Dinar Vets Thread “Exposing” Sam I Am

In May of 2013 a thread at DV was started by DocDinar, the owner of Dinar Detectives whose site was sponsored by Dinar Corp.  He apparently obtained my name as the result of a subpoena Dinar Corp did of my Yahoo and Google logs and then published it along with the claim that I was facing criminal charges.  That allegation was based on Dinar Corp’s mistaken belief that I was somehow getting my information and compensation from their competition, which was not true.  If I had the kind of information about Sterling Currency Group that I had about DC I wouldn’t have hesitated to publish it.  Sterling was apparently just as dirty as DC, but they were considerably more discreet about it.  In the end however, both DC and Sterling were shut down and their owners were indicted.

I have been waiting for over three years to set the record straight on this, and now I have.  In the following video I address the nonsense that was posted about me and my motivations at DV.


8 thoughts on “Dinar Vets Thread “Exposing” Sam I Am

  1. Actually, the mere title of your website, Rod/Sam I Am, is personal attack, if you think about it. When referring to those who pump the IQD, as douche bags. 🙂 Personally, I think your humor with the truth made it interesting. Lots of times I literally burst out laughing at some of your comments.

    I’m glad y’all had the courage and conviction to post the truth. It helped enlighten me and eventually coax my husband into sell most of our IQD. I’m sure y’all were instrumental in shrinking the number of people “investing” in it. Also, IMO, the nail on the coffin was when Iraq became overrun by ISIS or ISIL. Any person with half a brain would know that a “RV” would not occur when a country is in so much disarray.

    The lopping of the zeros and math involved is when I started to see the light. I’d say believing in the dinar is going to the Dark Side. The Force is with you guys. LOL


    • “Actually, the mere title of your website, Rod/Sam I Am, is personal attack, if you think about it. When referring to those who pump the IQD, as douche bags.” Fair enough, and that’s one reason I eventually merged with Marcus. The blog’s name was offensive to many people, but as I stated many times I chose that name for marketing purposes. You gotta admit, it was a memorable name. Thanks for the kind words. As you can imagine Marcus and I have heard plenty of the other and are always happy to hear that somebody was helped through our efforts. God bless.


      • The name of your website was brilliant! It go my attention in a sea of dinar websites…. At first, I thought you were just a debby downer, but you also made sense. My logical side could not shake it, so I kept going back to read what you had to say…. Sooooooo glad you had the blog. Another one that I found compelling was Jim Crowthers Iraqi Revalue blog on HubPages. The people there were hopeful but also thoughtful and more realistic. They were not liking the pumpers either.

        Keep up the good work, guys!


  2. Even today, after countless broken promises, failed predictions, tortured explanations, impossible math and numerous indictments and convictions there are still thousands of people that probably believe the dinar is going to make them filthy rich. Surely there would be many more if you hadn’t decided to make yourself a target (even if it was unintentional). It’s a shame that you had to endure the slings and arrows in the pursuit of truth. But, if you think about it, it’s very consistent with the profile of this scam. This scam started as a perfect storm of ignorance, financial desperation and the internet. But bullying, intimidation, fraud and deception has been the fuel to sustain it for over 10 years. The fuel is finally starting to run out.


    • It wasn’t completely unintentional. Marcus and I both knew that by speaking out we were making ourselves unpopular with the dreamers, and a threat to the bottom line of the scammers. Marcus’ blog was very popular in 2010/2011 because of his Rabbit Hole post, which was written when he still believed in the RV. He could have capitalized on that popularity and made a small fortune, but his conscience wouldn’t allow it. When he realized the truth he chose instead to use ICW to warn people about the scam. When I started exposing the scammers I knew that some of them would probably try to retaliate. Blaino wrote a diatribe against me for calling him a pumper. Breitling did a four video rebuttal to one of my posts. Stryker called Marcus “Bozo” and “a liberal”. BGG claimed that we were “reverse pumpers” being paid to bash the dinar. Those were the kinds of things we expected. What we didn’t realize was how these guys would try to use the legal system to silence or discredit us. The whole experience was very educational for both of us.


    • You are right networth, but even to my amazement and believe it or not, there are those who are learning about the dinar for the first time. We hear from them too on occasion. Truth is always going to be controversial because there are those out there that have their own agenda. I would be worried if we did not get any arrows or rocks thrown at us. Sometimes persecution lets us know we are on the right track.


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