!!

The link below shows that FDR took us off the gold standard on June 5th, 1933. This is mentioned in the podcast. I could not remember the exact date.

I also need to make one correction. I said that the Bahama’s only used the dollar and they don’t have their own currency. This is not the case. I meant to say the Marshall Islands does not  have their own currency. I misspoke as I was trying to focus on the next point. sorry for the confusion. Here is a link with a list of countries that use the dollar.

A big THANK YOU to all our readers and listeners!

3 thoughts on “The Dollar Will Not Crash On September 27th 2016

    • There’s nothing in the Bible about the collapse of the dollar, so you’ll excuse me if I’m a bit skeptical. Of course God is ultimately in control, but he gives us free will. If you’ll read through the Bible you’ll see that God allows mankind to build, to tear down, to invent, to fight, to love, to hate, to procreate, to tell the truth, to lie …. etc. He didn’t create us to be robots. He prizes the fact that we choose our course in life. Otherwise our worship would be hollow and meaningless. People often have a distorted view of the sovereignty of God. He put man in charge of the earth, and told him to have dominion over it. So the idea that God is planning some disastrous economic crash isn’t really substantiated by scripture. If the economy or the dollar crashes it will be because mankind royally screwed up, which of course is a possibility. But there are laws of economics just like there are laws of physics. What keeps a building from collapsing? The sovereign will of God, or sound engineering? The same is true of economics. Marcus’ research shows clearly that the dollar can’t crash without causing a domino effect worldwide. That would mean the end of civilization as we know it. We’re talking Mad Max, here. Sure, over time the dollar will lose its status and some other currency or system will take its place, but the only way to for that to happen without a global meltdown is slowly, in a controlled and planned manner.

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  1. We’re well into October, 2016 and every single vendor continues to accept my US dollars as legal tender, my fellow employees continue to insist on being paid in US dollars, my mortgage company continues to demand payment in US dollars and my local gas station continues to price gas in US dollars. What happened? This must have been the most inconspicuous currency collapse in the history of currency collapses. Who would have thought it would have completely escaped the attention of the billions of people around the world that use the US dollar. LOL!

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